Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No way to hide,

there's no way to run.

Currently blogging @ Voonmayyin's :) Sleeping over hers tonight! Clairecosset and her are currently playing nintendoWii, and i'm using the internet.

Today was fun! Went for gym @ TrueFitness, Jaya 33 with Nataliehay & Derrickng (the birthdayboy). Made Derrick to wait for an hour T_T Sorry doode! But we managed to made him back on mood later! Heh. Went on threadmill and so much more :) Then, chilled downstairs and have a talk about friends; family and all. Around 2.20 p.m, Derrick left, so Nataliehay and i planned to go for sauna, but that smartass girl forgotten to bring towel! HAHAHA, so yeah. Went to some Japanese restaurant to have lunch :D And we started to talk about guys. Hm, she understands me the best, and tells me what i shall do best! After that, went to sit @ TheCoffeeBean and started to talk about our problems. We both have the same problems actually. Heh. Then her driver sent me to Mayyin's house.

Watched UNBORN with Mayyin; Clairecosset& Philippe. Was sleeping during half of the movie. COULDN'T HELP IT :P Was too tired. Ate pizza for dinner. Tehee.

So, today i actually spent my time with my best buddies :) Love being around with them, cause i don't have to be someone. I just have to be MYSELF when i'm with them. THANKS BABES :D :D. Nataliehay, thank you so much! I owe you alot, for listening to me! :D

Monday, October 26, 2009

You are the only exception.

you are the only exception.

I've no idea why i'm feeling down again. I thought i could put it all aside, but sheila made me realized that there's no way that i can put this feeling away, that easily. There's just times, where i feel like slamming my keys, and just type " DOODE, I LIKE YOU. " and send it to you, period. But i'll start to think twice, about how's it going to affect our friendship, and how's it going to affect everyone else, not just you and me. Things might change, and it might get worse. Things that we will never know, might happened. It might be good, if you feel the same way as i do, but i'm sure it'll be pretty bad, if you don't. Sometimes is just good to just keep it to yourself, but i just can't take it anymore. I can't bear with this fucking feeling. I think i'll only feel better when i've finally find my guts out to tell you i like you.

Going to sleep now. Hope that i can meet Nataliehay in 8 hours, and also sleepover at Mayyin's!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

DJ, you build me up,you break me down.

My heart, it pounds. Yeah, you got me.

It's been long since i've blogged. I'm so lazy to blog bout it, but a part of me wanna blog bout it :)

It's going to be a LONG POST ahead.


Slept over at Clairecosset's the night before with Mayyin. Woke up quite early. Showered, got ready, then packed. Double check-ed on our luggage. Was waiting for Nataliehay, but we decided to meet her in school. Left Clairecosset's at 7a.m, then headed to school, and picked Nataliehay up.

before we left to LCCT :)


Singapore, HERE I COME :D

Headed to LCCT. Took like an hour or so. Called the guys on our way there, apparently, they just only woke up, and was going to leave Brandonchew's house since all of them were staying over at his. Reached LCCT around 8.30a.m. Went for breakfast. Around 9am, the guys reached. And, met up with AuntyDoreen(philippe's mum). She helped us to check in, and we waited for her.

After checking in, went for breakfast with the guys at MCD. We were done by 9.30a.m. So we went to the immigration counter. Got through, and we had to wait for Cheinwee. His passport couldn't make it because he did an extension, and not a renewal. The people there held him up, so we had to wait for him. He managed to get through by 9.50 a.m.

Went to the gate. And that was the most happening situation ever happened. I was walking right behind, and when i reached the gate, all of them were sitting down. I was quite surprised to know that they were sitting down, instead of chasing for the plane. Our flight was supposely 10am, f.y.i.

Derrick: AIYAAA. the plane also not here. Sit down laaah.

So all of us sat down. Then, an officer came and asked us for our flight number. Told him, and he informed us, that.. WE WERE LATE FOR OUR FLIGHT. We begged him to let us in, but he said it was TOO LATE, and.. we sort of MISSED OUR FLIGHT. We were dead shocked, and didn't know what to do. Aunty Doreen was trying so hard to get us in, but we were really late.

We missed the flight, it's time to camp!

our " missed the flight " face ):

So, we had no choice, but to buy a new ticket. We camped infront of the ticket counters, waiting for Aunty Doreen to get us new flight tickets. THANK GOD we managed to get 'em. :) Our flight was 12.45 a.m, if i'm not mistaken. Waited for 2 hours or more. We boarded the gate at 11.30 a.m, so that we won't be late, again.

pretty clouds :)


Went up the plane, then flew to Singapore :) Was much excited being on the plane! Been so long since i sat on an aeroplane :P Brandonchew stuffed me with food so that i could stop annoying him :P THANKS FOR BELANJA-ING ME :D :D Then i lost count of time. Once we reached, I was quite hyper. I mean, how could i not right?! FIRST TIME STEPPING INTO SINGAPORE :D :D After all the immigration stuffs, we got into a cab :D the cab driver was so nice & friendly! He introduced everything when we were on the road.

Reached ChangiAirport :D :D

Eye of Singapore? is it?

Reached Sentosa. Checked in our hotel. :D the hotel wasn't as nice as what we expected. The room, were small. For us, it was spacious. Only 4 girls in one room. But for the guys, they had to squeeze and all. After chilling for a bit, we went to check out Sentosa :D :D First, we went for the TigerSkyTower! Managed to see the whole view of Singapore :) It was pretty indeed. Then we went for some 4d thingy, LOG RIDE. It was quite fun. But the turn off part, was.. we had to wait for like 15 minutes, cause the thingy was like stuck for more than 4 times. So yeah.


TigerSkyTower :)

Up Up here we go!

awesome view isn't it? :)


in a TRAM at Sentosa.

in a BUS :D :D

nataliehay :D

this is coming NEXT YEAR JAN :)

Went for dinner at The Arche's after that. Dineshravi, Clairecosset, Derrick and I were lost. We were walking far behind from the group, and the next thing we knew, they weren't infront of us anymore. Thank god we knew where was the restaurant, so we managed to meet them up there. Had buffet for dinner.

After that, went for some water fountain performance. It was called SongOfTheSea. :D It was a good show! Effects were great, fireworks were awesome! Enjoyed the show :) Then we went for another 4D thing. It's some movie thing about Pirates. It has effects too. That was when Solomon went crazy.HAHAH. he was hilarious :D





great effects, no?

Then went for Karoke at another hotel. Had lotsa fun during karaoke! Philippe & Solomon were doing hardcore singing, which was hilarious! HAHAH. We drank too. All i could say was, we had fun, singing :D :D After karaoke, went back to the hotel, and changed to flip-flops! Went to the beach at 1a.m. HAHAHA. crazy man. Played with the sand a little while, then we played GalahPanjang. It was a fun game, but.. the rules were all wrong, so.. it was quite jumbled up :)

Karaoke at Marinaclub :)

Went back to the room around 2-3 a.m. Changed to our Pyjamas. :D Then, half of the guys came into our room, while the other half went to OrchardRoad by Cab :) The guys end up telling us ghost stories! So we were quite afraid, and we asked the guys to sleep with us instead :\ Slept around 3 in the morning :)

Our first day, had alot of waiting&delaying. Was a bummer for waiting. But we totally enjoyed it!

Will update about my 2nd;3rd;4th day; 2 nights of Sleepover at Nataliehay's ; outing at OU with the bestbuds ; sleepover at Clairecosset&outing at Pyramid soon :)

p.s:// THANKS TO VOONMAYYIN for telling me that it was A TRAM.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Please don't go now,

please don't fade away.

It's 1.10 a.m, and i'm feeling so shitty right now. I feel so fucking used. I feel like i can't make up my mind, and i can't find my way out here. I feel so lost, as i've said. I need someone to tell me what to do, but they don't know what i really want. It hurts when you want something, but you can't have it. It hurts to know, that things aren't going to work out the way you want it. It hurts to know, that you can't get back up, when you've fallen so deep. Brandon's right. Nobody can change somebody, the only way is to change yourself. I've always had a problem with guys and relationships. I admit. I'm someone who can fall for a guy easily. Even the simplest thing they do, i can even fall for them. Sweet talks or not, i'll fall for them. Good looking or not, i don't give a shit. This is why, i can't handle relationships. I'm those type of people, who take things quickly and seriously at the same time. It always happens, the same way. When i fall for the guy deep enough, that's when he'll turn his head back, and fucking leave me there. It's not my fault that i'm taking things fast okay? I can't help it. You think i get to choose? I know i can control it, but sometimes it's hard to resist. This is happening for the frigging 3rd time. And i really don't know what to do. Sometimes, i just feel like keeping NO CONTACTS with everything which is happening in this world. I just don't want to know about anything. It's my feelings which bothers me. I just have to say that it hurts. All this time of trying to tell myself, not to fall deep again, that's when it happens.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sing us a song, and we'll sing it back to you.

We could sing our own, but what would it be without you.

Went for school today. I know i know, it's after PMR, and i'm still going to school. I miss my friends so much okaaayy! So yeah.

Came back home yesterday night. Was feeling so hyper, cause I'm finally back home after 6 days of being away :) Have never been away from my family for so long. 4 days at Singapore, 2 days at Nataliehayyianyian's. Parents were like happy to see me, and i gave them big hugs cause i dearly missed them. I couldn't stop blabbing about Singapore to my mum, HAHA. I pitied her that time, cause she was forced to listen to me.

There's so much to say about my 6 days. I guess, it has been my best week ever, best 6 days in my whole life. Getting to spend my days and nights with my best buddies :D

Oh well, I'll blog later when i'm done napping!

Have you ever felt so lost? Is like, you've so much to say, but just right now, at this moment, you're lost. You've no idea what it's like, or what you want. It's like you're just standing in the middle of a desert, with no one, and nothing. But just you. You're not sure on what you're suppose to do, to save yourself. You know there's a way, but you ain't getting there. You're clueless bout everything which is happening right now. You don't wanna fall deep, so you're pulling back yourself from everything which is pulling you in. You know nothing bout it, but your mind just cant stop thinking bout it. It just leaves you, standing in a middle of nowhere, feeling lost and clueless. You know you could, but you don't know if you want to. Somehow, you know something's stopping you from it. I don't wanna fall back in it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well go get a shovel,

we'll dig a deep hole, to bury the castle.

Came back from Singapore around 6pm. :) and now i'm sleeping over at nataliehayyianyian's. She's sleeping already, and im just blogging here. Feel so lazy to blog bout my Singapore trip, as i cant upload the photos. Oh well, all i can say is, our singapore trip was the best best best :D :D

My first visit to Singapore, and it's with my friends but guess what? I MISSED MY FLIGHT TO SINGAPORE. HAHA. but thank god, we managed to get another flight, and get to go Singapore, safe and sound. Those 4 days at Singapore with 13 friends, were awesome! Somehow, time passes really fast.

Hm, that's all for now i guess. Gonna blog more tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I didn't want us to burn out,

I didn't come here to hold you. Now,i can't stop.

my excitement is not as EXCITED as what i'm typing,
: D


I can go BLG with my BLGBABES!

oh, speaking of my BLGBABES! As you people read my previous post, I've met awesome friends! Anis&Lizzie :D Both of them have been really friendly, and nice! Along with Danielle&Sheena :) On Saturday night, we went CUCKOO, talking about BoysLikeGirls from 12am till 4am. NON STOP. yeah, how crazy, BUT THAT'S HOW WE ROLL :D I was really really lame, and we've made our own inside jokes! eg: BEEFIANS; BEEFWORLD; BEEFQUEEN; BEEFSUITS. Don't get it? You don't have to :) Well, they totally rock my world, honestly. BABES, WE GOTTA DO IT AGAIN! STALKING+MSN NIGHTS SINCE MY PMR'S OVER! HEH.

Anyway, will be sleeping over Claireze'french's, later at night. Then, SINGAPORE TOMORROW. FUCK FUCK. BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY, LIKE MONTHS AGO. AND NOW IT'S FINALLY HERE! and this reminds me, I'VE NOT EVEN FUCKING PACKED FOR TOMORROW.

OH WELL. ADIOS PEOPLE :) I'll update my twitter as often as possible, if i can find Wi-Fi. SO! FOLLOW MY TWITTER, TO KNOW MY ADVENTURE IN SINGAPORE :D :D or either, just text me if you need anything!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

You came into my life,

and i thought, hey,you know this could be something.

I think i may sound like a stalker :X CAUSE I JUST STALKED BOYSLIKEGIRLS TODAY. But i'm really glad that could meet BryanDonahue &JohnKeefe. Kinda upset, cause we couldn't meet PaulDigiovanni; MartinJohnson.

Around 1.15a.m yesterday, Danielle;Sheena and I were talking about BLG. Suddenly Dan had the urge to meet JohnKeefe, and she gave the idea of stalking them at their hotels. I know the hotel quite well, so why not right? We planned our time and everything.

Then, Danielle asked her mum at 10am, and apparently, her mum allowed. Sheena's mum allowed her too. So it was only me. My dad allowed, but i didn't have transport. My mum refused to fetch me to Danielle's house at first, but she did in the end :)

Around 12.35p.m, left to Dan's house :D Around 2.10p.m, we left Dan's house, and headed to KL :D Reached the hotel around 2.30 p.m. Was really bored, and we were trying not to make so much noise. Around 2.55p.m, AnisFilza came to the hotel, and we sat down at the ReceptionistDesk. I brought my books to study :D At 3.15p.m, Lizzie came and met us :) She's really nice! So friendly & pretty too! I met her on twitter, and it was my first time meeting her there! Heh.

Then we waited for like an hour, and around 4pm, we were like stoning and kept quiet. Suddenly, I heard Sheena saying " Psshhhh" *idk what the hell she was saying. * So i turned my back, AND I SAW BRYANDONAHUE COMING OUT FROM THE ELEVATOR. OHMYFUCKINGMAMA. He saw us, and gave us a smile! He was so cute T_T And he waved at us :) 5 of us were like, stunned. And nobody moved for like 30 seconds. We were so dumb, to not even chase after him. But, we managed to say BYE :D

Lizzie & I then, went outside to check where did Bryan go, but we didn't manage to catch him around. Then around 5 something, we saw Lenka :) At first, she came down from the lobby, with just wearing a robe, and i didn't know it was her. So my head, was like thinking " Woah, this tourist, is really cool. She came down to the lobby, with just a robe". Then, Lizzie told us it was LENKAKRIPAC! We panicked shit, and wanted to ask her for photographs. But it's just plain rude.

So Anis went to asked her for autograph, but the SonyPeople said that she'll come back down, and asked us to wait -.- Then, Lenka was waiting for the elevator, Anis just went up to her and asked for autograph :) We said HI to her, and BYE to her! She's kinda friendly :D :D

Then it was around 5.30p.m, saw like BLG's manager/assistants and all :) We talked in Malay, so that they wouldn't know we were talking about BLG. But, Danielle, the smart ass.. said something in malay, then MARTIN'S name. Well, obviously they'd know right? So she was like " Err.. MartinOng." HAHAHA. WE BURST OUT INTO LAUGHERS. Managed to ask them if BLG was coming down, but he didn't know. Then, we saw Lenka's band members too, and we talked in Malay, then Sheena said something like " itu bukan LENKA". So, she stated the obvious again. And we were like.." LENKA ONG." HAHAHAHA. It's a you-got-to-be-there-thing :)

We felt so bummed when it was 5.45p.m, cause like.. we were about to leave and we didn't get to take a picture with any of them. Then around 5 minutes later, the elevator door opened, and i saw JOHNKEEFE. I couldn't believe my eyes, honestly. Till, DAN shouted BEEF!

Dan: BEEF!
Sheen: OH MY GOD.
*Anis;Me;Lizzie squealed*
Dan: Can we have a picture? PLEASE?!
John: sure!
Me: John! Do you remember me? I was telling you that i had a friend, Dan. She's Dan :) *points to Dan.
John: Oh yeah. I remember you :) You guys have been waiting all day?
All of us: YEAAAAHH.
Me: For 4 hours :D
John: Wow, you guys are determined!
*asked for photographs+autographs* HE HELD MY WAIST. OH MY MAMA, AND I WAS SHAKING T_T
John: Why are you guys shaking?
Me: Cause we're excited!
John: For?
Lizzie: I caught your drumsticks. (she went for HennessyArtistryEvent, last night)
John: Oh that's cool!

Before he left, we asked him for HUGS! OMG, I LOVE HIS HUG T_T. Then Dan and Sheena gave him a kiss on his cheeks :) After that, he left. Then, WE WERE LIKE " OMGGGGG." *squealed. Around 3 minutes later, I left to Danielle's house with Sheen ;D


they're leaving to Vietnam tomorrow. Oh well. Hope that i'll get to meet them the next time they're back in Malaysia :)

p.s:// i may have left somemore details. Read Sheena;Danielle; for more details :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

A dream come true.

Before i start, this post is going to be all about BOYSLIKEGIRLS. No interest? You can leave :)

meet&greet session.
my fairy godmother :)


AnisFilza is a girl i just met on twitter :D Well, not JUST. but prolly a month ago? Anis, i'm sure you wanna know how i met you right. So here's the truth. HAHA, NO IM NOT A STALKER :P

There was one day, after MTVWorldstage, she twit-ed 8TV, about MTVWorldStage. So i was sort of interested on who she was, so i went to her twitter page. Then, her twitter page was full of BOYSLIKEGIRLS. I assumed that she was a fan of them, like me. I have no idea why, but i had the urge to know her better. So i twit-ed her, and asked if she's a fan of BLG. Apparently, she replied to my twit. and we got closer and closer :)

So, we were like close friends then. And, she has the GoldenTicket for BLG Meet&Greet Session. At first, it was open for 21 and above. Then, i've no idea why it wasn't. But, Anis gave me a surprise, sorta. She DM-ed me on Twitter, and asked me to go online on Thursday night. She told me it was A HUGE THING, that she wants to tell me. So i panicked like shit, and kept pestering her to tell me. So, she told me like, an hour later, that, BLG MEET AND GREET SESSION, IS OPEN TO EVERYONE :D I got so high, and everything. Then, she told me, that, SHE'S BRINGING ME :D ;D or else, she'd rather go ALONE.

So yeah, hence, i got to meet BOYSLIKEGIRLS because of her. :)

Now, here's the part on my day MEETING them :D :D

before i left the house :)

Reached KL around 5pm. Went to KLCC to have something to eat with Mum&Uncle. Anis came over to KLCC and met me there :) Went to Kinokuniya, to find for a marker pen, since i had no sharpie. Then left KLCC around 6.05pm. We were like late, cause we were suppose to be there by 6.15pm. But it was a heavy traffic, so yeah. Maryam(another girl i met on twitter), was rushing us! Anis and I were panicking, hoping we weren't too late. But SonyMusic called us, to confirm with us if we were going. So we told them that we're going to be late. Apparently, THEY WAITED FOR US :D

When we reached, we rushed to the LobbyLounge. SonyMusic people came and told us the details and everything. After that, we met up with other BLG freaks like WongMeiYuan; Maryam; Tracy and a few more other people which i never got to catch their names :)

Then they asked us to line up, with our friend. And after 10 minutes, MARTINJOHNSON; BRYANDONAHUE;JOHNKEEFE SHOWED UP :D :D At first, i heard like.. some girls screaming " OMG" , so i looked out, AND I SAW THEM!! All of us took out our cameras! PAULDIGIOVANNI was late, that's why he wasn't here. All of us were like" OMG OMG, WHERE'S PAUL!!"

Martin(In blue plaid shirt);Bryan(Black tight shirt);John(Black shirt, with black beanie)

We queued up, to take a picture with them. Yeah, SonyPeople didn't allow us to ASK FOR AUTOGRAPHS. Just PICTURES. That's plain bullshit okay? I fucked that thing, and straight away asked them. After a picture, I talked to the boys :)


*after the picture.
Me: Hi Martin, can i have an autograph? :D
Martin: Yeah sure.
Me: Do you read your blog comments often?
Martin: Sorry?
Me: Your blog comments.
Martin: You meant martinsaysdotcom?
Me: Yeah, martinsaysdotcom.
Martin: Quite often.
Me: I left a comment! :D
Martin: That's sweet of you :) *pats my back.

Then i asked Bryan&John for autographs too. Wanted to talk more, but SonyPeople were like, rushing us. " Girls, you have to go already." So hence. Then, went out of the lobby, and other people were like" OMG, YOU GUYS ASKED FOR AUTOGRAPHS?!?!?!"

After 5 minutes, the boys came out, and Bryan&Martin were like walking so fast. But i managed to ask them for HUGS :D :D and and i love love them omg T_T I love hugging them :) But girls were crowding over them. Oh well.

Then i went and talk to JohnKeefe on behalf, of DanielleHo :D :D

Me: Hi JOHN! I've a friend, her name is Dan, and she's a really HUGE FAN OF YOU!
John: Oh really?
Me: Yeaaah. So can you give her an autograph??
John: Sure.
Me: Do you have a pen?* talks to a random girl.
Girl: Yeah.* gave me a ball pen.
Me: Er, anyone has a marker pen? Please!! Please! *shouts.
*someone gave me back my marker pen, and i managed to get him, to autograph for Dan :D*

After that, when he had to leave, I asked him if he could take a picture with me. But the SonyPeople kept pulling him, BUT I HELD ON TO HIM okay!! I managed to take a picture with him, but it's blur ):

Danielle, this is for you :) Isn't your BEEF so cute??

He's cuter here, BUT TOO BAD, IT'S BLUR. DAYUM.

Then they had to leave ): for some interview thing. Went and sat somewhere near the lobby. Hanged around the hotel, waiting for PaulDigiovanni :D
Saw a really HOT ANGMOH, coming out of the elevator. Couldn't really recognize him, but guess what? IT WAS PAULFREEMAN! I didn't know, until i went to the lobby and saw girls crowding over him. Then only i knew it was him :X Asked him for a picture together! And, oh my, he hugged me, LIKE BLARDY TIGHT T_T seriously, damn damn damn SUPER TIGHT.

Anis;Me;PaulFreeman :) *Isn't he just so cute??

Group picture with BLG FREAKS :)

AnisFilza :D :D

Anis&Maryam. TwitterBLGBUDDIES!

Around 30 minutes later, or less than that, we saw a black tinted car outside, and then, the door open, AND PAULDIGIOVANNI came out! I fucking ran to him! And obviously other girls too! We asked him for autographs/photographs and hugs! :D :D We talked to him for like 20 minutes! Really, and i asked him for autographs, LIKE 3 TIMES! HAHAH. it seems like i can never get enough of him!

Just got off the car.

Signing autographs.


Take 1. (Blur)
Me: I'm sorry that i'm short :X
Paul: I'm sorry that i'm tall!

Take 2.(Blur-er)


Asked him a few questions, and talked to him :D Followed him to the lobby and everywhere he went! Couldn't follow him up though. Sigh. Then we hung around the hotel. Anis;Jolene and i, went and walk around the hotel! We wanted to see the swimming pool, but the door was locked. There was a button which we could press. Once we pressed on it, SUDDENLY THE HOTEL'S TELEPHONE RANG, and it was really really loud. So we thought it was the alarm or something. We all ran, and we found out, that it was not our fault. HAHA. So we gave up because we were scared. We went back down to the lobby. Suddenly Marisa said she wanted to go up and asked me to teman-ed her. So all of us went up, again. Went in to check out the swimming pool. Oh my effing god. It's really really really cool i tell you! It has a frigging jacuzzi, and a nice waterfall.

Then, went back down to the lobby. Hung around. 30 minutes later, saw some SonyPeople, and talked to him for awhile. Told us that PaulDigiovanni is on his way to go down. So we waited for him outside the elevator :) Talked to him for awhile, then said BYE TO HIM! :D Left the hotel around 10 minutes later.

Look at his new tattoo! Zoom in for a clearer image! :D

the poster that they signed! Martin signed on his shirt -.- Which is black too! So you can hardly see, but he added a STAR :D

Paul signed on the album cover :)

& the picture in the album cover :D plan to collect all four of their signatures for that!

the MARKER PEN, which has thousands of Paul's fingerprints&touches. Not forgetting, Martin's;Bryan's and John's :) Everyone was borrowing MARKER PEN from me! HAHA.

Me posing with the marker pen :)

I'm never going to use the marker pen :D :D Nor sell it on EBAY! HAH. DREAM ON JOLENE :P im not selling it to you! NEVER.

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