Wednesday, February 4, 2009

fifteen ;)

heeello :D im not suppose to be infront of the computer right now , and i have tons of hw today . and since i didnt bring my maths 2 book back , well , i have less hw then ;) so i decided to spend a little time to blog .

anyways , sports practice was tiring T_T after , SO LONG OF NOT FLYING T_T and im getting worse ) : from bad , to worse okaaayy . yeah , im not a good flyer T_T i tink i need to do more sit ups now , like what lynn always used to asked me to XD

stanley ; jing her & chee soong have been calling me LALA ( not the seafood , but those humans you see in sungei wang ) . WHICH IM TOTALLY NOT A LALA T_T anyways , im like the siham mui ( oyster girl ) sheila is like the lala mui ( for i dont know what reason ) . shaza is so mui ( stupid in cantonese ) , claire is si fat mui ( ass in cantonese ) [ because the guys claim that she always fart in class XD ]

hahaha funny man :D :D niways , im going to run for my hw now ! will blog .. someother day !



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