Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No way to hide,

there's no way to run.

Currently blogging @ Voonmayyin's :) Sleeping over hers tonight! Clairecosset and her are currently playing nintendoWii, and i'm using the internet.

Today was fun! Went for gym @ TrueFitness, Jaya 33 with Nataliehay & Derrickng (the birthdayboy). Made Derrick to wait for an hour T_T Sorry doode! But we managed to made him back on mood later! Heh. Went on threadmill and so much more :) Then, chilled downstairs and have a talk about friends; family and all. Around 2.20 p.m, Derrick left, so Nataliehay and i planned to go for sauna, but that smartass girl forgotten to bring towel! HAHAHA, so yeah. Went to some Japanese restaurant to have lunch :D And we started to talk about guys. Hm, she understands me the best, and tells me what i shall do best! After that, went to sit @ TheCoffeeBean and started to talk about our problems. We both have the same problems actually. Heh. Then her driver sent me to Mayyin's house.

Watched UNBORN with Mayyin; Clairecosset& Philippe. Was sleeping during half of the movie. COULDN'T HELP IT :P Was too tired. Ate pizza for dinner. Tehee.

So, today i actually spent my time with my best buddies :) Love being around with them, cause i don't have to be someone. I just have to be MYSELF when i'm with them. THANKS BABES :D :D. Nataliehay, thank you so much! I owe you alot, for listening to me! :D



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