Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You seem like the type,

to love em and leave em.

Holla everybody. I know it's been ages since I last blogged. Sorrrrrryyy everyone! Have been really busy with exams for the past month, and so on. I also did lose some interest on blogging, honestly :p

p.s: i miss my long hair :(

Anyway, ChineseNewYear was ze' bomb. Been to a few parties, and sleptover at Mayyin's&Shaza's! Then it was exams. Exams were tragic. I did badly. I was fairly distracted, and barely even studied. Gosh, I know I could've done better than that. No point crying over spilt milk now, so I'm gonna work harder for the next exam! :) (yeah, that's what i say right now. ._.)

I guess I shall blog about my HOLIDAYS RIGHT NOW! :DD

On Saturday, 13/03/10.

Had cheer in the morning, till 11 something. Big thank you to KienSern&KaiShin for being sweet people to tapao food for me, and ze' red babes :DD Waited for Claire&Mayyin to finish cheer by 12. Off we went back to Mayyin's crib.

We chilled, and changed into our swimwear. Then waited for Shaowei, to come over! She's back in Malaysia, for a week! Around 2, we went over to Mayyin's apartment, HijauanKiara, Mont Kiara.

in the car.

Once Claire&Swei saw the swimming pool, without hesitating, they straight away went in the pool. HAHAHAHA. same for me too :) BrandonChew and Derrick came a little bit later. All of them joined us in the pool. Around 4 something, it rained, suddenly! We panicked, and quickly got out off the pool. Dried ourselves, chilled abit and ordered pizza.

teh swei.

me:"ohemgeeee. the flash is so bright T_T"

our attempt to dance GEE..

which obviously became an EpicFailure.

My closest friends :)

Then, one of us came up with a stupid idea, which is to go to Solaris, MontKiara.All of us agreed to go to Solaris, since some of us have not been there. Went up to Mayyin's apartment. HAHAHAHAHA, on the way up, her father encountered something, and it was damn hilarious! We got our belongings, and off we went over to Solaris.

First, we walked out of the apartment. We didn't know where to go, but thank god, Derrick knew the way. We walked over to MontKiaraPlaza, and rested for a while, as Derrick calls it. He told us it was damn far, and even further than CrossCountry. So, we took a rest at McD. We finally decided, to just sit a cab to Solaris.

Chilling @ McD.

Shaowei SS with her sundaecorn. HAHA

The boys managed to hail 2 cabs for us, and off we went to Solaris. Hell, if we were to walk, it'd took us 1 hour, no joke. Thank god, we were smart enough to sit cab :)

Once we reached, we went over to ColdStorage, because Derrick was hunting for chips ._. HAHAHA. Camwhored alot. Then, we walked around, to find for a place to eat. We managed to settle down, after a long walking.

Now, let the pictures do the talking.

brandonchew and i :)

the oh-so-sweet coupleeeee.

up up, we go.

with ze' girls.


@ the restaurant.

it was a memorable yet fun outing!
we seldom do this,
in fact,

for more pictures:

next post: Sleepover @ mayyin's&AliceInTheWonderland./PinkGagaFest @ JH's&sleepover.


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