Friday, October 2, 2009

A dream come true.

Before i start, this post is going to be all about BOYSLIKEGIRLS. No interest? You can leave :)

meet&greet session.
my fairy godmother :)


AnisFilza is a girl i just met on twitter :D Well, not JUST. but prolly a month ago? Anis, i'm sure you wanna know how i met you right. So here's the truth. HAHA, NO IM NOT A STALKER :P

There was one day, after MTVWorldstage, she twit-ed 8TV, about MTVWorldStage. So i was sort of interested on who she was, so i went to her twitter page. Then, her twitter page was full of BOYSLIKEGIRLS. I assumed that she was a fan of them, like me. I have no idea why, but i had the urge to know her better. So i twit-ed her, and asked if she's a fan of BLG. Apparently, she replied to my twit. and we got closer and closer :)

So, we were like close friends then. And, she has the GoldenTicket for BLG Meet&Greet Session. At first, it was open for 21 and above. Then, i've no idea why it wasn't. But, Anis gave me a surprise, sorta. She DM-ed me on Twitter, and asked me to go online on Thursday night. She told me it was A HUGE THING, that she wants to tell me. So i panicked like shit, and kept pestering her to tell me. So, she told me like, an hour later, that, BLG MEET AND GREET SESSION, IS OPEN TO EVERYONE :D I got so high, and everything. Then, she told me, that, SHE'S BRINGING ME :D ;D or else, she'd rather go ALONE.

So yeah, hence, i got to meet BOYSLIKEGIRLS because of her. :)

Now, here's the part on my day MEETING them :D :D

before i left the house :)

Reached KL around 5pm. Went to KLCC to have something to eat with Mum&Uncle. Anis came over to KLCC and met me there :) Went to Kinokuniya, to find for a marker pen, since i had no sharpie. Then left KLCC around 6.05pm. We were like late, cause we were suppose to be there by 6.15pm. But it was a heavy traffic, so yeah. Maryam(another girl i met on twitter), was rushing us! Anis and I were panicking, hoping we weren't too late. But SonyMusic called us, to confirm with us if we were going. So we told them that we're going to be late. Apparently, THEY WAITED FOR US :D

When we reached, we rushed to the LobbyLounge. SonyMusic people came and told us the details and everything. After that, we met up with other BLG freaks like WongMeiYuan; Maryam; Tracy and a few more other people which i never got to catch their names :)

Then they asked us to line up, with our friend. And after 10 minutes, MARTINJOHNSON; BRYANDONAHUE;JOHNKEEFE SHOWED UP :D :D At first, i heard like.. some girls screaming " OMG" , so i looked out, AND I SAW THEM!! All of us took out our cameras! PAULDIGIOVANNI was late, that's why he wasn't here. All of us were like" OMG OMG, WHERE'S PAUL!!"

Martin(In blue plaid shirt);Bryan(Black tight shirt);John(Black shirt, with black beanie)

We queued up, to take a picture with them. Yeah, SonyPeople didn't allow us to ASK FOR AUTOGRAPHS. Just PICTURES. That's plain bullshit okay? I fucked that thing, and straight away asked them. After a picture, I talked to the boys :)


*after the picture.
Me: Hi Martin, can i have an autograph? :D
Martin: Yeah sure.
Me: Do you read your blog comments often?
Martin: Sorry?
Me: Your blog comments.
Martin: You meant martinsaysdotcom?
Me: Yeah, martinsaysdotcom.
Martin: Quite often.
Me: I left a comment! :D
Martin: That's sweet of you :) *pats my back.

Then i asked Bryan&John for autographs too. Wanted to talk more, but SonyPeople were like, rushing us. " Girls, you have to go already." So hence. Then, went out of the lobby, and other people were like" OMG, YOU GUYS ASKED FOR AUTOGRAPHS?!?!?!"

After 5 minutes, the boys came out, and Bryan&Martin were like walking so fast. But i managed to ask them for HUGS :D :D and and i love love them omg T_T I love hugging them :) But girls were crowding over them. Oh well.

Then i went and talk to JohnKeefe on behalf, of DanielleHo :D :D

Me: Hi JOHN! I've a friend, her name is Dan, and she's a really HUGE FAN OF YOU!
John: Oh really?
Me: Yeaaah. So can you give her an autograph??
John: Sure.
Me: Do you have a pen?* talks to a random girl.
Girl: Yeah.* gave me a ball pen.
Me: Er, anyone has a marker pen? Please!! Please! *shouts.
*someone gave me back my marker pen, and i managed to get him, to autograph for Dan :D*

After that, when he had to leave, I asked him if he could take a picture with me. But the SonyPeople kept pulling him, BUT I HELD ON TO HIM okay!! I managed to take a picture with him, but it's blur ):

Danielle, this is for you :) Isn't your BEEF so cute??

He's cuter here, BUT TOO BAD, IT'S BLUR. DAYUM.

Then they had to leave ): for some interview thing. Went and sat somewhere near the lobby. Hanged around the hotel, waiting for PaulDigiovanni :D
Saw a really HOT ANGMOH, coming out of the elevator. Couldn't really recognize him, but guess what? IT WAS PAULFREEMAN! I didn't know, until i went to the lobby and saw girls crowding over him. Then only i knew it was him :X Asked him for a picture together! And, oh my, he hugged me, LIKE BLARDY TIGHT T_T seriously, damn damn damn SUPER TIGHT.

Anis;Me;PaulFreeman :) *Isn't he just so cute??

Group picture with BLG FREAKS :)

AnisFilza :D :D

Anis&Maryam. TwitterBLGBUDDIES!

Around 30 minutes later, or less than that, we saw a black tinted car outside, and then, the door open, AND PAULDIGIOVANNI came out! I fucking ran to him! And obviously other girls too! We asked him for autographs/photographs and hugs! :D :D We talked to him for like 20 minutes! Really, and i asked him for autographs, LIKE 3 TIMES! HAHAH. it seems like i can never get enough of him!

Just got off the car.

Signing autographs.


Take 1. (Blur)
Me: I'm sorry that i'm short :X
Paul: I'm sorry that i'm tall!

Take 2.(Blur-er)


Asked him a few questions, and talked to him :D Followed him to the lobby and everywhere he went! Couldn't follow him up though. Sigh. Then we hung around the hotel. Anis;Jolene and i, went and walk around the hotel! We wanted to see the swimming pool, but the door was locked. There was a button which we could press. Once we pressed on it, SUDDENLY THE HOTEL'S TELEPHONE RANG, and it was really really loud. So we thought it was the alarm or something. We all ran, and we found out, that it was not our fault. HAHA. So we gave up because we were scared. We went back down to the lobby. Suddenly Marisa said she wanted to go up and asked me to teman-ed her. So all of us went up, again. Went in to check out the swimming pool. Oh my effing god. It's really really really cool i tell you! It has a frigging jacuzzi, and a nice waterfall.

Then, went back down to the lobby. Hung around. 30 minutes later, saw some SonyPeople, and talked to him for awhile. Told us that PaulDigiovanni is on his way to go down. So we waited for him outside the elevator :) Talked to him for awhile, then said BYE TO HIM! :D Left the hotel around 10 minutes later.

Look at his new tattoo! Zoom in for a clearer image! :D

the poster that they signed! Martin signed on his shirt -.- Which is black too! So you can hardly see, but he added a STAR :D

Paul signed on the album cover :)

& the picture in the album cover :D plan to collect all four of their signatures for that!

the MARKER PEN, which has thousands of Paul's fingerprints&touches. Not forgetting, Martin's;Bryan's and John's :) Everyone was borrowing MARKER PEN from me! HAHA.

Me posing with the marker pen :)

I'm never going to use the marker pen :D :D Nor sell it on EBAY! HAH. DREAM ON JOLENE :P im not selling it to you! NEVER.


lilyn said...

martin's signature memang ada star lah. like the tattoo on his left hand... :) said...

LOL. awesome day. thanks for bringing a marker pen! Haha!

mvonne ;D said...

I know its been really long since they come. I was just suddenly curious which hotel was that ?!

sunway hotel or trader's ?

it just came up to me. And YES. Im a hugeeee fan of BLG. :)


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