Friday, November 6, 2009

How does it feel like being alone?

Don't you know, i'm waiting for your hold?

OHMYFUCKINGGOD. I'm fucking having sore throat :\ Frankly speaking, I HATE SORE THROAT, and i seldom have sore throat. But right now, i think i'm getting sick, that's why i'm having sore throat. DEEP SHIT.

picture was taken during PMR latih-tubi. *credits to aliya's camera.

Anyways, went to school today. The last time i went to school, was last Friday. Officially skipped school for 4 days. *wtf, why am i feeling proud?!

Oh, and I guess i wasn't used to waking up early anymore, i woke up late today. I thought i set my alarm on, but i guess I didn't. I end up waking up at 7.15a.m. I freaked out, at that moment, and thank god, my sister's college was at 9am. So i managed to go to school around 8 something :)

Did nothing much at school. Played Monopoly during the last period.

After that, waited for 45 minutes for Wi-Liam&Zaqir. Picked me up from school, then dropped Zaq at AC. Been long since I've seen Zaq ): Then, went to Pyramid with Wil. Got movie tickets, then to SakaeSushi. Met up with Swei;Farah. Nina came and joined us a little later after that. Had lunch together. Stone infront of TopShop since we were bored :X Went to MCD to chill.

Swei;Wil and I were talking about how guys go up to girls, to get their numbers. Then suddenly, this guy, came to our table, and talked to us.

*talking about where he's from and everything.
Him: Er, where's your college? Sunway? Taylors? Monash?
Me: What makes you think we're even college? HAHAH.
Him: Oh? You're not college? Secondary?
Me: Er, yeah.
Swei: I'm from MedicalSchool, and he(wil)'s from Taylors.
Him: Oh, you're not college?
Me: Me? HAHA, no no.
Him: Wow, you look so matured.
*he asked us to buy car stickers from him, for some donation thingy shit thing :X
Him: You can give this to your boyfriend.
Me: HAHA, i'm single.
Him: OH? Really? You so beautiful, how can you not have a boyfriend.

LOLNESS. I BET HE WAS JUST SAYING ALL THOSE, SO THAT WE'D BUY THE CAR STICKERS FROM HIM. YEAH, WE DID BUY. THERE GO OUR RM20 ): ): It was a CON OKAYYYY. I think. But STILL! EEEE. Can't believe people would actually dare to con, in PYRAMID. wtfff.

After that, went to cinema, wanted to get ticket for Swei, but tak jadi. Then went for movie.


i rate it,
7.5/10 :)

the show's not bad, but not THAT good either. I like a few lines from there! "We can play Mummy and Daddy" & " I go both ways" HAHAHAHA. :P

anyways, i'm done!



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