Saturday, August 29, 2009

Forget about the sunshine,

when it's gone.

I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M.. A... STALKER... OF.. BOYSLIKEGIRLS NOW. -_- blardy hell. Oh wait, no, not a stalker. I meant, OBSESSED. I'm like, OBSESSED WITH THEM, wait no no, to be specific, PAUL DIGIOVANNI :) yes. I'm obsessed with PAUL DIGIOVANNI. you don't believe, you can ask DANIELLE HO.

i stayed up late till 4.30a.m today. Was spending 2 hours, chatting with Danielle about BoysLikeGirls and another hour, watching BoysLikeGirls video. Daaayum, we're such die hard fan, aren't we ? :) And, at the same time, we were so excited about them! Gosh.

I can't get BoysLikeGirls off my head, and everything T_T every single hour, I'll think about them, for at least 15 minutes. Yeah, call me crazy, or whatever. But, how can you ever resist, this 4 handsome guys T_T

Bah bah. I hope they'll come Malaysia, after PMR T_t not in between, pretty please?

Enough said. Imma go study form2 Sejarah now. Heeeeellp.



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