Monday, July 28, 2008

Its a thief in the night to come and grab you :)

helo . school today was fun :D but sweaty . :X .

had assembly in the morning . and ... i was talking with may yin bout avril lavigne's upcoming concert tour in malaysia . might be going if we can find a gang going , anyone wana join ? ;) and she wants to go MAA cause she wants to see her justin timberlake getting award :D ah , her justin timberlake is like my jay chou 8D . after assembly , then we sit in class and talk . and chien wee bought 2 packets of mee , and 1 big nasi lemak TT omg .. hunger strikes :) then was break . after that was sejarah . got back result . got 61/80 . after that was pe . didnt go ; lazy to change . walked down and saw vijune ; jolin ; fitri :D . talked to them . hehe . after that , we were punished to stand under the sun for 1 period . ah .. we were talking and not standin in a straight line . then pn.jamilah wrote our name for CS . oh dear , my record TT ah , so much for " ah cs , shit i dont want " niway .. then , went down to sit :D and claire have became MRS.YANG . :)

then was lunch . and shaza thought that chicken was fish . :D ahah silly lil babe ;P then , nat , me , claire , liya and maine were talking bout ghost stories . after that was english . people did their oral test and sheila annd i dont have to :D cause we did . and ...jing her wasnt prepare , but he still did and he kept on looking at me hoping i would give him clue , well i did , but he didnt know what in the world i was talking about . ah sorry brother :) then was k.h . got back paper . 82% . and we did our corrections . after that was maths . pn.zuraina din come , so pn.ten replaced . and yeah it was boring TT then was bm , got back our marks , and we kind of have free period . technically we dont study during her period . then we were like playing tickle . AHAHAH it was so fun , but too bad it was so sweaty ><>

taken by jasmine during yen's bday party :) i like the effect when yen was moving.

last year beginning . during the mid year .

end of the year ;then straight fringe didnt quite suit me.
change parting . :D . current fringe .
p.s :im done . getting a new layout . and my connection sucks )=<

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tagged by Mei Ting :D

1.The last person to tag you is?

2.What relationship of you with him/her?
well , i dont know if we're consider best friends , but im sure we're friends who share secrets together :D

3.Your 5 impression towards him/her
Pretty of cause , trustable , " innocent " HAHAH , a very very good friend , someone who'll be there for me when i need someone .

4.The most memorable thing that he/she has done to you
erh .. none i guess ? XD

5.The most memorable words that he/she has say to you
" EH EH , WISH ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIRST LAH " * she was so desperate for my bday wish altho it wasnt on her birthday yet * HAHA .

6.If he/she becomes your lover, you will...
erh .. we arent les tho :P

7.If he/she becomes your enemy, you will..
SO SADD TT cause i dont want to lose her as a friend .

8.If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on..
ahahha we wont become lovers tho .

9.If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is..
reason ah ... no reason lah =.=' cause she wont be my enemy also .

10.The most desirable things to do for he/she is?
is to hang out with her man TT

11.The overall impression to he/her is..

12.How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
annoying perhaps ? :X

13.The character for you for yourself is?
erh .. someone polite :)

14.On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
being kind of rude sometimes :\

15.The most ideal person you want to be is?
nah , noone's perfect lah .

16.For the person who cares and likes you, say something about them
ERHH .. first of all , THANK YOU TO THEM :) I LOVE YOU GUYS :D

17.Ten people to tag;
1. Sheila Lee
2. Shaza Hazwani
3. May Yin
4. Aliya
5. Victoria
6. Brenda Ong
7. Rachel
8. Claire Cosset
9. Jasmine Han
10. Mei Ting ( no choice ;P )

18.Who is number 2 having relationship with?
noone i think .

19.Is number 3 a female or male?
Female :D

20.If number 7 and 10 be together would it be a good thing?
HAHAHA noo ...

21.How about number 5 and 8?

22.What is number 1 studying about?
ahha exam's over , study for ?

23.When was the last time you had a chat with them?
1. Sheila Lee - yesterday .
2. Shaza Hazwani - yesterday .
3. May Yin - friday
4. Aliya - friday
5. Victoria - friday
6. Brenda Ong - yesterday
7. Rachel - last week i tink .
8. Claire Cosset - yesterday
9. Jasmine Han - few days back .
10. Mei Ting - friday :D

24.Is number 4 a single?
yeap :) something about 2
she ah , can be damn crazy :D

Outing at OU :D

Saturday . 26/07/08 :)

woke up around 10 . :D ate break fast . used the lappie , watch some tv . around 12.30 , went to bath . left house at 1.20 , headed to ou . first , went to buy herbal tea for mum . then headed to new wing , on the way , met brenda ong . then i called sheila to ask her where were they , and they were at old wing . so i followed brenda ong to old wing cause we were going there too :) then .. met them at guardian :) and shaza told me that .. some slimming assistant ask them whether do they wana go for slimming course . AHAHAH so funny XD then , first , we went over to gsc cinema to see can we get dark night tickets ? but .. we couldnt . so we decided to eat first , then only get tickets in tgv . so we ate at sushi groove :) we were gossiping , and laughing like some siao zha bo . :P . and prac , we were the loudest . then we realised it was 3.30 alredi . then .. we paid the bill , it was heck confusing and it was rm125 =.=' oh btw , shaza got her sexy jeans ripped . AHAHHAHA XD . it was so so so funny TT

then we went over to dream world :) and ... we took at this new machine .. and we waited for so long for the photo to come out . and it was heck long , so we complained , and guess what , the lady just pulled out from above .. and tada ! we were dumb =.=' then sheila said she wanted to take one more . shaza didnt wan at first , but we managed to persuade her :P then we took another one . and altho we had to use sheila's " emergency money " because we were broke , but we had fun sexies :P then we went over to yipee cup . french kiss ma favourite :D there were this bunch of guys at the back of us and according to sheila & shaza , they kept on looking back . == . nihoo , we pranked call cause we were hell bored . we pranked derrick & huey ching . :D

then we left , and we went to outside the a&w , the playground and took a walk . then we went back and headed to marks & spencer cause shaza wanna see jeans . AHAHA . then went over to mph :) then ... we went walking around . and we went karaoke . :) with cindy & brenda v . and .. while we were karaoke-ing , some technical prob came up . ahahah XD . then around 7.45 i met with my bro and went home :)

got home , watch astro talent quest final :D then , it end around 11 . then went to my parents room and watch tv with my sis . sis , me , mum slept together in 1 room :) and .. sis and i watch this ghost show .. it was effing scary ><

i guess im going to go now , will post up pics as soon as i get it . :D thank you sayangs for making my day yst so awesome ! :D love you guysss .

Friday, July 25, 2008

I finally realised that love cant return :)

well .. i locked my blog for a day .. and im sorrryy for those who asked me why i lock it . i just lock it for fun :)

today was just okay :D fun tho . had 2 periods of science .. and it was frigging boring . then was break :) then was 2 periods of seni . free period . the guys were bullying claire so i've noone to talk to , and i kept going round the class to find ppl to talk to :P but i manage to talk to vic and mei yin :] then chien wee & stanley had this " who going to steam first " competition . all of them watching porn . AHAHHA XD . so funny >< claire and i was like ... whose going to steam first ? then was chinese ... got 87% . free period again . teacher was talking bout what chinese history thing . i wonder what did he study in college =.=' he master in chn eh ? then was maths . free period again , i was learning hokkien language and it was damn funny . pn.zuraina joked with us also . AHAHAH XD .

then school ended , was suppose to go with shaza&may yin , but this jing her lah . =.=' keep on saying , eh we go first lah . so claire and i went with him .. we went to porch cause he wants to put his bag , then wait for him to change and the other guys to change , damn long . =.=' finally we went ac lah . ate wantonmeeee ~ i felt so guilty cause i had claire to wait for me . then we went to MCD cause claire wanted to eat that . :) and jing her said " eh careful ah " claire and i were like ... what , cursing us ah ? and we were so scared lah . then we went back to school safe and sound :P and met with shaza . then saw eugene , brandon lim and ryan yee :] then the guys came back and we talk and talk . first , eugene went back , then was shaza , then was ryan , then was aliya . so left me , chew , ian , claire n jh . claire n jing her was chasing each other . so chew , ian and i go walk around :) then 5 of us played catching . cause jh took claire's phone . AHHAHA XD . then ian had to go , and his mum was so nice . ian shouted " DRIVE LAH WOMAN " the mum din scold . AHAHHA . then left 4 of us . we were so tired of running . then chew went home , left jh , claire and me . then 3.45 i went home leaving claire and jing her two of them alone :P

and tmrw might be going out with my babes man :) after how long :P i hope we can get the tickets booked . TT hehehe ^^

byeeee ~

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Noone's gona be there anymore :)

helo peeps :D i updated yst , but at the wrong blog . i blogged it at my private blog . oh dear . im lazy to copy and paste so i'll just talk bout today :)

today .. was so bad luck for me TT had moral for first period . but .. zuhrah didnt come . so free period . then was chn , free period again :D oh yeah . then was break :) after that was sejarah , free period again . AHAH . then was science , studied . gah X_X . then brandon chew and shaza carried my chair with me on top and trying to bring me to boys toilet . frigging fun man ! HAHAHA XD . then was music . watch vids , and .. i saw mei yin chcking out yoga lin :) then was lunch . and there was this form 1 guy who threw a metal rod from the 2nd storey down , and it dented a car . and it almost hit jing her too . HAHAHA it was so funny lah . zaqir was like " OI WHO HIT MY UNCLES CAR ? MY UNCLES CAR YOU KNOW ! " funny >< then was geo .. got back geo objective paper . 23/30 . then was english . K didnt come . free period . then i cried lah as i talked bout life . then .. yeah .. i had so many probs lah . then ... bm also i continue crying .. maths i cry also .. cause i got back my paper ): 60/80 . ah gosh :\ .

well ... i would like to thank katie , mei yin , and victoria :D once again , you guys manage to give me awesome advices and teach me how to stay strong and stay back up :) i promise you guys i'll never let you down again :D loveeee yoooouuu 33333 ~

next , brandon chew , eugene goh , ian goh , brandon lim :) thanks for giving me advices and listen to me . and ... IAN , THANKS FOR ALL YOUR LAME JOKES . it made me laugh like shit .. and 4 of you , im gona talk to you bout my probs from today onwards :) cinta kamu banyak banyak .

tey jing her and stanley :D thanks for being a good friend , and you guys said will never leave me . you guys better ah TT still love you 2 lah :)

my cousin from shanghai is back :D and gona be staying over night in my house for one day :) oh yeah . and i saw my nephew .. ah so cute ><>

` when i needed my girls friends the most , they let me down & ditch me like that :D maybe ... im not an ideal friend :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friendships :D

well , people from 2 beta should know what happen today . yes , lee yoke shan cried today :) why ? cause of her oral marks . she's so dissapointed in herself :D but .. she made this post , and curi curi go online just to thank her babes :)

katie lee ; gan mei yin ; victoria ; eugene goh ; brandon lim :D
thanks so much for consoling me , and you guys actually talk bout jay chou :D which really did make me feel better . and , being with katie , mei yin and victoria is the best . today i just kind of laughed with them for like 15 mins , but when im down , they're there for me , and the even make me NOTES TT . omg ... love 3 of you :) eugene goh , thank you for once not cricticizing jay chou :] . and brandon lim , thanks for your massage .. heheh ^^

shaza ; sheila ; claire
thanks for saying i was the best :D and i hope you guys know how much you all mean to me :) love you babes .

jamie saw jian hui .
thanks for actually enjoying my speech . but i hope you didnt say that cause you wanted me to stop crying ): .

stanley ; ian ; jing her .
is not ur guys fault . and im not angry at you :) but thank you for listening to my speech and i saw you guys were quite happy when i said bout you guys :D . im glad you guys actually apologize . love all of you lah :)

brandon chew . :D
eh , chew . XD . tho you didnt console me , but i saw you were hapy when i talked bout you guys . thank you :) and love you too :D .

chien wee .
tho i dont really know you well / long . but you were such a sweetheart , to come and tell me " dont be sad lah " and actually make some stupid tings to make me laugh :D . you're great lah !

2beta classmates .
thanks for lending me your pair of ears . tho i wasnt that good , thanks for your applauses and actually spending your time on me :) those who wished me good luck , thank you :D .

may yin .
cheer up babe :) dont be so sadd ... and congrats you got 3rd :D and one ting , mrs.k is just plain fucked up :)

others :
people who actually interested to know why i was crying , ahah thankl you lah . i can hear your worried tone :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cheer 'o8 :D

Sunday , 13th July 2008 :)
woke up at 7.25 am . was so lazy to wake up ... but i did . headed to school and reached school at 8.10 . waited for farah , then she came . :D . and so did wi-liam & carissa . then .. went up the bus around like 8.40 am . and i sat with carissa :] . then we reached stadium putra , bukit jalil at 9 something . :) saw katie , and she brought me a cyrens shirt . oh yea , she rock :] then .. 10 something , the cyrens performed . i frigging screamt my lungs out TT . then .. went to eat lunch with farah :D . after that went back in . damn boring TT luckily i had zw's ipod :) well , some school was frigging chun :] . their toss was .. super high ! then .. i went home around like ... 5 before they finish announcing the results :D .

Monday , 14th July 2008 .
forgotten to cut my finger nails , thank gawd vic borrowed me hers . had assembly as usual .. then .. had free period and then was break . after that was sejarah . claire and i started to count for the future :D . both of us are sad and poor . HAHAH how sad can we get :P then , was swimming . din go swimming :) then was lunch , then i was so tired yet .. kind of emoing . then , was english . we had to figure out points for our ORAL test :) im doing friendships :D . then , was k.h :] and next was maths . ah , can hardly understand maths ): ): last was bm , went over to challenger lab . used the comp :) i was searching for " ghost in the mirror " & " miley cyrus leaked photos " then went home :D .

FOurSome of The Day :) during charity fiesta :D
Voon May Yin :D

Sheila Lee :)
i sort of look retarded here , but put ur eyes on the poster :D . LIANG'S WORDS AND SIGNATURE :)
to yoke shan : Good seeing you here , take it EZ :) he's super cool !
im done . im going to do my friendship ting and then study :D i wont be online so often already :) anything , sms aite ? :D if you see my status away , then just leave a msg , will reply u a.s.a.p :D .
p.s : // this concern to piong mei ting :D HEY YOU , IM SORRY BABE , WONT BE ONLINING SO OFTEN TT therefore cant talk to you anymore , altho we seldom talk .. but ... i will talk to you all night after my exam aite ? :) loveyou :]
i'll give up on whose the best for me ... you've changed to someone i've never knew .. you've never spoken like this to me before . but just so you know , i still love you for who you are , and you're still the most important fren ever :D

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Charity Fiesta :)

just finish bathing and got home from school :] . oh wells , i rate today was 7/10 :D it was kind of boring at start , but it became okayy .. when it become later .

reached school around 8 . so may yin , and went to find claire & sheila :) spied for hawt guys ? =.=' then the VIP's came lah . we saw the lion dance , and speeches . then we went stoning and stoning .. and finding what i should do . =.='' then left me and claire . we walked over the school tinking what we should do . then xue lin asked me do i want to dedicate a song ? so yeah i did ..

* writes .. from : SECRET ADMIRER . to : LEE YOKE SHAN . song : AI WO BIE ZHOU - JAY CHOU. * ( HAHAHAHHA )
xuelin : did you know that song is a love song ?
me : yeah i knw .
xuelin : okay 2 bucks : )
me : * take my purse out and hands her 2 ringgit * NAH ..
xl : * laughs with charl yee * PAY WITH COUPON LAH !!!
me : OMG .. AHAHAH WTF . SERIOUS AR ? XD . wait wait , i wan another song . * writes ... from : lee yoke shan . to : claire cosset , may yin & sheila lee . song : SORRY-BUCKCHERRY*
xl : why sorry?
me : i dont knw also . AHAHA . *hands rm 4 in coupon :P *

omigosh , pai seh pai seh :) then claire and i ate ice kacang .. and walked down to see what games they have . then sheila came to us . :D . we were talking .. then ..

* MC : theres a song dedication from lee yoke shan , to claire cosset , sheila lee and may yin.. sorry , buckcherry . *
* 3 of us LAUGHED XD ! pn.jamilah laughed and pointed at me . =.='' *
sheila : why sorry ??
me : i dont know why also . XD
claire : omg .. so embarassing.

HAHAHA IT WAS SOOO FUNNY XD . then we went over to the choir club and to jaga their tings for them ... cause they went to makan . then i asked brandon chew helped me buy char koay teow :P ooh yummy ! then LIANG came :) he can really sing tho . and .. we din really pump the party up cause .. mostly all busy playing games . and cant hear at the other side of the court . hm , too bad :) then mayyin and i go take his autograph and a photograph with him :D then ... we wanted to go forbidden forest but then it was close and we had to go back at 2 .. so .. we went to library to sit and hang around :P then .. 1 something .. we went back to hall , and we waited .. then we finally can go in .. but guess what , there's a longer queue inside =='' then we went in :D waited for frigging an hour .. 2.45 only managed to go in . before we went in , claire didnt feel quite alright . but when we go in , it was so dark . all of us sang " if you're happy and you know it " and keep saying whats up , yo to the ghost . basically we werent scare XD . then came out :) and went to find food . thanks winston chew for buying drumsticks for me :D and people who gave me their sushi >< around 4 , i went home ... :)

pictures later , and im going to sleep :D tired TT in 2 hrs , will be going for daddy's upcoming birthday & jie's belated birthday celebration :)

p.s // my bro and vijune won a ipod nano , 4G . YAY :D . finally . TT tho they're gona take turns to use , but i bet i can share :) ah , congrats to them ;D

Friday, July 11, 2008

101th post :D

well this is my 101th post before i go to sleep . =.=''

today was fun :D had assembly today .. a short one . then later after 30 mins , ms.voo came . we had 1 period of science . then after break .. went to pri library helped out with the balloons . then went over to porch to talk to brandon lim .. all the balloons were flying away . so we picked it up .. and first we went to sec canteen .. but it was full of ballons already . so we went up to hall . while we were walking . there were maids putting the tables and chairs down . so it was practically ... jammed . then may yin who was walking infront of me .. one of her balloons suddenly burst .. she and i shouted and then she was so freaked out she let go all her balloons . and all blocked my way -.-'' smarty pig :) then later .. went up to class . saw the boys . :D played the witch :) and then .. we hung around with the boys . first we sat with the boys outside the class . then we played ice & water . AHAHHA XD . i just love them :P . 4 periods of free period :D then we took our bags and went down . i got so pissed cause of something . then shaza , claire , may and i went to subway to have our lunch :) ooh .. yummy :P then went over to 7-E :D then .. went back to school . and i cried at the middle of the road . everyone was staring as tho they were watching a movie =.='' then went for interview for leo , board of directors * thats what stephanie calls it :D * saw brenda , steph , mun ching :) sat with them and we took turns to go in . yuanting was our interviewer . i waited for 45 mins , then i went in :D . well .. the questions were kind of okay :) then , met with claire and may .. and hung around awhile . at 3.30 went home :)

ah . i still want more subway TT ): * cries * okay im going now :P bye ..


ugh back ): i couldnt sleep cause my stomach was grumbling :\ and i want subway sandwhich badly TT . niway .. today i've been so pissy .. according to shaza & may . im sorrry TT i guess im going to have PMS soon ): lets not hope its tomorrow . please please TT . speaking of tomorrow ..

whose interested , please do come :D
its for charity , and the only .. charity :]
its from 9am -4pm .
coupons will also be sold tomorrow ,
you're gona have lotsa of fun , i promise .
so please come ! :)

and i've no idea what to wear . cause mr.chew said we can come with our own shirt but in a decent looking . AHAH XD . and i dont know what time i should be there . nor do i have anything to do , cause i heard that leo's are incharge of the dunking machine =.=' oh im so screwed ;\ . and i've no idea is any other of my family members going . sigh ..

12th &13th JULY 'o8
Cheer 'o8 ...
stadium putra , bukit jalil :D
wanna see super hot cheerleaders ? * brows *
wanna see cool stunts & flying ?
go and cheer for your own school !

well , tomorrow and sunday will be cheer 2008 . i pity CYRENS .. cause they wont be able to come for charity fiesta which is hold every 4 years . ;\ ." but still , tho we wont be there to support , but .. we'll always be there for you in our thoughts . " * quoted by mr.chew * GOOD LUCK FOR TOMORROW . :D and CYRENS totally rock :) [ C-Y-R-E-N-S , CYRENS ATTACK 8D ; MOVE TO THE BEAT OF SRIKL , SAY S-K-L * claps * SAY S-K-L ;) ]

oh wells .. im going to follow school bus on this sunday with carissa & shaza . * woots~ * and piong mei ting , might be going . :P YAY ! can see her , and tell her bout my probs :D GREAT ;)

5 Main Things Which I Dont Like ):

1)people who are rude .
not to say im not , i dont do it often , but yeah .. i hate people who scolds people for no reason ,
not saying i dont .. but people who scold people for their own benefit ,
they're such a NO-N0.

2)people who copies people who are famous ?
i certainly hate people who tries to be a wannabe , of people who may look cute / pretty / hot .
like .. they dont have what they stand for ..
i hate wannabes :D .
and they act totally like them .
the hairstyle , the way they walk , the people whom they know ..
omigosh , they're trying to be their mirror eh ? =.=''

3)people who tries to know alot of people .. / act as tho they know them
some people randomly says hi to people /
like i've this senior friend , then maybe this person knows its my friend , then they want to know my senior friend ,
then they'll try to be close with them -.-''
i call them bitch :D .

4)people who dont be themselves .
some people tries to fit in a group , they intend to act like another person , to impress them ...
or do you say , they wanna be cool so they go act like ... someone else =.=''
i mean .. i know sometimes is hard to fit in , but you also got your own " maruah " right ?
is not easy to pretend to be other people :)
i've once like that before .
and i know how it feels , therefore , now i only want to be myself :D .

5)people who showoff their everything =.=''
i dislike girls who .. likes to show off their " big boobs " .
so what if you have big boobs ? =.='
you wan showoff , u wan kena rape isit ?
then .. they go tell other people ... their flat . =.='
some people just say i dont have boobs .. omigosh right infront of me ..
you're blind ke =.='
tho i dont have big boobs .. which may consider small ..
so what . =.='' at least i wont kena rape :P .
i dislike people who showoff their valuables ..
wtf . =.='' u want your purse kena stolen isit ? :D
seriously , keep it low lah please . =.=''

ahaha , i've typed so long :D oh wells , i guess im gona watch my show alredi .. byes :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008


lol .. guess what ?? just now .. my computer .. didnt have enough space for hard disk . so i went to control panel and add or remove programs . so i removed one .. C-Audio ting . cause i thought it was some .. extra media thing which practically i wont use it . so yeah , then i had to restart . okay .. restart . then .. the next thing i click was to play song in ares .. suddenly " media error : no audio device is installed " i was like wtf . ==' i tried in windows media player also cannot . then i realised that what i removed just noww was my audio device . so i panicked like fuck .. i cried like shit .. hit my own head for being so dumb .. so i told brandon lim . and apparently he helped me out and i managed to get it reinstall :P AH THANKS TO HIM MAN . HE'S MY LIFE SAVIOUR ;D

10 things you should know bout me :P
1) i loveee jay chooouuu :D
2)my name is lee yoke shan .
3)birthday date is on 26-11-94 .
4)love my family and friends the most :]
5)short and thin ._.
6)i've small boobs :D
7)i've average size of a pair of eyes :]
8)i dont bring jacket to school :)
9)my phone sux ..
10)i've lots of hair on my leg TT

it took you forever ? :)

oh well . its thursday :D . i didnt blog yesterday cause i was busy . i had piano and guitar class . then .. i had to print out music proj and do 2 karangans . then had to think of some ideas of my oral test for english . sigh :\ . i didnt even have time to watch my show ): but .. TODAY .. IM FREE :D wanted to sleep but i washed my hair .. so i cant =.='' ah well .. today in school was just okay :]

was going up the stairs when i reached school .. then .. met claire . she was about to go down to locker to take my chinese books . so i temaned her since it was my books . then .. yeah .. it wasnt it locker ... oh dear ): nor in my desk .. NOR AT HOME .. screwed ); . then went back up :D . then bell rang .. and sheila came :D . well ... was so happy for her . AHAHHA XD . god knows the reason why :P first lesson was moral . we thought zuhrah wasnt coming .. but .. she showed up . =='' so yeah . then was chinese :) was talking to sheila & eugene thru out the whole class . AHAHHA XD . then was break .

then .. was sejarah . bored =.='' . i was lifeless too :D i made some notes .. and put in my dear buddies pencilbox / wallet . HAHAH i guess they had a hard time searching it :) then was science .. B-O-R-I-N-G ! time passed damn slow .. i was lifeless again .. =.='' now i did notes and taped it on my babes table :P . and sheila wrote a note and put it in my purse saying " science is boring . shan's not .. she's lifeless " AHAH XD .. well thank you :) then was music .. can barely use the comp cause teacher was explaining bout time signatures .. =.='

then was lunch . was suppose to go for leo comittee interview .. tapi .. yuanting wasnt in class . so we had lunch :D i remember .. that there was a big crowd in between of the road ..

* walks and see what happens *
me : eh eh aiman , what happen ?
aiman : there .. * points *
* an bug / big insect laying eggs *

damn cool weih 8D . sumore .. it was my first time talking to aiman .. or maybe second =.='' gosh i forgotten . i barely even talk to him ); . sometimes i just feel the pain of his loneliness . sigh . after that was geo . sheila and i wanted to go see yuan ting .

fauzan : you LUPA BAWA BUKU KE ?
sheila : HAH NO NO .. THERE THERE !!
fauzan : pegi lah ..
me : eh sheila u going see yuan ting ?
sheila : yalar .. u dun wan teman me ):
me : okay okay .. CIIKGU .. I GO KAY ?
fauzan : BYE BYE SHEILA .!
me : teacher i can go ah ?
fauzan : NOOO ..
me : please teacher . i seriously need to go see someone lah . =.='
fauzan : AH GO LAH GO LAH .

then .. we went to 3 beta .. she isnt there .. her classmates say in language lab . so we went there .. nope she wasnt there .. then we wanted to go back up .. SAW HER SAW HER XD .. then we went up ... she wasnt there . so i asked sheila go to toilet .. then sheila say noone . so i went in .. and saw yuan ting washing her hands =.='' then eugene asked her bout the interview ting .. she said tmrw after school .. so yeah . then went back up to class :D . after geo was english . but mrs.k didnt come . so we played " the witch " which was created by ter & juan :D . and the guys made sandwhichh ... HAHAH not in food .. but using their body .. then was bm .. we played this game .. we are given a topic and we have to talk bout it .. we pass the bottle around .. who ran out of idea .. consider lose :) did ringkasan . then was maths . damn funny XD . they kept on talk bout cheebye HAHA XD .

i guess you guys still haven learn your lesson .. and you guys dont appreciate what i've done for you all .. if the next person who gets suspend .. i swear to god im never gona cry again . cause you guys dont even bother bout how much we spent our tears that day . isit that hard to stop ? i've tried my best to advice / console you all . but i guess you guys just acted i was crapping . and no .. i spoke it out with my whole heart . and obviously i was caring for you all . claire , all we have to do is just console and advice them .. hoping that they will know we'll always be by their side if they need someone . if they dont take it , well its their problem . at least we've known , we tried . thats all which matters right now .

oh well .. currently my connection damn slow ): .. ah can die man .. i guess im done right here :P

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jie , you're nineteen :P

before i begin , i would like to wishh ...
Happy Nineteen Birthday , Lee Yoke Yin :D
is your last year of teenager , so better have fun :)
thank you for being there for me whenever im down ,
and consoles me everytime .
other than that , thanks for always pampering me :]
and always cheer me up whenever im down ..
and treats me like a baby :D
thanks for spending money o
n me & buy me lotsa of stuffs ,
tho you know i wont use it .
i'llalwaysloveloveloveyouu :)

wo ai ai nii , jie :)

well .. today was okay . had 2 periods of BM . ah disaster ! then was break :) then was science .. i was hell bored ); . then was 2 periods of ENGLISH , it was okay tho .. then was lunch :D . then was geography .. fauzan didnt come . so we played " hah , meh , wah " it was soo funn ! XD . cause everyone did their stupid dares . AHAHA XD . then was moral .. mr.bala relieved . oh my .. he lectured us since he step in our class =.='' then we had to finish our science hw . then was computer :D did our coursework ting . then was chiinese , i left my purse upstairs in class and thanks stanley for giving it to me :P well ... sheila , eugene and i pranked jamie that we'll be sitting chinese for PMR . AHHAH xD cause we were having our aural test . he frigging believed XD . then sheila asked him do he watch porn .. he said ya .. in a sarcastic way .. but it wasnt really sarcastic . then i showed him whats sarcastic :D . then was go home time ^^ .

i got back my laucha phone fixed today :) im happy but at the same time .. my memory card is frigging LOCKED TT and i forgotten my password . yalar , yoke shan all your fault . last time .. like to play with the password , simply type in number . now , PADAN MUKA )=< but last time .. the password doesnt works , i swear TT but now it does . ah , what the fuck is this . now it seems i need to get a new memory card ): im so sadddd TT and i tried in every password which have something to do with me / remember using that number to play .. but it doesnt frigging work . SOBS TT . AHHH !!! NOOO ): all my pictures & songs will be gone :\ . and i just send 2 msgs .. and its not delivered .. and i've no idea why
:\ gosh TT things are going so bad nowww ):

i love you , dey :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

3-7-20-1 :D

hello :D . im online so early now TT i know ... :\ im going to study soon i tink . niway .. todays title is just so random . 3-7-20-1 :D is the song name for one of gary chaw's song and im listening to it . AHHAHAH XD

today was kind of okay :) had assembly today . and it ended quite fast . didnt have civiks . went to talk to the boys instead . then later had break :D . after that was sejarah . aiya , what ayu teach .. i cant seem to understand TT after that was p.e , didnt change . well , claire and katie dared me 3 bucks to be a " so called paramedic " for the footballers who fall down . so yeah i did .. i've to show out my stupidity .. like * have the ambulans sound * * uses my tie as a sethoscope * =.=' . LAME I KNOW . AHHAH but still . i frigging earned 7 bucks :P and .. the guys made me like a maid .. i've to carried PLENTY CUPS OF WATER for them =.='' then was lunch .. had burger . urm .. yum yum :) went up to class , felt so tired TT then .. was english , had to do pair work :D then was k.h .. did some paper for class work . after that was maths .. did work :) then was bm .. did work .. then all of us played " hah , meh , wah " HAHA . ayu scolded us like friggin shit . and she wanted us to stay back till 4 . HAH , SHE DIDDNT AT LAST . LOSER LAH SHE . if she frigigng ask us to stay back , i go sue her kao kao . =.='' what right does she have to ask us to stay back :P .

im done .. might be blogging later :D

Sunday, July 6, 2008

you're the reason why im feeling right now .

ah hey people :) . its been .... long since i updated . lol . im gona blog mostly bout jay in this post :D sorry peeps , if u dont like , can leave :]

well yesterday was a bore lah . just had yoga at 4.45 till 6 something . then reached home . watched 19th golden music award:D . jay chou won frigging 5 awards :) he rocks oh yeah . but he didnt come cause he's having this concert in mainland China .. so i guess his lyricist , vincent fang claimed his awards . and tanya chua , a popular singer in singapore , won best female singer :) and gary chaw , a malaysian singer who recently had his ever first concert in malaysia , won best male singer :D . karen mok , a singer in hong kong , won best album ... i was so pissed when karen mok won . cause jay " on the run " album was one of the nominations , best album . so we assumed jay will win , mana tau karen won . =='

* announced karen won *
me : WHATTTTT ... ._. SHEE .. SHE WON ?!
sis : nvm .. jay at least got 5 awards :P
me : yalar .. wait i tink i knw why she win .. cause the judges PITY her .. thats why :) takan she fly all the way here from hk .. and going back empty hand mer ?
mum : yalar yalar shud be .
sis : eh ... jay also haven complain , why are u complaining ==
me : what .. he probably doesnt knw that lah . he busy with concert . =.=''

well .. im still happy that jay became the singer who took most awards home :D and .. the recent band im into .. su da lu / soda green .. won an award too :) i had a fight with my sis over that band .. cause i like their songs so much and my sis doesnt cause she claims that lead vocalist which is a guy have a gay voice . so what lah == as long his songs are nice right .. ish :\ . and .. im glad gary chaw / chao ge brought honour to malaysia :D . i like quite of his songs tho :] . and his really cute / handsome >< . and .. i wanted to go his concert that time TT but too bad , parents didnt allow ): and i read someone's blog , saying that his concert rock .. ahh shit ): regret badly TT

slept with mummy at night cause daddy went ipoh . and .. i was watching tv in parents room , she was nagging shit out of me =.='' cause it was 1 alredi . but ... my show was almost finishing TT akibat , i cant see the ending ): GREAT . sunday ;] . a sad sad day .. i was so moody when i didnt receive this guy's sms today ): sigh TT ! then .. watched tv . and around 2 something .. went out for lunch . back around 4 .. studied a little . 5 , watched hannah montana :D then continued with other shows . then on the comp , and here i am right now :) i prolly , wont blog so often alredi . cause exam is around the corner and i shud stop using the comp so often before mum nags me :\

Gary Chaw :D *p.s : may yin , remember we saw Gary's picture when we went over to red box at pyramid , there this is the guy . AHHA XD

farah :D * taken long long time ago :D few months back *

Friday, July 4, 2008

Mercy :D

lol . i woke up an hour ago :) . and guess what , i heard my sms tone lah , so i woke up . then i was like talking to myself " early morning who sms me lah !! " then i chck my phone , 4 msgs , 9.09 pm :P . i was like , omg , SO LATE AH .. then i quickly woke up . then had dinner . and guess what , my dear laucha phone haven fix finish yet TT oh dear i miss it ); .

why are u doing this to urself :\ . why are u torturing urself when u knwing there's no hope anymore ): the more u do it , the more you're making people around you worry like shit just for you TT . freaking 7- 10 people cried cause of u when they found out u're in trouble ;\ . ahh . i've no idea , but when i knw u do " it " and when u always talk bout " her " , i just became so worried . and maybe cause u're like a bro to me and i dont want you to get in trouble / have any stuffs bothering you ): . i hope you guys will learn ur lesson after this incident ;\ . cause mostly all of you mean alot to me TT .

Thursday, July 3, 2008

true friends ? : )

oh well . today was just okay . i dont want to blog bout today :D . i'll just talk bout something else tho :) today's topic , FRIEND ;]

i've great friends to accompany me ; listen to me ; advices me . i've different categories of friends lah :D . well , cosset is the one who listen to my lame jokes . piong mei ting , altho we didnt know for long , but it was as tho for years i swear , and she really trust me and of cause i trust her too :D sheila lee , the twin who agrees with me mostly on everything cause she frigging ROCK :) shaza , the one who i enjoy riding piggyback on :P . may yin , the one who can make me laugh till i die :D . aliya , the one who i really feel comfortable letting out everything . swei , the one who give me good advices . brandon chew , one who listen to my blabs and i listen to his , nevertheless , best advisor : D brandon lim , one who likes to know my secret ; trustable ; entertains me :P . stanley , the best accompany you can ever get from a guy friend :) he never ditches me altho he annoys me alot sometimes :P . jing her , one who can hears my probs and i hear his :D . and he can make me laugh like shit . ian goh , one who i really enjoy being a friend with . trustable ; never betrays friends in any circumstances :) tee rachel , best mei , someone who listens to my everything :D .

p.s// niway , the above post was yesterday's , but cause due to my connection prob , i couldnt post it :)

helo its great great fridayy . and was just an okay day :D .

had 2 periods of science today . alot of people " thought / hope " ms.voo wouldnt come , but hah , too bad , she came . went over to lab , did experiment :) i was so bored . XD . then was 2 periods of art . but pn.ida didnt come . so pn.zuraina took over one period . we did maths . then i was talking to stan and jh :D . the second period , was taken over by pn.zuhrah . shaza , claire , me , b.chew , lim , chien wee , stanley , all of us played " hah , meh " haha XD it was fun :P . then was chinese . so i was quite lonely without eugene . ;\ . and i spent the whole period with abigail , great . =.='' . then was maths . didnt do aniting . then we continued played " hah , meh " :D . damn fun , damn fun ! :)

then , went out to ac with may yin and the guys :D . ate wanton mee . AH YUMMY ;) to be honest , that was the first time eating in AC . then later , went back to school around 2 . 15 cause the guys went to CC . went over to sec canteen . sat with aliya , farah , shaza . farah had to go first , then next was shaza , last was aliya . so i was the last one . i was talking to stan and ian :D . then i went off :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Save those words , cause you dont mean it .

helo people :P today's a lovely day :) .

well . had 3 periods of kh today . and break was yummy . i had alot of noodles man >< . then , was english . they locked chee soong out today =.=' . whose turn tomorrow ? ==' then was english . then was geo , my babes and i played this game " ha , meh " well its a fun game XD . its like .. this person says ha , then other people follow . if one of them say meh , then it goes the opposite way . XD . u might not get it lah , but those who answer slow / get themself wrong , need to do a dare . :) . i were the dumbest one == first i had to go to julius , and be like a " tai ko " HAHA , i hope he doesnt think im crazy . but i lost for like 5 rounds ? then was sheila & shaza :P . then was lunch . my dear shaza , fell when she was walking down the stairs XD . it was effing funny . AHAHAHHA XD . after that was maths . talked to stanley and jing her :) . then was sejarah . bah , could never understand ayu >< . then was coco . went down to walk around with brandon lim as he needs a teman . then , around 3 , had aliya & jing her & chew and lim to teman me back up to class to take my back :) . my lovelies ;P . then went down , continued to watch CYRENS practise :D . they were kind of great tho .

oh well , today didnt have piano . cause teacher's on MC . so i only have guitar later . OH YEAH :D IM GOIN TO GO PLAY THE PIANO ;D . BYES

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

thank god , you're still here :)

oh well , school was prac okay today . had some ups and downs . our class was selected to watch the elocution contest in the auditorium . so we were damn happy . we had one period of BM . then went down for early break . then we lined up . THEN MANA TAU , NO SPACE , AND NO FORM2 'S CAN WATCH ): . FUCK MAN . then sumore , something worse happened , and we effing cried for like .. 1 and a half hour . some of you might know the reason why ;\ . then was english . 2 periods . was lunch , find out .. that ting happen wasnt as bad tho . luckily he managed to stay :) . thank god , youre still here :D then , was geography . after that , was moral , but pn.zuhrah didnt come . so mdm.lee replaced :] . after that was computer . then was boring chinese ;\ . luckily i had my theory paper to kill my boredom and eugene for talking to me :P .

oh wells , thats all for today perhaps ? :D mum's favourite phrase " STILL GOT 3 MORE WEEKS , U STILL WAN PLAY COMP " the phrase which make me fucking piss :\ .

oh well , YOU IDIOTIIC BITCH ): .thanks alot man TT you .. miss-you-think-you-know-everything-bout-my-friends , so much for trying to get close with the guys , and hope they'll ditch me ? :\ . u u .. frigging cibai .

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