Monday, August 31, 2009


Trials are just tomorrow, and i am so unprepared for it. SERIOUSLY, I'M SO SCREWED FOR TRIALS T_T

hope i'll be able to get good results, somehow. *prays.

Anyways, Happy 52nd Merdeka Daaaaayyy, malaysians :)

i've alot to say bout my weekends, but sadly... I need to study.


brother and daddy, went out to tapao KFC for me :)

p.s:// Happy 16th Birthday, KrystalOng & Happy 17th Birthday, Ai Lin.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Forget about the sunshine,

when it's gone.

I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M.. A... STALKER... OF.. BOYSLIKEGIRLS NOW. -_- blardy hell. Oh wait, no, not a stalker. I meant, OBSESSED. I'm like, OBSESSED WITH THEM, wait no no, to be specific, PAUL DIGIOVANNI :) yes. I'm obsessed with PAUL DIGIOVANNI. you don't believe, you can ask DANIELLE HO.

i stayed up late till 4.30a.m today. Was spending 2 hours, chatting with Danielle about BoysLikeGirls and another hour, watching BoysLikeGirls video. Daaayum, we're such die hard fan, aren't we ? :) And, at the same time, we were so excited about them! Gosh.

I can't get BoysLikeGirls off my head, and everything T_T every single hour, I'll think about them, for at least 15 minutes. Yeah, call me crazy, or whatever. But, how can you ever resist, this 4 handsome guys T_T

Bah bah. I hope they'll come Malaysia, after PMR T_t not in between, pretty please?

Enough said. Imma go study form2 Sejarah now. Heeeeellp.

Friday, August 28, 2009

We were seventeen and invincible

got the world figured out, and the girl's on my shoulder.

if you're a follower on my twitter, i bet you know that i'm a huge huge fan of BoysLikeGirls now.

i just recently met this girl, on twitter. Well, i came across her twitter, and I figured out that she was a fan of BLG too. So i talked to her through twitter. DAMN. this girl, she's so so lucky :) she got to meet BLG in person, like each and one of them. Martin;Paul;Bryan;John! and got to take picture with them & listen to their new songs from BLG upcoming album, in LIVE! like, right infront of her. baaah, GIRL, YOU'RE SO LUCKY (:

you can read her blog post at : Anis Filza

You can say I'm crazy over BoysLikeGirls. But i'm sorry, i can't help it T_T

tuning in: she's got a boyfriend now-boys like girls.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cause, that's all she wrote

I wish that I could turn this car around.

Today was suffering. I've studied since 1.15p.m till 8.30p.m. And of course I took an hour break in between. But OMG. It was progressive i guess :) I'm going to do this everyday! 7 subjects in a day, and hope it really helps!

Oh well.

This past few days have been rather happening, for me at least. I guess some of you know why. Have been putting out my temper to Carissababy, Rizki & Redza, cause usually, DURING midnights, only i've happening stuffs -_- that's like so frustrating. And, all the frustrating stuffs, comes together! So, yeah, this 2 nights I haven't been sleeping well, esp today morning! Cause my sister was sleeping with me ): Hence, the big eyebags i've right now! Ah, i had a weird dream. ): I dreamt, bout HIM T_T OMG. SHEILA! I SHOULDN'T HAVE TALKED BOUT HIM TO YOU, BEFORE I SLEPT T_T i dreamt bout him! omg. :\

anyways, just ignore my moodswings.

aahh, yeah.

I'm not going to close down my blog I guess :) As many of you requests not to. So, i guess, this will still be LOLICANDIE-LOVE@BS.COM. but prolly, i'll might have to blog lesser, as trials are next week & PMR left 42 days. So, I'm sorry aite! :D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There's so much time,

To figure out the rest of my life, but you've already got me coming undone.

Yesterday night, was much of a hectic night. Wait, i meant today morning. As in midnight. Had so much things to handle, and was really upset. Was spamming my FacebookStatus & Twitter like kao kao :P due to my emotions. Hm, thanks for those who were concern :) Rizki;Diyana;Redza & etc.

Stayed up late till 2.30a.m. Was on the bed at 1a.m, but i couldn't sleep. Was texting & watching BoysLikeGirls videos. Diyana was such a sweetheart! THANKS FOR CARING AITE BOSS :D she called me her GAGA! : P was texting till 2.30a.m, but i couldn't take it any longer, so yeah.

oh oh, i was thinking of closing down my blog/private it. But rizki told me maybe to just, make a new blog, private it, and just tell a certain people. So, any suggestions?




hmm, imma update my private blog just for rizki :)

anyways, i should really get back on studying!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Maybe it's true that I can't live without you.

Shithole. This feelings are back, again! I'm having a celebrity crush, again! Few months back was DAVID ARCHULETA. now is BOYS LIKE GIRLS!

AH T_T i can't get those feelings off lah. the more i tell myself, to just treat them as normal singers, i can't -_- is like , MARTIN & PAUL. WHO CAN EVER RESIST MAN. and every night, before i sleep, i've to watch a video of them :) :) well, JOHN & BRYAN ARE CUTE TOO! HEH. they're just perfect lah.


LoveDrunk album is coming out on september 8th! can't wait can't wait :) carissababy promised me that she'll buy me that album for my present :P because, she pranked me. wtf.

SHE TOLD ME THAT YUNHO ( her current love ) REPLIED TO HER TWITTER SAYING THAT THEY'RE OFFICIAL COUPLE OR SOME CRAP. and i believed, and i go checked his twitter. But it didn't have, and she told me she was pranking me -_- .


anyways, back to my life. woke up at 7.45 a.m today. Got ready and everything. Went down, studied a little. Then 8.15, headed to BU3 school. went up to the classes and looked for my name. Was texting with teerachel all the while :)

Then the paper started at 9a.m. I took like 45 minutes to finished it. and I wanted to leave the class earlier, BUT I WAS SO SCARED :X cause like nobody stood up or anything. Till this guy stood up and passed his paper, so i just followed him :P heh. then tried to call mummy to fetch me, but so ngam my phone out of credit. thank god, sheilabobella sent credit to me :) thanks honey.

Mummy was late. I went home like 30 minutes later -_- went home, watched some tivo, studied yada yada. you know what i mean.

.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
but but i want to sing to u now cause i've the mood!
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
wait i try to look for it.
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
im very in the mood
Redzzzzza says:
Redzzzzza says:
my new pm * he changed his pm to " i'm very in the mood" -yokeshan.
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
screw it.
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
i forgotten where i put it.
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
Redzzzzza says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
Redzzzzza says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
take if off
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
Redzzzzza says:
take what off?*brows*
Redzzzzza says:
Redzzzzza says:
new pm* he changed his pm to" take it off"- yokeshan.

funny boy :P

addicted to: two is better than one- boys like girls.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Never say never.

Today was rather a good day.

Woke up at 9.30a.m. was suppose to wake up earlier, BUT MY DAD, the smartydaddy, forgotten to wake me up ): he even forgotten that i had tuition! So he fetched me to tuition because mummy was at ipoh, but we ditched our whole dimsum plan. cause we planned to eat dimsum for morning and having our usual sunday mornings like we did , 6 years back :D but, he forgotten. T_T so i was really upset.

Anyways, JessicaAnnJock, the great big loser! told me she isn't going to tuition, the last minute. And i was really quite sad. cause, i could have just ponteng-ed tuition. But i was already in the car when she informed me. Thank god, ANDREA COME :) And Miss.K. So overall, it was still fun tuition!

After that, went over to centrepoint, to eat Subway with the sister. Wanted to buy TheProposal DVD since my sister still hasn't watch it yet. But too bad for her, it still haven't released.

So she was like so upset, and everything. Then i asked her if she wants to go to cinema and watch today. But she sort of hesitate as i need to study. But i told her, to just screw it, and watch with her :) Decided to go watch at TropicanaCityMall.

Went walking around TropicanaCityMall for 30minutes and more. Overall that place is good, just that it's still quiet right now, and not many shops are fully opened yet. Oh well.

TheProposal is still good (: I still laughed at the funny parts, but I didn't cry at all. Surprisingly.

Mum just came home from Ipoh. And my cousin showed her my FACEBOOK pictures and everything last night, when she was at my aunty's house. So mummy kantoi-ed me just now.

My long complains. You don't have to read it if you don't.

She blamed me that I simply upload pictures and put on the internet. What, is not like I'm taking nude pictures of myself and posting it up on facebook like a free show right. She also said that I shouldn't have uploaded my CharityDinnerPictures on public view because the dress I was wearing was quite a low cut. Well, it's not my fault that i only had 2 options right. The other dress, she complained that it was ugly& too short. And when i wore the one which was longer, she complained is low cut. I don't see you buying any dresses for me that suits your taste. Gosh. She also claimed that I was so close to the guys when i was taking pictures. Wtf. Hello! It's a frigging 20th Century. It's not like i had s*x with each and everyone of them right? It's just taking picture, and hands on the waist. Is that so wrong? Yesterday i was suppose to go to nataliehay's house to study along with claireze'french. But mama claimed that i won't study, and accused that I'm having an older boyfriend just because I told her that i mix around with older guys at times. I just hate it when she always claims i have a boyfriend. I mean, if i do have one right now, I'd love to tell her. But the thing is, she just doesn't get it. She'll start nagging that I should study, and never trust guys, esp older guys. What, i'm not allowed to trust my brother then? I kept telling her that I'm matured enough, and i won't fall for guys that easily. Eventhough i fall for guys easily, i know the limit. I always tell her that. All i'm asking for, is my mum to be a little bit open, so it's easier for me to communicate with her. I also want to let her know my guy problems. So that she'll help me and understand. But whenever i talk about guys, she'll give me the look. The look that I ain't suppose to be so close with guys. Well, live with it then. I have a bunch of guy friends at school, and i'm close with them. There are times where i tell her about the guys i mix around with, and she'll start giving me the look. Though I know that i'm only fifteen, but this doesn't mean I'm not matured enough to think. If i was in chinese / government school, prolly I'll be a typical chinese girl, and study everytime. But no, i'm not. I'm in a private school, which more likely to be influenced with U.S living. Is because i speak english, and i watch rather mostly all english movies/dramas. So obviously i understand the U.S living, and i'd love to live in U.S because they have fun though they're only 15. Who doesn't want to have fun? Which teenagers wouldn't want? I'm a teenager, and its normal for me to want to know more stuffs right. Sometimes, I'd just hope my mum would let me go clubbing or even drink. Just let me have my freedom, just bare in her mind, that i'm matured enough to know what i'm doing. I'm sick of lying to her, every single time. If only she was open minded, for a little, I'd stop lying to her and everything. I want to share my fun to her too. I want to tell her how was my outings and everything. But just that she doesn't seem like she cares. I want her to know how much I enjoy my outings and everything. I told her about MTVWorldstage, she scolded me. Ugh. FML.


having my theory exam tomorrow! I'm kind of scared & nervous. Because i ain't really prepared for it. My Itallian;German&French terms are not really done yet, and everything. Gosh. I just hope I won't fail, because I can't afford wasting one more year being in G5. Please please! T_T no fail, at least a pass!

Anyways, I'm sort of talking to this friend of mine, Catherine. :) She's a really long lost friend of mine. I doubt she reads my blog but yeah. It's been long since I've seen her nor talked to her. We used to go to the same tuition centre during primary. And oh my, I miss her so much! Those times during tuition, was amazing and so fun! She was so cute! She has this chubby round face :D :D and i love laughing with her! I don't know why, but looking at her can already make me laugh. Cause she was so so cute T_T and i hope we'll get to meet soon :) cause i honestly do miss her!

I also miss Deshvin! another tuition mate of mine. Her mum owns the tuition centre, so i was sort of close with her, and the mum. I've been in that tuition centre for like 3 years? And, it's like, i was a part of them. A part of Deshvin, like a sister. She's usually the best. She's the reason, why i loved going for tuitions. But now, i hate going for tuitions, because i ain't going back to the same tuition centre. And i usually enjoy those 30 minutes break, where we can walk to Guardian/KFC to buy snacks and everything :)

And also Yasmin!She's pretty, and i could say another great tuition friend of mine.well, i'm not really talking to her anymore. The last time i talked to her was like 2 years ago? I quite remember it was form1. She talked to me bout her ex or was it something else. And that was when we were quite close, and we used to talk on the phone quite often. But i guess we drifted apart for god knows the reasons why. But I guess she's living a great life right now :) And we used to support each other, no matter what. Great for her, she's like Blitzers ass.cheer captain or something :D and Blitzers is this year's cheer champ! I SAW HER ON 8TV few weeks back, and I honestly miss her :)

wonder when will I ever meet these friends of mine. It's been ages since I've last seen them. Oh well. Thinking back to my tuition times, it really makes me want to go back to those times.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


* LONG POST AHEAD. if you're not interested, just exit from my blog!

15 AUG 2009,

First of all, I'd love to thank DiyanaShazalli, for the GoldTicket :) & thanks to JasmineJazz for the RedTicket! :D :D

amazingly, sheila;phil and i,
our ticket number are like
damn cool :)

I got my gold ticket on Thursday night :).I wanted goldticket, cause Sheila&Philippe will be at gold, So i was dying to get that ticket, to go with them though i know i'm going to be a lightbulb. :X Anyway, I had to pose like LadyGaga for Diyana, which was a total failure, so stop hoping that i'll post up my picture here. Anyway, after showing Diyana the picture, she tested me :) and asked me a few questions.

1. Why do you really want to go MTV worldstage?
2. Whose the band members for BoysLikeGirls&All-American Rejects?
* i answered her and named out all the band members*

I quickly called her, but i didn't shout their names on the phone as my parents were sleeping already. So didn't want to wake them up.

The next day, which was Friday. I called her up.

Diyana: Okay, you can shout out their names already.
Me: Okaaay. here it goes. MARTIN! PAUL! BRYAN! ........*continues*
Diyana: Hmmm. okay.
Diyana: Pixie lott leh?
Diyana: What's my name?
Me: DIYAAAANNNAAAA!! ;D Diyana: Okay, when you want to collect your ticket?


So i was really really HAPPY! anyway, that night, i went and ask my daddy's permission, whether I could go or not. Since my mum said NO, on Thursday.

Me: Daaddddy, can i go for a concert tomorrow night?
Daddy: Where?
Me: Sunway Lagoon :)
Daddy: What concert?
Me: Some english concert mtv thing thing.
Daddy: What time?
Me: 6pm till 11pm. Daddy: Whose fetching you there and back?
Me: Kor kor :D :D
Daddy: Okay. *nods head*

So obviously, that night I couldn't sleep, AT ALL! But I managed to forced myself to sleep around 1am. Though alot of phone calls bothered my night, but I WOKE UP AT 9.30 A.M :D was planning to wake up at 10.00 A.M, but I couldn't sleep any more -_-

Woke up, bath, and everything. Went down to eat breakfast, watched tivo. Suddenly, my brother asked me to get ready now, as he could only fetched me at that time.

So left the house around 12.00p.m. Headed to Pyramid. And i was alone! So i was talking to Carissababy on the phone, while walking rounds. HAHA. then went to collect movie tickets. And met up with Sheena&Danielle at Starbucks. We sat for a while and talked alot :) Then Alia&Olivia, met up with us. So we were planning to eat. Went over to SakaeSushi, but it was closed for a short time.

Decided to go over to SushiGroove, which was renamed to Tokyo-G. We didn't even know that. HAHAH. So we ate our lunch over there. Philippe came to join us 30 minutes later? Had fun talking with the Sheena&Friends :) Laughed alot and everything. So around 2pm, they left. And I waited for Philippe to finish eating his meal.

Went looking for laptop holder/folder? after Philippe was done. But he didn't want to buy, so we didn't know what to do. As we have to wait for 1 more hour for our movie. So we went over to SunwayHotel, to take a look at the stage, and seating plan. After we were done, went over to Starbucks, old wing. But it was really full, so went over to Starbucks, new wing. Watched MadTv videos;RussellPeters on iTouch. It totally occupied our time!

We left around 2.45 p.m and headed to the cinema :) Met up with JasmineJazz to get the red ticket! Thanks dear! Then went for movie at 3pm.

G.I.JOE BABY! IT WAS A TOTAL AWESOME MOVIE! :D it was a damn effing high tech movie! the equipments was totally so cool! but, most important is CHANNING TATUM WAS SO SO HAWT! It was a good show, but i wouldn't say is better than TheProposal.

G.I.Joe. 9/10!

After the movie, Phil&I went and met up with Sheila&Rachel :) Went to send Rachel over to arcade, then we left. First, We went over to SunwayHotel, as we thought we have to register there, but we went looking for it. We couldn't find it. So we went outside, and we found it! :D

GoldTicket, supposely to be V.I.P, but i couldn't see any special privilege for it. Went down the four escalators, and got up to the GoldZone. Found our standing spot, and we sat for a while. We were SO DAMN FAR from the stage, honestly. And people at GoldZone were damn chilling -_- Not many people shout. Trust me, only a few teenagers + us, shouted.

Around 5.45p.m, some malaysian singer sang a few song of his. Then at 6pm, it started. VJs came and everything. First band to perform was ESTRANGED! It wasn't really that good, cause I didn't know any song of theirs. Oh well.

The crowd at 6pm.


Next who came up was BOYS LIKE GIRLS! OMG, I SWEAR I WAS SHOUTING LIKE A RETARD. First song was LOVE DRUNK. next was Hero/Heroine. The whole crowd was singing so loud! After that, it was Thunder. Before they sang Thunder, it drizzled a while, luckily GoldZone had shades above :) After Thunder, it was their last song, THE GREAT ESCAPE! and it was a total rock man! There was this part, where MartinJohnson asked the whole crowd, to get down and jump up high when he gave the cue. GoldZone people, was so ignorant towards it. Nobody got down, THOUGH I WANTED TO! But yeah. MARTINJOHNSON went down the stage and moshpit front row people got to touched his hand T_T OMG! OMG! I WAS SO JEALOUS ): & Martin threw like hell lots of stuffs to the crowd. The first bottle he opened, he drank a bit, and threw to the crowd. The next bottle, he did the same thing. He threw guitar picks & drumsticks too! Grr.


PaulDigiovanni & MartinJohnson.



Bryan is cute actually :) love him when he talks.


Martin Martin Martin! he actually climbed up that thing.

After they performed, it was a long break. Around 15 minutes i guess? Oh oh, and I TWITT-ED. Do you actually know that we could LiveTwitSms, and our message would appear on the Projectors next to the stage! :D Well, twit, i meant TWITTER! Though i wasted rm0.50, and i sms-ed twice, BUT IT WAS THE FUN OF IT :)

MTVWorldStageRT @leeyokeshan boys like girls totally rock my rocks! I want more!
*typo! it was suppose to be socks T_T but i was using dictionary on my phone, hence the typo*
MTVWorldStageRT @leeyokeshan i want more from boys like girls!! Please please!
* and i entered a wrong SMS CODE! that's why it ended up RT! but it wasn't suppose to. oh well*

Sheila; Phil :D

I had to camwhore with myself T_T

The crowd when it was 7 something.

After a long break, RAYGUN came out and performed! I didn't really know the 2 other songs they sang, but i only know JUST BECAUSE! that song is awesome, and they sort of rocked man! :) i like the lead singer! He was so cute T_T aaaahhh~


One of Raygun's guitarist.

Another guitarist from Raygun. CUTE KAN! :D

Raygun lead singer.

He's from UK. SO sexy :)

After RAYGUN, was PIXIE LOTT! * uh oh uh oh!* She was awesome! Firstly, she sang TurnItUp(TheFall). Next was BoysandGirls. Her last song was MAMA DO! She sounds awesome man! She sounds as good as she's on CD, or maybe better! Well, sadly, not many Malaysians knew her, but i'm sure, after her performance, everyone will notice her now :)

Pixie Lott.

TheFall(Turn It Up).

She's pretty&sings good!

Then it was a short break. We were trying to spot for KennySia as Carissababy told me that he'll be at the GoldZone. So I was looking everywhere for him. Suddenly I turned my head to the left and I saw someone so familiar. Then I gasped, and realised it was KENNYSIA! And Sheila & I were kind of jakun! Wanted to take a picture with him, but he seemed like he was in a rush or something.


The ones who watch concerts with me :) First, D.A, now worldstage!

We were so so bored :D Sheila's cam sucked! couldn't take any! HAHA.

: P : P


Anyways Phil;Sheila&I went down to the RedZone, since we were pretty bored&Phil wanted to.

As I was walking down to the RedZone, there was this way, where it's between the RedZone&MoshPit. We were walking and everything. I didn't know there was an effing step/bump, so i frigging tripped on the step/bump. Thank god, one of Phil's friend was infront of me, OR ELSE I WOULD HAVE FELL FLAT ON MY FACE, and appeared as the HIGHLIGHT of the NIGHT. I bet those front row of RedZone who saw me tripped were laughing at me T_T IT WAS SO EMBARASSING!

Enough said.

So we got down, and Sheila&I went to try going in the crowd. But it was SO PACKED! i COULD HARDLY survive man. Furthermore, I'm super duper short, so I could see nothing, but THOUSANDS OF HEADS. So I gave up, and just got out of the crowd. Bumped into ZhouWei&Eelin. Went to meet MeiTing; MinXuan;XiangTing! :D :D took pictures with MeiTing, talked for a while and everything.

Then it was HOOBASTANK! Sheila is sort of a fan of their songs, so we went in the crowd, once again. But I could hardly see anything ): So yeah, was trying so hard to get infront, but it was so damn packed! Oh did i mention, that there was this bitchy lady who gave me a whatdafuck face?!

*Sheila or I accidentally banged her hand.*
* That bitchy lady turns behind and looked at us.*

Me: Oh oh, sorrry.

* Bitchy lady gave me the look!(jeling mata) and showed me her whatdafuck face*

LIKE WHAT DA EFF -_- HELLO! what have I ever done wrong to you man. She should have felt lucky that I even apologized. She was putting her hands on her hips, like some kind of a boss. Obviously someone would bang her hand right, it was dead crowded there. And it's not like I did it on purpose, even if i did, why would I even say sorry right.

So i was damn pissed. Then Sheila reminded me, telling me that" Being in the crowd as a higher chance of getting H1N1". So i quickly got my ass out of the crowd, and walked back to GoldZone.

When I was walking back to the way(between the MoshPit&RedZone), it was Hoobastank performing. So i was walking so slow, as the view there was so awesome! I could see Hoobastank quite clear. without zooming or anything, but with my naked eye! *Ahhh.

But we couldn't stay there for quite long as the guards will shoo us and everything. As I was walking up the stairs to the GoldZone, I TRIPPED AGAIN! I didn't know what i tripped on, but it was not that embarassing, as not many eyes were on me, or did anyone even notice. So yeah. Phew.

I didn't really know what were the songs that Hoobastank sang, as I didn't really pay any attention on them. Their final song was TheReason! Gosh, I was damn emo when they sang the song. It's a really old song, and I guess that's the only song I know from them. So yeah.

DougRobb. He was really cute that night :)


After Hoobastank, Sheila&I camwhored a bit. But I don't know why, there was this girl next to me, kept staring at Sheila&I whenever we try to take pictures. I've no idea what's her problem.

My Sister, My Soul :)

AFTER A LONG WAITING, IT WAS FINALLY THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS! Their first song was, DirtyLittleSecret! Oh my, that song was really old. I even forgotten the song name, till Sheila told me. But it still sounds great. After that, it was I WANNA! Everyone was so high! Even GoldZone people were high too, like finally. Some started jumping too, including me. Next was TheWindBlows&Swing,Swing. I hardly know this 2 songs, but I still enjoyed it. Then it was IT ENDS TONIGHT! i NEVER expected them to sing that song :) But still, it was awesome. & The LAST song, was GIVES YOU HELL! AAR totally rocked man! I could say they were one of the best. I mean, obviously, I guess everyone went there just for them. Heh. Tyson was so cute! Oh my.

The All-American Rejects.

TysonRitter :)

Sheila left right after AAR's performance. I was trying to call someone up to accompany me. Was trying to call Philippe; ZhouWei;Sheena; Rachel. But I couldn't get them, as I don't know why it didn't have line or something. And i was really scared. So i just decided to leave that place. Managed to call Rachel since she was at Pyramid that time. I was sort of lost trying to get my way to Pyramid. I wanted to use the SunwayHotel way, but i heard a guard saying it was closed. So i took the super long way! Luckily, I had Rachel on the phone with me.

Met up with her at the main entrance. But couldn't join her for Arcade as my bro was already on his way. So i waited, ALONE again at the main entrance, texting and everything. Then I saw people coming out from the SunwayHotel way, -_- Omg. I was damn damn piss! Ugh.

When my bro came and fetched me, I immediately asked him to drive-thru at McD's. I didn't have any water/food for the whole evening/night. I was almost dying of hunger and thirst!

So i guess that was how my MTV Worldstage night. I could say it was awesome.&I'm truly happy for being able to witness this event, live.

Gold Gold Gold.

MtvWorldStage, LiveInMalaysia.

*For those who missed out on this event, you can tune in to Astro , Channel713, on 28Aug, at 9pm!

p.s:// HI SHAWN :D don't be mad that i didn't reply your sms ):

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm drunk on magarita.

Another confirmed case in srikl! and that girl went to MTV Worldstage, that's how she got H1N1. T_T was so paranoid in class , the whole day! hopefully, I WON'T GET! i'm just waiting till Sunday, if i'm still not sick yet, it means i'll be H1N1-FREE :D :D * prays finger! *


till now :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

We have our time baby.

Today was first day of school after a long week of "self-quarantine."


aaah. It's taking me so long to update bout MTV worldstage. I've totally typed out everything, but just that my pictures are in a really big size, and it's taking me ages to resize it, as it makes my comp lag like shit, So i guess today i'll resize all my pictures, and tomorrow i'll upload, and update :D

Have to start studying. So yeah.




i think this whole week, i seriously need to cut down the time using the computer, and seriously get my ass off to study.

SORRY for those who are waiting for my MTVWorlstage post, which i highly doubt any of you are.!

I hate my computer. It's effing slow. And I can't do anything bout it. Great.


sigh ): I miss you.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The fall.

HELLO! :D mtv worldstage was a total blast! and it's most prob the most anticipating event ever. and im lucky enough to witness the event :)

anyways, i won't blog today, as I still have thousands of homework i haven't complete. So hopefully, i'll blog bout it tomorrow :D

Friday, August 14, 2009

mama do. ;)

im not going to blog today, as it's a boring day.

imma blog on Sunday!


&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
minxuan says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
okay no.
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
its okay.
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
im not going
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
minxuan says:
minxuan says:
minxuan says:
you not going (not going to mtv world stage, she meant)
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
minxuan says:
or your friend not going?
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
minxuan says:
minxuan says:
minxuan says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥ says:
omg damnn cute weih you.

hahaha, how funny of her :P she thought i meant, not going mtv world stage -_- OF COURSE IM GOING! HOW CAN I POSSIBLY MISS THAT ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT :P

Standing out in the rain.

its 12.49am, and im sleeping soon. ;) imma do a short blog post.

yesterday was totally a so unproductive day! All i did was online! ): i didn't even study, at all. and I'm so piss at myself. Ugh. I just sat infront of my computer for 8 hours, and took some time of it, to watch TeenChoiceAwards'09 on youtube. So yeah.

Its really nice to see all your friends having a guy. You know you're happy for them, and you know that they'll be doing good together. You also know that you've ultimate friends, which totally rock your life. But one thing you can't deny is, you also need a guy in your life. That's how i'm feeling right now. I know i know, i just broke up like, 3 weeks ago, and i'm already craving for a guy? The feeling's really different okay. Its nice to have a guy. At least you know that there's someone for you. A guy who calls you everyday just to tell you he loves you. He doesn't need any reasons to say those 3 words. A guy who never fail to make you laugh, that's awesome you know. But, I don't really have any feelings for anyone right now, so that's pretty sad right? HAHA. Well, all i'm waiting for now, is till PMR overs.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

heels over head.

It's 12.57a.m, and currently, i just got off the phone. I'm sleeping around 2, perhaps.

Slept at 3am yesterday. Thanks to JingHer for telling some stupid ghost stories which totally scare my ass off ): I quickly got off the computer at 2am, then ran inside my room, like some kiddo. Once i got on the bed, i received a text message from JingHer,asking me to BECAREFUL , AND WATCH OUT UNDER MY BED -_- he couldn't stop scaring me, like for godsake ): it took me an hour, to sleep. watched some videos on the itouch ;)

Woke up at 12pm. Was suppose to wake up at 11.30a.m, but i set my alarm at 11.30p.m instead. Oh dear. Watched C.S.I:NY, & Had brunch :D Then, did some homework, yada yada. Studied, and everything.

Around 6, went for piano class. Talked to the teacher, ALOT. we talked bout, alot alot of stuffs. that's why i love talking to her. HEH :P

i'm going to be LADY GAGA TOMORROW :) oops, i mean TODAY! for MTV WORLDSTAGE VIP TICK. Diyana, i'll surprise you! :P

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


SHEENA, had pictures with BOYSLIKEGIRLS, and MARTINJOHNSON gave her a kiss on the cheek T_T ohmygod. and i'm truly jealous. WHY IN THE WORLD, CAN'T I STAY NEAR TO SUNWAY PYRAMID! ): or, WHY CAN'T BOYSLIKEGIRLS COME TO ONEUTAMA instead!! what is this maaaann t_T I WANT MARTIN JOHNSON! :\

and now, I WANT TO GO MTVWORLDSTAGE BADLY! like .. SO BADLY! though i have a ticket for myself, BUT I WOULDN'T WANT TO GO ALONE ): ANYONE HAS EXTRA TICKETS TO SPARE ME? so i can bring my little darlings to go with me ): but, i doubt my mum will let me go, as PMR TRIALS IS LIKE .. NEXT 2 WEEKS, and i ain't studying. Furthermore, due to H1N1 cases right now, so i guess ... that's probably a NO for me T_T

* PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, THAT I CAN GO TO MTVWORLDSTAGE! prob, i'm hopping along with Sheena&herbuddies.

seriously, H1N1 thingy thing, is ruining everything T_T what a nice year to ruin it. PMR MIGHT BE postponed cause of that, school is already closed down cause of that, mummy's starting to be strict-er to my outings already, PEOPLE/ KIDS are dying cause of that. GOSH. when that thing's going to start spreading? when people actually stop going out? that's like so impossible.


i was a BIG FAN of them, since 2007 if i'm not mistaken.
I guess it was MayYin who bought it for me,for my '07 birthday.
and I LISTENED TO THEIR ALBUM every single day, that time.
Then after few months,
i stopped.
even JayChou also wasn't that long.
Then they sort of died of? last year,
which will be awesome!
come on,
LOVE DRUNK is already that awesome T_T


Monday, August 10, 2009

I make 'em good girls go bad.

when i was at nathayyianyian's.

Was up till 4am. Played poker on facebook from 12am till 2am! ALL DERRICK'S FAULT! T_T he made me so caught up on poker. He tried teaching me how to play, but i didn't know how, so i just simply clicked. HAH! and i won 14k on the last round i played, cause i had to off the comp :P he called it lucky. Well, indeed it was lucky, because he asked me to FOLD, but i insisted on CHECK, and surprisingly, I WON ALL OF CheinWee's ; Derrick's ; ZhouWei's money :P MWAHAH.

Then, was on the phone till 4am with Derrick. He is going off to Bangkok today, so yeah. Was on the phone for 4 frigging hours :P Our first record ;) We were so bored, till we played I'VE NEVER game, and talked about movies -_- call us lifeless. HAH.

Woke up at 12pm today. 8 hours of sleep! at least. Lazed around the bed for an hour or less.

Anyways, I'D LOVE LOVE LOVE TO WISH MAMAHAZWANI a happy relationship with MOHAMMED HARIZ! 070809, THEIR OFFICIAL DATE OF BEING TOGETHER ;) nice date! BABE, he asked at the right time :P o7o8o9. lalala~


this lady ah..
she loves to camwhore!
for god knows the reason why.
She's loud, she's everything you'll never figure out,
which make her pretty special ;D
and i guess thats why,
HARIZ would fall for her!
because she's special the way she is! :P
or i'll chop him!
and have you back!
she's my mummy too!
she loves giving out african speech -_-
-_- i hate you for calling me that :P
but deep down,

mamahazwani is like ze' best ;) she listens. and gives advices too! just like a mother :P loveyou mamahazwani!

next is, SHARONLIMJOYEE! with her KelvinHo ;)


babe, thanks for all the late night MSN :P
and dont forget our MENTOS deal aite!
hope you and kelvin will last long!
010809 , their official date :)

ohmygod. where's my guy t_T I'M STILL LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT ONE :\

it's already the 8th month right now. Come to think of it, PMR's coming, and soon, one by one will start to leave. Some will go for O-Levels next year. I mean, OUR LUNCH BUDDIES. ALMOST EVERY GUY OF THEM ARE GOING FOR O-LEVELS. how sad is that ): I'm so going to miss the jokers in 3beta! They're going for O-Levels :\ and, Philippe will be leaving for Aussie next year, Derrick might be changing school, BUT DEY, don't lah kay? :\ And. i really hope, that our lunch buddies, WILL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER. TILL HIGHSCHOOL FINISH, TILL WE'RE IN COLLEGE, TILL WE'RE WORKING , TILL WE'RE MARRIED. and then, we'll call up each other, and have a reunion, laughing at all our HIGHSCHOOLmemories ;) We have been together since form1 , and.. apparently, we have countless memories together. No matter with who, doing what, or whatever, we have made memories together :D in SRIKL!

oh my, i should stop talking. Or else i will really tear up. ):

Sunday, August 9, 2009

i used to be love drunk.

Tuition was quite fun today ;) mostly all of us were sick. JessicaAnn & I were suppose to be quarantined since our schools are closed down, and both of us are sick. HAHAH. but no, we still went for tuition :P oh, WE CAMWHORED TOO!


this was a fake. Ms.K asked us to act as though we're studying.
Ms.K: come come, let me take a picture of you guys studying. So that can show your parents.
*fakes studying*
Ms.K: But, what was the teacher doing? The teacher is camwhoring.

The HalfNative&HalfNyonya girl!

I'm going to die of boredom at home tomorrow, for the whole week. I guess i so gotta start studying already, as in, for hours and hours! I was planning to wake up before 8, and start studying at 8, following my class timetable. But alot of people say it's going to turn up, a mission impossible. Well, it's true. I ain't gonna wake up early, to study right. That's crazy. But i think I'm going to study for 5 hours? Well, that depends if i can do it.

Baah. I so gotta stop myself from going online ): FACEBOOK is just so addictive.

p.s:// MAYYINBABE! GET WELL SOON AITE! ): take care, and hope you'll recover from your influenza A thingy thing soon. Feel better soon! Love you! :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

just set them up, knock them down.

I'm currently blogging at bigapple1U (; with nathayyianyian. she's currently talking to her guy. anyways we watched the proposal! it was awesome (; well imma study now, blog later when iI get back to nathayianyian's crib.


just got home like 45 mins ago. just finish bathing. before i begin blogging bout my day, i wanna wish ninaberry a happy 15th birthday. ;D

well, last year was cooler,
and remember your TGIF surprise last year,
well, this year not much of surprise,

anyways, back to my day now.

Nataliehayyianyian woke me up by calling me at 12pm today. She asked me where was my books, because she was planning to help me take my books home. but apparently, 1BETA(3B's current class) IS LOCKED?! whereas , other form 1 classes arent lock? -_- and, all the teachers went home already, so natalie couldn't ask anyone to open the class door ): which was pretty sad. I CAN'T TAKE MY BOOKS ANYMORE T_T BYE BYE BOOKS! ;\ but it's okay. as what joshua said, IT'S GOING TO BE DAMN CLEAN AFTER BEEN SPRAYED ;D

then natalie was all alone in school, so i talked to her till her driver come. So, we were talking and everything. Suddenly she gave the idea of me going to her house to study! :D & I was dying to go out right. so, i called my mum and ask if she allows or not. mummy allowed ;)

so i quickly bath and everything since Natalie was on her way to pick me up :D Had a short breakfast, then waited for natalie. She came and pick me up, off we go to her house ;) Waited for Natalie to have her breakfast. Then we went up, telling each other our secrets & problems. BABE, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN TALKING TO YOU :D :D we should do this more often.

Then around 2, her daddy asked if we wanted to go OU to have lunch & watch G.I Joe. So we agreed, and off we went to OU :D We ate at SHABUSHABU ;) It was awesome maaan! I ate alot, well both of us actually did. :P we just had a huge appetite there.

After that, we went to buy tickets for movie. But then, G.I Joe was full, so we changed to TheProposal. GSC had alot of people, so I went over to TGV to get the tickets while Natalie queued up for GSC. Apparently, not many people were watching TheProposal at TGV, so i managed to get tickets, good seats sumore! :P

We went searching for presents, as Natalie were finding for it. But we didn't manage to. Then, we went to the toilet ;) damn. TGV toilets are really scary ): IT WAS REALLY REALLY DARK T_T anyways, then we queued up for popcorn. But then, we were so scared that we'll miss the beginning as the line was quite long, so we were like, just screw it. And we went in for movie. After we went in, and sat down, suddenly, WE HAD THE URGE OF EATING POPCORN! and the movie haven't started. So we went out, to get popcorn! WELL, THERE WASN'T ANY LINE THAT TIME! so i was dead happy ;) And we went back in, and we weren't late! I was laughing like mad, cause we were damn retarded :P

ratings: 9.5/10


After movie, we went over , searching for presents, but missynatalie couldn't make up her mind. So we went over to BigApple to chill for a while ;) bought donuts. and natalie was on the phone with her guy, so i studied a little ;D then, Wi-Liam came and met up with us :D Got to know some friends of his. NicholasSoon; Eddy;& Mahan :D We hung around BigApple for a while.

Then we went to old wing since Wi-Liam wanted to eat or something. So we went over to JuscoFoodCourt. Apparently, it was Eddy&Mahan who ate instead of Wi-Liam :P We sat down there, for quite some time. And I find Mahan looking like RobertPattinson, so i called him MAHANROB :P After that, we went to Chanel, since Natalie wanted to get something for her mummy. Then went back to old wing, to tapau food from ShihLinTaiwanSnack. Was laughing alot there. We were talking bout that counterguy & some pinkfatwoman :P ALL NICHOLAS'S & EDDY'S FAULT! they made me laugh like shit!

After that, Wi-Liam gave us a lift home ;) Dropped by at Nataliehayyianyian's for a while since I left some stuffs at her house. then, Wi-Liam gave me a lift back home! :D thanks bro! it's really nice to have a friend who can drive you home :P

imma sleep early. tomorrow, morning tuition!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm only me, when I'm with you.

Skipped school today. I know i said i was planning to go, but mamahazwani called me at 7am, telling me that her daddy ask her not to go to school. So i was like " MAKE UP YOUR MIND LAAADY!" . and she said she loves her daddy, therefore she's gonna listen to him ;) so i quickly called my carpoolfella, and told him that i'm not going to school. Sort of felt bad, because i told him like, DAMN DAMN LAAAST MINUTE! and mayyinhoney was alone at school ): BABE, I'M SORRRRY KAAAY? :\ sorry that all of us didn't go to school, and informed you like damn last minute.

so many people were calling me and asking me where was i -_- and i told them that i wasn't going to school. oh well. Eugene asked me to go to school just to see how quiet is the class. Well, i ain't gonna be so crazy and be a loner at school.

woke up around 11.30a.m. watched some tivo. Then bath ;) and then around 3, went to teman-ed my sister to dentist appointment. she's taking our her braces next month! :D can't wait to see her oh-so-straight teeeeettthh. i bet she's going to show off to me ):

OMFG. I JUST ATE A FRIGGING EXPIRED BREAD -_- it's..expired for 2 frigging days ): hopefully i won't get diarrhea later or food poisoning.


BTW, SCHOOL IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED DOWN RIGHT NOW. -_- finally they decided to. but then, it's going to be replaced.


Dear Parents and Guardians,


On Wednesday 4th August 2009 a new case of H1N1 virus was confirmed affecting a student of Primary School.

The School immediately contacted the Ministry of Health’s H1N1 Control Centre with a request to temporarily close. Today at 4.30PM the H1N1 Control Centre has given approval to close the School as a preventative measure. As such the following procedures apply with immediate effect.

  • PRE-SCHOOL, PRIMARY SCHOOL AND SECONDARY SCHOOL shall be temporarily closed as of Monday 10th August 2009 and all students are to remain at home for ONE CALENDAR WEEK.

  • ALL students without flu-like symptoms must return to School on Monday 17th August 2009 unless otherwise advised.

  • All co-curricular activities are suspended with effect from Saturday 8th August 2009 and no students shall be allowed to come to school for any activities whatsoever during the one week closure.

  • All students should remain quarantined at home during this period and should practice social distancing and a heightened level of personal hygiene such as frequent hand-washing with disinfectant soap, covering the mouth when coughing/sneezing and not sharing food and drink.

  • Quarantined students who display any flu-like symptoms during this time should immediately seek medical advice.

  • Parents must inform the School immediately if your child is confirmed as having the H1N1 virus.

  • Homework for quarantined students will be made available via the Sri KL website and students are requested to complete their assignments in a timely and responsible manner.

The School is in regular contact with the Ministry of Education and the Health Ministry and will update parents as and when there are any new developments.

In the mean time, adjustments will be made to the School Calendar to accommodate the disruption to lessons and mid-term examinations.

Your close cooperation is much appreciated.

08 /08/09

well, i can't believe that school is now closed down, for a week. I guess I'll have to start studying tomorrow. Yes , YOKESHAN! study tomorrow, you have to. *note to self.


hopefully, i'll manage to.

oh my god. My flu is really getting bad right now ): I can't stop sneezing, and my nose is really itchy :\ I'm not a flu person you know. I hardly have flu, like seriously. Once in a blue moon only i'll have flu ): I FRIGGING HATE FLU, CAUSE IS DAMN ANNOYING. now i wish someone would cut off my nose already. COME JING HER, please cut it off for me ):

supposely, i've to go for some LEO event tomorrow. RCCMEETING & CLCEXAM. but, parents are being so paranoid about H1N1 CASES, therefore, they're not allowing me to go ):

*told daddy about school closing down.
daddy: HAH?! REALLY?!
me: yeaah. next week, for one whole week.
daddy: DON'T GO OUT ALREADY OKAY. NOW VERY DANGEROUS.* touches my forehead to check if i have fever*
daddy: okaay good.
me: but can i go for some leo event tmrw?
daddy: where?
me: SU school.

-_-. look how paranoid daddy is.

me: WHY?!
mum: *started nagging about me going for the leo installation, coming home, getting sick*
* stomps feet, and left. *

ANOTHER PARANOID ONE. my mum -_- she doesn't even allow me going back to school tomorrow just to take my books. like, wth! not like i'm going to spend hours at school right.

anyway, i just feel like dying right now/ SLEEPING! so i dont have to care bout my flu ):

Thursday, August 6, 2009

In a lala land ;)

today, school just confirmed another positive H1N1 case in primary school. that's why, almost every primary students went home during lunch -_-. EUGENE GAVE US FALSE ALARM TOO! he said he was going home, because now.. school has 4 POSITIVE CASES. but, it was rubbish -_- pfft. I WAS DAMN HAPPY OKAAY. i mean, SCHOOL'S GOING TO CLOSE DOWN :D but, if they do, they're going to take away our hols, which totally sucks. i won't have a week, TO STUDY FOR TRIALS! baah.

*aaahh. i'm sick. down with flu now. :\

anyways, school was boring. as usual. Claireze'french finally came to school! I couldn't find my purse in the morning, but apparently, it was under waikay's desk. I don't know who the hell hid it there. Though i suspected it was Cheesoong, but naah, doode! i'm sorry for pinching your ears okaay :\ you looked suspicious to me :P so not my fault. HAHA.

K.H was awesome! I'm almost finishing my mission on making a CUSHION :D really happy! and the girls were really hyper today! love 3B girls to bits im telling you ;) . then Science, was boring. mr.ohsogeram, was mad at first. We didn't go up to the lab, then he came to our class and scolded us for not going. Well, he didn't inform us earlier right. -_- teachers these days.

CIK NURUL'S NOT GOING TO SCHOOL TMRW T_T and i was planning to go to school, just for her, cause 2 periods of BM & extra classes. but.. now i feel so pointless to go to school. it's okaay MAMAHAZWANI! i go school for you ;) and for LEO meeting.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I finally went to school today! HAH :D

slept at 2.30 in the morning! T_T was on the phone, talking bout nonsense.AHAH. then woke up at 6.40, it took me 10 mins to get my frigging ass out of the bed. and the same old story starts again, waking up for school.

reached school around 7.30, and saw.. how .. quiet the school was. It was like, NO CARS AT ALL! and it felt like you're early for school ;) was kind of excited once i step in the class. and was SHOCKED when mamahazwani told me something! I WAS PRACTICALLY SHOUTING LIKE SOME MAD BITCH, hugging her, and so excited for her :D :D

school was okaay. Practically, chee soong;jing her;stanleylow were my teman in class since Claireze'french wasn't at school. We had our laughing moments. which was pretty fun ;)

Had LEO for coco. i'm proud to say that my BROTHERS are, NICHOLAS NEOH;NICHOLAS TAN;TIM( timothy) :D hope they'll be fine with me :)

anyways, im sleepy now. so whatever. this is a lazy post of mine. :X

p.s:// SHAZAHAZWANI made me got addicted to iwanna-AAR! shazahazwani is no longer mine ):

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i woke up to find that summer's gone.

it's frigging 2a.m, and i promised someone i'd be sleeping by now, but sorry, i'm still chatting! heh!

anyways, i'm talking to sharonbabe now! :D its really really nice talking to her! and surprisingly, we click well! like our boyissues and everything ;) babe, you know i love you :P and i'm staying up late now, just for her! though she has her boyfriend to talk to, but i'm on a bet with her. :P I DON'T WANNA LOSE MY MENTOS TO YOU! :P oh, both of us are MENTOSFAN TOO! :)

i guess imma sleep soon. will blog later, when i'm awake!


woke up at 2.30 in the afternoon today ;) 12 hours of sleep. aah, so satisfying :P today was just boring. nothing much happened.

anyways, I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL TMRW :D claireze'french & carissababy aren't though. ): which is pretty sad though.

Monday, August 3, 2009

i'm so over it, i've been there and back.

it's a monday, and i didn't go to school. obviously, or else why in the world would i be blogging now ;)

woke up at 11pm today. ditch the plan of going to Sunway with claireze'french because mummy wanted to bring me to go doctor, but she decided not to -_- so pfft. i'm like sort of pissed? but whatever. :\

anyways, stayed up late yesterday night, because i was really hyper. finally, i learned how to move on, though i haven't put him away like totally, but i'm so much happier without him now ;) I couldn't stop smiling , talking to all my friends after writing my feelings out. I'm not afraid of writing his name out anymore, nor talking bout him to any of my friends. I'd love to write his name out here, big big, but.. nahh. ;P don't wanna embarass him in my blog infront of my readers. I'm sure he doesn't want so many people to know that he's a jerk, himself right. so yeah, i'm giving him a life now.

was talking to sharonbabe yesterday night to catch up on each other lives ;D hor babe, got boyfriend already never tell me lor :P hope that you and him will last long okaay! and better save some love for me :D

i had a short late night call to put me to sleep ;) thank you, you know who you are :P you, the guy who refuses to leave a tag in my chatbox.


primary school has been tested 2 positive h1n1 cases today?i've no idea if it's true or not but that's what i heard from my fellow friends. i seriously think they should just close down the school. like seriously. all of us are really paranoid and scared. ): well, i am.

anyways, i'm hungry. and i didn't study today, what a good thing isn't it? ppfft. :\

Sunday, August 2, 2009

i'm so much better without you?

Hell, It's a Sunday.

woke up at 9 in the morning today. Was so lazy to wake up, but i had to. Went for early breakfast with mummy. wanted to get dimsum, but i was sort of late. so decided to just eat at some restaurant near my tuition centre. A glass of hot soya milk for the morning ;) it was awesome.

JessicaAnnJock did not come for tuition. YOU LOSER! :P hence, tuition was sort of a bore. But i was concentrating on my work, but tuition was still fun! still had our laughing moments with Ms.K . she has facebook & twitter. Ain't she just cool ? (:

came home after tuition. Watched CSI:Miami & CSI:NY. then took a bath, and was planning to take a nap somehow. But i couldn't sleep. Was thinking, alot. Basically, I still can't get over him, but whatever. I teared up somehow, so I decided to just talk to Claireze'french on the phone ;) Had a half an hour talk with her, and it was great. I mean, how can i ever get sad talking to my babes right?

Had MCD's after that. Wasn't allowed to, but mummy didn't know. so I couldn't resist. Had Fillet-O-Fish, AFTER HOW LONG! and a few sips of coke :P and a few spoons of StrawberrySundae of course ;)

Well.. Mummy&Kor are sick now. ): both of them are having fever. HOPE THEY'll get well soon!

Mummy asked me not to go to school tomorrow as she might be bringing me over to doctor again, as my cough isn't going anywhere. But, a part of me wants to go to school. Oh well. Carrisababy&Claireze'french aren't going though, but mamahazwani is going. ): Tell me what to do! to school, or not to school?

p.s:// who the hell still uses FRIENDSTER anyway? I just officially deleted my FRIENDSTER account. Goodbye Friendster, Hello Facebookie ;)
On a second hand, I can't delete my FRIENDSTER account, because they keep stating that the email address or password isn't valid, and i need to enter those to delete em. I think they just don't want me to cancel my FRIENDSTER account. FRIENDSTER, fuck you.


Plan failed. i tried to study, but i barely even sit for 20 mins, i just left my room. I was writing some notes for geography, then tried to study science. I know nothing bout the current chapter Mr.oh-so-geram's teaching now. But now i get some of it. Then i tried doing some Maths questions, but i was so lazy to calculate. So i jumped to B.M, and heck, i did 10 questions, and i left my seat, to the computer. so here i am.

I'm now reading blogs and listening to TaylorSwift. I love listening to TaylorSwift at this time. I don't know why, but it just calms me down ya know?
Though all her songs are about boys, which makes me think alot, but.. still, i'd sing along, and I'd stop thinking!

now, i really need you to get out of my head. everyone has been telling me, for a week, to just get over you. But i can't seem to do it, though i know the truth that you'd been playing me all the while. I mean, everyone's asking, how hard does it take for me to get over him. He's not attractive at all, and he's nothing good. Why? Well, i asked myself that question, wait not exactly. Phil asked me that question last week, and all i did was just stone.I couldn't find myself an answer to that particular question. The next question he asked me was.." WHY do you even like him?" I couldn't help, but to stone too. I was just.. dead confused. and.. maybe phil's just right. Maybe i don't even like him, i thought. But no, i do. I do like him, you can't say love, but i could say, i really do like him. And i've never ever, thought that he'd be such a jerk ya know? All this while, i thought all the stop calling and ignoring , was all my fault? My fault for fucking getting drunk? That's what i thought it was. But nope, it'd been you, playing with my fucking feelings, that i didn't even realise. I was just dumb to blame it all to myself, and now ,YOU'RE TO BLAME. But no longer, i'd think it's my fault, cause i'm grateful to have friends, now telling me the truth. And you said that you still love me three nights ago? Oh please. Like i'll fall for it again? The next time you send me a sms , telling me you still love me, I'll ask you to go fucking fuck yourself. I'm not the type of girl, that'd fall for you anymore. cause, I'M SICK OF YOU, I'M SICK OF YOUR WORDS, I'M SICK OF YOUR LIES, AND I'M SICK OF YOUR GAMES. if you've nothing else better to do, but to play a girl's feelings who is younger than you, seriously.. go get a life. I don't care if you hate me now. Cause I was true to you and i did nothing wrong. I tried to save this thing we had, I tried to make it better. But no, you had to just.. end it right there. Leaving me, nowhere to go. & One day, i'd make you feel the pain like I'm feeling now. Cause what goes around, comes around. Prolly i won't be the one hurting you the next time,but i'm sure it'll be a girl you love. Don't come saying you're sorry, cause i won't believe you like i did before.

i could go on writing, but no, i'll stop till here first ;) might continue someday.

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