Friday, January 28, 2011

Perfect to me.

This is my first post.. of year 2011. After one month. LOL I fail.

Anyway, Form 5 has been great! Despite all the stress and tuitions I've to keep up with, I'm quite fine. Tuition from Mon-Thurs. Cheer training on Fri. Youth&Church on weekends. I'm busy/out almost everyday. Bah. I need to manage my time well so I can find time to study T_T I'm always tired and exhausted. Oh well.

December '10 was a great month! Getting to spend time with the boyfriend for 6 days in a row! Church camp and Prom. How awesome could that be! And I still have yet to blog about it. Youth camp was practically the best, cause that was a very life changing 4 days. Thanks to New Life for every single thing. All the campers, pastors and Jinny :')

I'm bored. Bai.

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