Friday, November 27, 2009

I want nobody,


My birthday was a great and memorable one :D will blog about it after i get pictures from Swei&Hariz :)

Thank you for those who stayed up till 12am, just to wish me. Thank you Lizzie;Sheena&Jingher for the calls :)

Thank you for those who were at pyramid. Sheilalee;Carissayuen;Mayyin;Shazahazwani;Robinsia;Kenshen;Brandonchew;Philippeyang;Likchuen;Brandonkoh;Cheinwee;Hariz;Alastair:) & Danielle;Alia;Jaryn;Sheena;Shulynn who wished me and gave me hugs :D Thanks girls. OH, special thanks to Mayyin&Shaowei who spent my bday dinner with me/sang me birthdaysong/bought me 2 slices of cake :D HEH, thanks both of you, you guys are the greatest best friends EVER :) OH. and, thanks to those who wished me on facebook/twitter; those who actually took the time to called me; those who texted me :) THANK YOU. Seriously.

Mayyin;Brandonchew, thanks for the christmas tree! IM loving it already :D

Alastair;Robin, thanks for the bears! I really like it, hehe :)

Kenshen, thanks for the SimplePlan album, i love the songs in there!!

AND. yesterday was THANKSGIVING (mayyin, thanksgiving is on the last thursday in NOVEMEBER) HAHAHA. So, I would like to say I'm thankful for having the greatest family and friends every :)


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And you can see my heart beating,

You can see it through my chest.

Can't wait for tomorrow, honestly :) Hope that tmrw will be a really fun fun day! HEHEHEH. Made plans with my awesomest friendS :D :D will blog about the feeling of becoming older!




areeee youuuu exciteedd as much as i am? :D :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No escaping when I start,

Once I'm in, i own your heart.

OMG. ADAM LAMBERT ROCKS! Okay, not really, but his performance " For Your Entertainment " during AMA totally rocked. *excuse those sexual moments. Other than that, his voice is totally awesome! Seriously, I was so impressed by his performance :D :D





Monday, November 23, 2009

Give me time,

I'd make it right for you.

So right, i feel like blogging, again. H-A-H-A, lifeless me :)

Went to Ipoh on Friday, and it wasn't as boring as what I expected it to be. Time passed like hell quick when i was there, guess I was enjoying myself huh? Well, not really. Practically, ate, watch tv most of the time, listened to the adults talk, spent like almost every minute texting on the phone, and stone. Yeah, that was more like it. Didn't bring my camera, so I didn't camwhore. What a bummer :\

HMM. Anyway,



:D :D

All I need is time, to prove to you that I'm good enough for you, and you're with me :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Flooded with all this pain,

knowing i'll never really hold ya.

So, it's november 16. Yeap, time passes really fast, when you least notice it. 10 more days to my birthday. Not planning for anything I guess :) I still prefer, sitting on my bed, reading my current book, and waiting for people to wish me :D Who knows? I might get another prank caller this year. (like what lynn did last year, wtff. just because i pranked her about something, she had to prank me on my birthday?!)HAHAH. that was epic.

If i'm not mistaken, i pranked her like, a month after SportsDay, about something to do with cheerleading, and on my birthday, she texted me, pretending to be a "guy". Worst thing was, SHE PAKAT WITH MY BROTHER SUMORE!! OMG. I was damn pissed. But, it was funny :) I think that made my birthday night :D HEHE. So, this year, anyone would like to make my birthday night, by pranking me? *cehwah.

Hmm, i think I'm going to make an early birthday celebration with my babes :D along with sheilalee :) HEHE. Can't wait! It'll be like, 6 of us, finally!

I'm not hoping for any presents, this year though. *Except for BRANDONCHEW's HOMECOOKED-FOOD :D :D. Other than that, i totally don't mind if I receive presents or not. BUT BUT, of course, for those who wants to buy me present, can actually fulfill my wishlist :)

1. BOYSLIKEGIRLS merchandise!!
i know, it's supposed to be something I NEED, not something I WANT. But but, i want 'em desperately! :\ *hints.




another thing i WANT. GET ME THIS, I'LL LOVE YOU SHIAT. You can't find it here in Malaysia, so don't waste your time looking up @ Speedy/RockCorner. CAUSE YOU CAN ONLY FIND IT IN THE US T_T KILL ME, JUST KILL ME. BUT BUT! You can obviously order it from EBAY :D If you really really, want me to love you like forever, GET ME THAT! *dream yokeshan, dream!


Okaaay, to things i NEED to have.

Bata or not, whatever shit. Give me black school shoes, i'll thank you :D My current shoes are officially ruined/worned out. And, obviously I need new ones for next year, so.. you can give me those if you actually ran out of ideas on what to get me! P.S:// MY SHOE SIZE IS 4/5 :) Actually, this present is a hint for STANLEY, cause he always ask me to get new shoes, so.. since my bday is coming, HEY STANLEY, YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET ME NEW SHOES for my present! :D

4. HIM, to tell me that he likes me too :)
If he actually, tells me that he likes me too, on my birthday night, that will make my birthday night, special than ever :D but still, *DREAM YOKESHAN. AS IF HE LIKES YOU )=<.

5.*to be filled in, when i made up my mind.

Can't make up my mind right now, SO YEAH :D will add more, if I know what else i want :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And the worst part is,

before it gets any better, we're headed for a cliff.

I tried. I did try. I tried making things better. I wanted to make it happen, really. I wanted you so badly, till I was living in denial all the while. I just hate to admit, that I ain't good enough for you. I didn't want to face it. I never did. I've been telling myself, that things were going to work out, something was going to happen. But, i guess it's never going to be. Well, it's time. It's time for me to stop. It's time for me, to move on. There's no reason for me to stay, so i'm leaving. :)

I'm going to delete those few emo posts before. I'm trying to move on right now :D heh. Sheila, don't ask.

Anyway, pictures of ME to entertain you guys! HEH. Sorry, i don't really camwhore much. But, I was so bored in the morning, so I decided to edit those photos i took on Sunday :D :D


In this picture, my left eye looks retarded ): Well, my left eye is smaller than my right eye, f.y.i

My facebook profile picture :)

my MSN display pic :D

NGEEHEHEHEHE. I love high-waisted skirts!

taken before BLG's Meet&Greet.

taken at Claire's house. last last friday. :)

WILL BE GOING SCHOOL TOMORROW! for cooking competition! WOOT :D
ps:// no, i'm not the chef. BrandonChew is -.-'

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm not crazy,

I'm just a little unwell.

I'm ditching school tomorrow, cause i'm lazy to go to school. Okay, nope, that's not it. Is cause i can totally imagine myself, being a loner. Though I have Sheila&Shaza(not sure bout her :X), but then, still, i'll be a total loner right after school! Sitting alone, in the canteen, stoning. Yeap, that's more like it. Sigh. Was really planning to go, cause have to practice for Talentine, which is 4 days away, but suddenly, i'm really moodless to go :X

Anyway, NATALIEHAY! thanks for listening just now :) Really appreciate it! And thanks for your advices, haha, and what you said, were so damn true okay! :D :D

OH, not forgetting you, CARISSAYUEN, thanks for listening to my ups&downs. HAHA, and thanks for listening ookiee? kam'sa'hap'nida! :D :D

BTW. I WATCHED MICHAELJACKSON:THISISIT, just now, with ze' family! AND OHMYGOD. It was awesome, okay! I cried, at the very beginning. HAHA, yeah, PMS-ing. Anyway, it's the BOMB! Seriously, i could picture, if the concert was still going on, with him, being alive, the concert would be a blast. Sigh, really do miss MJ though. Those people who got to work with him, they're really lucky! Working with the KingOfPop! That's really cool, and he's a legend :) I also dont know how some people can find it boring ): BOOO.

9/10 :)


was wearing high-waisted skirt :)

HELLO. my name is yokeshan :)
and i'm hungry right now,
at this moment,

i'm out.

Friday, November 6, 2009

How does it feel like being alone?

Don't you know, i'm waiting for your hold?

OHMYFUCKINGGOD. I'm fucking having sore throat :\ Frankly speaking, I HATE SORE THROAT, and i seldom have sore throat. But right now, i think i'm getting sick, that's why i'm having sore throat. DEEP SHIT.

picture was taken during PMR latih-tubi. *credits to aliya's camera.

Anyways, went to school today. The last time i went to school, was last Friday. Officially skipped school for 4 days. *wtf, why am i feeling proud?!

Oh, and I guess i wasn't used to waking up early anymore, i woke up late today. I thought i set my alarm on, but i guess I didn't. I end up waking up at 7.15a.m. I freaked out, at that moment, and thank god, my sister's college was at 9am. So i managed to go to school around 8 something :)

Did nothing much at school. Played Monopoly during the last period.

After that, waited for 45 minutes for Wi-Liam&Zaqir. Picked me up from school, then dropped Zaq at AC. Been long since I've seen Zaq ): Then, went to Pyramid with Wil. Got movie tickets, then to SakaeSushi. Met up with Swei;Farah. Nina came and joined us a little later after that. Had lunch together. Stone infront of TopShop since we were bored :X Went to MCD to chill.

Swei;Wil and I were talking about how guys go up to girls, to get their numbers. Then suddenly, this guy, came to our table, and talked to us.

*talking about where he's from and everything.
Him: Er, where's your college? Sunway? Taylors? Monash?
Me: What makes you think we're even college? HAHAH.
Him: Oh? You're not college? Secondary?
Me: Er, yeah.
Swei: I'm from MedicalSchool, and he(wil)'s from Taylors.
Him: Oh, you're not college?
Me: Me? HAHA, no no.
Him: Wow, you look so matured.
*he asked us to buy car stickers from him, for some donation thingy shit thing :X
Him: You can give this to your boyfriend.
Me: HAHA, i'm single.
Him: OH? Really? You so beautiful, how can you not have a boyfriend.

LOLNESS. I BET HE WAS JUST SAYING ALL THOSE, SO THAT WE'D BUY THE CAR STICKERS FROM HIM. YEAH, WE DID BUY. THERE GO OUR RM20 ): ): It was a CON OKAYYYY. I think. But STILL! EEEE. Can't believe people would actually dare to con, in PYRAMID. wtfff.

After that, went to cinema, wanted to get ticket for Swei, but tak jadi. Then went for movie.


i rate it,
7.5/10 :)

the show's not bad, but not THAT good either. I like a few lines from there! "We can play Mummy and Daddy" & " I go both ways" HAHAHAHA. :P

anyways, i'm done!

Monday, November 2, 2009

We're falling apart ;)

Currently blogging while lying down on my bed. I'm hungry ): wanna get
food but I'm so lazy to go downstairs. Sigh. Guess I'll just go to
sleep to stop my hunger :X

Gonna ditch school later. School will be a bore even if I do go ):

Haven't been blogging lately, cause I don't know what to write. I
always write half way but end up deleting the post. I'm thinking to
delete my blog and stop blogging for a mean time.

Sent from my iPod

Sunday, November 1, 2009

AAR, rocked my socks :)

Came home from AAR like an hour ago. Thanks to Wi-Liam for fetching me! :D

Anyways, i'll get those pictures from Olivia's camera, cause i didn't bring one. But all i can say is, AAR was ze' bomb! And the fact that I was standing right infront of the stage, right in the middle, just made it better. :) :)

will update again, when i get those pictures!

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