Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm not crazy,

I'm just a little unwell.

I'm ditching school tomorrow, cause i'm lazy to go to school. Okay, nope, that's not it. Is cause i can totally imagine myself, being a loner. Though I have Sheila&Shaza(not sure bout her :X), but then, still, i'll be a total loner right after school! Sitting alone, in the canteen, stoning. Yeap, that's more like it. Sigh. Was really planning to go, cause have to practice for Talentine, which is 4 days away, but suddenly, i'm really moodless to go :X

Anyway, NATALIEHAY! thanks for listening just now :) Really appreciate it! And thanks for your advices, haha, and what you said, were so damn true okay! :D :D

OH, not forgetting you, CARISSAYUEN, thanks for listening to my ups&downs. HAHA, and thanks for listening ookiee? kam'sa'hap'nida! :D :D

BTW. I WATCHED MICHAELJACKSON:THISISIT, just now, with ze' family! AND OHMYGOD. It was awesome, okay! I cried, at the very beginning. HAHA, yeah, PMS-ing. Anyway, it's the BOMB! Seriously, i could picture, if the concert was still going on, with him, being alive, the concert would be a blast. Sigh, really do miss MJ though. Those people who got to work with him, they're really lucky! Working with the KingOfPop! That's really cool, and he's a legend :) I also dont know how some people can find it boring ): BOOO.

9/10 :)


was wearing high-waisted skirt :)

HELLO. my name is yokeshan :)
and i'm hungry right now,
at this moment,

i'm out.



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