Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bitter in you..

Oh god, i just realized i've ditched my blog, completely. IT'S NOW.. DEAD. but, i'm here to make it alive again i guess. So i've read my previous post, which was about my DEAD ITOUCH T_T yes, indeed, tragic.


my adorable, super amazing, lovely, handsome yet loving brother, BOUGHT ME A NEW ITOUCH :) like seriously. He went to Singapore like a week after the holidays. And when he was still in Singapore, he called me one day, and asked me, to check out the current price of the iTouch, in Malaysia. So, i did, and both of us found out that the price in Singapore, is actually way cheaper! Hence, he bought me a new iTouch! :D 3rd generation, and 32gb! GOSH. so much better than my died iTouch. Well, it's not that i have forgotten about it, but seriously, it died.. and my dad tried to send it to be fixed, but the price for it to be fixed, it's more expensive than buying a new iTouch. So yeah! :D

Hm, my life this year, has been going on great! :) Despite all the dramas, I had so much fun! SRIKL 2010 concert night, just ended like a week ago! Ohmygod. I miss concert rehearsals so much! I miss all the members of "Voices"! I miss all the times when we would just laugh and laugh like nobody's business, those times we'll sing any song we love, and those times we just play TAP TAP! WOOOO. Gosh, those times spent with "Voices", has been the best, and i'll never ever forget it in my whole life. And, Ms.Charlene, who has spent so much effort on us! Sadly, she's going to leave for UK to do her masters. sigh. I lovelovelove all of them !

Class has been going on great lately too! Classmates are so awesomeeee! I love the guys, ohmygod. Shaza, Clarence, Edward, Tak-Joon, Bee, KienSern, KenShen, Alvin, Sean + the list goes on, have been there for me like, always. And they never failed to cheer me up :) After performing for the concert, they actually praised me! Felt so touched ;'). and Tak-Joon actually called me right after concert ended, and told me I've put on a great show! Gosh. so awesomeeee! And everyday in class, I've been laughing like mad and as if i was crazy. Pure madness.

Well, I'm loving my life, although I've been quite upset recently. But, screw it. I'm gonna live my life, the way i want it to be. :D

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