Sunday, May 31, 2009

Charity Dinner '09 .

before i begin ,


okaaayy , so here I go with my charity dinner post .

Saturday 30/5/09 .

Woke up around 11 something , bath , got dressed and yada . Went to ou :) Wanted to eat SushiZanmai with sister , but it was really packed , so we went over to SakaeSushi . We ate and yada , then went to Infinity . Cut my hair and blow curls . around 2 , i was done , went to find mummy and bro . Saw BerniceLiu ! She was hell preeetttyy . Didn't manage to catch any picture of her cause it was so crowded . After that , left ou .

Around 4 , I got dressed and Jie make-d up for me . She was like my personal stylist :D She chose the dress ; the shoes ; the hair ; the make ups , EVERYTHING ! Then , around 5 , left house , and headed to Claire's . When I was reaching , I EFFING REALISED I DIDN'T BRING MY TICKET ! so i forced my sister to send me back , and she was really pissed , then she didn't want to send me back to subang . Went home , got the ticket , went to Ou instead . Met up with Joann cause I needed her transport . Then went to toilet , Joann got dressed . Met up with Ashwin & Joshua Ooi & JybSheng. Walked around , went to a pet store and looked at cute cute pets :D :D

Around 6.30 , Jo's driver came and picked us up . He used the long long way since the other way will be jam . that way took us 45 mins to reach SunwayHotel . from hartamas to bangsar to idk where . Finally , we reached :)

Met with Claire&Victoria . Then waited for Carissa to reach . After she reached , we went to toilet , camwhored abit . Then went up . After 5 minutes , we went back down to pick Katie up . Took pictures and shit :) We were with the guys . Around 8 , the whole dinner started . AiLin was the MC . We had speeches and such . Then Eugene whispered to Claire , that Caprice was outside , and she went to take picture with him . NOT FAIR T_t then the guys went out , i followed them .

Me : Ian ! where you going ?
Ian : Outside , Caprice .
Me : I WANT !!
Ian : Come laaaahh .
*I followed him , and we were like outside , thinking if we should go and take picture with him . Eugene said ask him , ourselves . So , ZhouWei and I went to take picture with him*

Caprice is CUUUUTEEEE :D
Caprice & I :D
ZhouWei & Caprice .

Then we came back in , and yada yada . 30 minutes later , Caprice performed :) First song was DemGirls . Then was this Malaysong with his friend Hayad , which was not Teman ! Last song was FantasyGirl , all of us stood up and walked infront :) Then , first meal was served . and all . Performances were okaaaaayy . After the 2nd meal , almost everyone went around and took pictures and all . I like Sheryl's ; Matthew's ; Rekha's Performance , and I actually missed BarleyLessIce , cause we were outside taking group picture . Dang It !

Around 10.30 , the dancefloor was opeeeeeeeeeennn (: We rushed to the front !! And it was awesome .! The first 2 songs were warm up and slow . Then Nelson's band performed 3 songs , which was cooool ! :) I was enjoying the songs ! Then dancefloor till 11.50 ! It was awesome T_t SUUPPEERRRBBB ! Danced all in a group . Claire ; Ian ; Joshua ; Victoria ; Carissa ; Katie ; Brandons' ; Joshua ; YuanQi ; Eugene ; Jamie ; Philippe and all the other guys ! Victoria went home , then followed by Katie , then later the guys went clubbing or idk what , then eugene left , Katie left . Left Ian ; Claire ;Redza ; Me; Carissa ; Philippe ; Jamie . Wanted the last song to be longer T_T I didn't know until I asked philippe !

Me : I wonder what's the next song .
Philippe : This is the last song .
*song finished*

Followed Claire home later . Around 12.10 , bro came :) and went home , around 2 something only I could sleep . My toe was hurting shit T_T My skin came out and it was bleeding . pfft .

Pictures now :D

as there's too many to be posted , please visit :

these 2 albums are from mine & claire's cam :D

well , there is some which i want to post though .

Low's Family Portrait . As they say :)

The best picture of the night :) I absolutely love this picture .

Jo Jo :D

Kwan Yuan Qi :D this guy can dance yo !

my right toe ):
and my left ):

yeah this is what you get when you're wearing heels , jumping and dancing at the dancefloor for more than an hour ! but still IT WORTHED :D :D
tuning in : Beautiful - Akon feat. Colby O' Donis

Friday, May 29, 2009

100 truths .

Waking up in Vegas ; Heartless ; NoBoundary has been blasting in my ears for time . I'm pretty piss and upset right now , currently , there's noone to talk to . pfft . Why do things always come up just when i've occasions ?!


anyways , going to do a 100 truths thing .
got it from ahchew's blog :)
i'm really bored .

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 100 Truths about you. At the end, choose 5 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. Last beverage: Water .
2. Last phone call: Claire .
3. Last text message: Claire .
4. Last song you listened to: WakingUpInVegas-KatyPerry .
5. Last time you cried: A few minutes ago , cause I read xiu ming's blog about her dad , that reminded me of my grandpa . so yeaah .

6. Dated someone twice: No .
7. Been cheated on: Dont think so .
8. Kissed someone & regretted it: Nope .
9. Lost someone special: Uhuh , my grandpa .
10. Been depressed: Depressed is really really sad right ? nope .
11. Been drunk and threw up: Naaaahh . how i wish .

12. Pink .
13. Purple .
14. Red .

15. Made a new friend: Yeap :) plenty .
16. Fallen out of love: uhuh .
17. Laughed until you cried: HAHAH yeah i tink a couple of times .
18. Met someone who changed you: Naaahh .
19. Found out who your true friends were: Nope , still finding for that one .
20. Found out someone was talking about you: Don't think so .
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: Errrhh lets see . Nope .
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: Uncountable .
23. How many kids do you want to have: 4 . 2 girls 2 boys :)
24. Do you have any pets: No . do my turtle soft toy count ?
25. Do you want to change your name: Naaah . I love the name LeeYokeShan .
26. What did you do for your last birthday: Hmm , nothing special , no celebrations . no nothing .
27. What time did you wake up today: 645 a.m .
28. What were you doing at midnight last night: Getting ready for bed .
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: PMR to be over .
30. Last time you saw your Mother: 44 minutes ago .
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish everything will be right in my life .
32. What are you listening to right now: NoBoundary-KrisAllen .
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Tom ? No .
34. What's getting on your nerves right now: Having nobody to talk to !
35. Most visited webpage:
36. Whats your real name: LeeYokeShan .
37. Nicknames: Shannie ? Doodleshann .
38. Relationship Status: Single .
39. Zodiac sign: Saggitarius .
40. Male or female?: Female .
41. Elementary?: SriKl .
42. Middle School?: SriKl .
43. High school/college?: Hm , not sure . Still thinking what I'll pursuit in 3 years time .
44. Hair colour: Black .
45. Long or short: Long ? I guess .
46. Height: 154 cm , i tink .
47. Do you have a crush on someone?: aahh yes .
48. What do you like about yourself?: that I manage to annoy Stanley :)
49. Piercings: AHH . not YET .
50. Tattoos: Nope .
51. Righty or lefty: Righty. It will be cool if i can do both ?

52. First surgery: AH , i hate surgeries . None .
53. First piercing: not YET .
54. First best friend: a girl name TanShirley during kindergarten . * not the Shirley in my class *
55. First sport you joined: TELEMATCH :D
56. First vacation: KOREA KOREA KOREA !
58. First pair of trainers: Can't remember .
59. Eating: wth . errh , rice ?!
60. Drinking: water ?
61. I'm about to: bang my head to the wall .
62. Listening to: Heartless-KrisAllen .
63. Waiting on: Charity Dinner.

64. Want kids?: Obviously .
65. Get Married?: Yeah :)
66. Career?: Something to do with Music , hopefully .

67. Lips or eyes: Eyes .
68. Hugs or kisses: Kisses .
69. Shorter or taller: Taller . I have something for tall guys :)
70. Older or Younger: I dont like dating younger guys , so OLDER .
71. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic :)
72. Nice stomach or nice arms: Arms . I like muscular :D
73. Sensitive or loud: Loud .
74. Hook-up or relationship: relationship .
75. Trouble maker or hesitant: Trouble maker .

76. Kissed a stranger: Nope .
77. Drank hard liquor: Naahh .
78. Lost glasses/contacts: Nope .
79. Sex on first date: HAHAHA i'm only 15 .
80. Broken someone's heart: Ah yeah .
82. Been arrested: Nope .
83. Turned someone down: Yeah .
84. Cried when someone died: Obviously !
85. Fallen for a friend?: Yeaaah .
86. Yourself: Yes.
87. Miracles: Yes .
88. Love at first sight: Uhuh .
89. Heaven: Naahh .
90. Santa Claus: When I was young .
91. Kiss on the first date: Nope .
92. Angels: Nahh

94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time: Nahh.
95. Did you sing today?: Yeap .
96. Ever cheated on somebody?: Nope .
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?:Go back to the time where I still had my grandpa , so I could see him one more time and cherish it properly .
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?: A day before my grandpa left , so I could see him for the last time .
99. Are you afraid of falling in love?: Honestly , yes .
100. Posting this as 100 truths?: Yeah .

Just when you think the road is going nowhere .

Finally , the exam's over . Stress-free for 2 whole weeks though i'm going to study a lil during hols , cause this midyear'xam i've done pretty bad . so dissapointing . and im glad that mummy didn't nag or whatsoever , instead she consoled me alot :) well , I LOVE YOU MUM :D

exam has been pretty okaaaaaayy . though i got back several marks of mine , which was really bad , as i've said . i think i'm sort of satisfied in a way , cause i know i didn't put much of my effort in it , so who to blame . oh well , going to try harder during trials . this 'xam , didn't have any urge to study nor any mood to study NOR adrenaline to study . I studied a bit , just for the sake of studying . like ... just .. okay .

anyways , everyone has been talking bout AmericanIdol8 , and of course , i wouldnt want to leave that out too . Kris Allen was the winner , and some people didn't quite agree on it , and they thught that Adam Lambert should have won . Well , for me . I've been Kris Allen fan throughout the whole AI . the first time i saw him ,i was like " omg whose that guy ? " Well , that was when I took notice of him at his auditions . Then i didn't quite follow AI for some time , till the Top 13th ? That was when I know Kris Allen made it , and i was a fan of him somehow . I liked him ;) But ... when I knew he won , i wasn't really happy , though I was happy for him . But i felt that Adam should have won . Both of them are awesome , and I just like them both . I support both of them . I think that both of them are unique in their own ways . Adam has his own punky ; gothic emo type , and Kris is just those type of idols which i love ;)

okay enough of AI .


tuning in : No Boundaries - Kris Allen .


omg . i'm so bored . it seems like i don't enjoy the feeling of after exam . when i was still having exam , I WAS CRAVING TO GO ONLINE LIKE DEAD SHIT , and now ! im so bored till i dont even know what i can do . pfft .

JOAANNN WHERE YOU ): I MISS TALKING TO YOU LAAAAAAHHH . i want to talk to you t_T you say got alot of tell me ): you di mana ?

yeah , every now and then , i'm scrolling my MSN contact lists just to see if she's online ): im sure she's somewhere outside with friends now .

why can't my life just be lil more exciting ? why must it be dead shit boring ? gosh .

shut up and put your money where your mouth is ,
thats what you get for waking up in vegas :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

silly boy , get out my face :)

its been a long time since i last updated :) nah , not exactly . its just 1 week ?

anyways ,

just to update my readers that i'm not dead yet due to stress of studying ! i havent been studying for mid-terms , i seriously swear to god . hope i won't fail . pfft .


charity dinner , next saturday :)

ciao :D

p.s : // KRIS EFFING WON FOR AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 8 :) is that a good thing ? am i happy for him ? well , i am . because i seriously do like him . But on another case , i did feel that Adam should have won . Anyways , both of them are awesome :) and i support both of them . KRIS ALLEN IS HELL CUTE :D

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life is a maze and love is a riddle :)

yeah her bday falls on 15 of may ,
which i forgotten to wish her !
I knew there was someone's else birthday ,
but i couldn't tell who ,
and now only i remembered :)
sorrrrrrrrryyyy bbbaaabbbe :D :D

im so into the song , the show-lenka kripac :) i keep playing that song on the piano + guitar .

oh well , i shall go study now !

btw , SHARONBABE , photos shall be uploaded after exam , sorry dear .

Saturday, May 16, 2009

SriKL 2009 Open Day .

Srikl Open day , sucks :) it was so damn effing dead laaaaahh !

anyways , reached school at 8 . met with Kellie , and not many cheerleaders were yet there . Kellie went to pick up our radio , but guess what , SHE COULDN'T FIND IT ! and we spent 30 mins finding for it . even Mr.Chew&Mr.Tan;Mr.Nathan;Mrs.Chong , helped us to look for it :)

then we started to practice , yada yada , and at 10 something we performed :D Our routine was neater than Sport's day , but our stunts were so .. speechless . During sport's day , our flying were pretty good :) thanks to ShazaDear for video+pics .

Went to change , walked around , ate . then went to audi :) around 12.15 , watched DikirBarat , Sheryl & I had a hard time laughing :D then i left .

it was pretty boring , and open day sucked cock ):
btw ,
sorry that I didn't help with the donation thing . ):

pictures another time :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

The streets i used to own ;)


Yuki: hey sis, don;t give up. love u loads xoxoxoxo
(can be read from my cbox)

omfg , please !
i seriously doubt is my sister :)
even if its my sister , STOP IT YOKE YIN !
im having goosebumps now T_T
and its just pure disgusting :D :D

not that im mean . but seriously , we fight almost everyday , and now she's saying that , is just something so unpredictable . MWAHAHHA :D okay lah , love you jie :P

anyways , MY SISTER COLLECTED BACK MY ABRSM Exam results today :D remember i took my Grade 5 practical exam on april 9th ? please tell me you remember ;) and guess how much i got ?!


127/150 !

this means i passed with MERIT :)

which i'm fairly proud of ,
eventhough i was just 3 marks away from Distinction .
mothertoot .
i'm officially a grade 6-er now

but mummy is really proud of me :D :D
me too , obviously .

btw ,

you rocks socks babe !
and love love you ,
sayang you :D

and we had a bday celebration for her today :)

when i went in the class , saw may yin , and wished her happy bday , hugged her too :D then she and aliya went up . So , shaza ; claire ; sheila and I were finishing up the photo album we made her :) and stanley did some domokun thing for her too :)

then we went out of class , 5 minutes earlier , and pn.fitriah ALLOWED US :D like , zomg ! AHHA . and though she asked us to write our names in the control book , so we were like so afraid to go . then she was like , PERGI LAAH . SAYA HANYA MAU NAMA AWAK , tapi saya akan tulis saya benarkan kamu pergi :)

so we went down , and took out the cake that BrandonChew baked for MayYin :D and ... it was superb ! pretty pretty :) and planned out everything , and later MayYin came .

So we surprised her and yada yada , sang her songs , 2 songs :D and , then when she was about to cut the cake , THE KNIFE BROKE ! it was damn funny , cause the chocolate layer was too hard & thick , so JingHer helped her to cut ;)

and we took group pictures , WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE , like for once we have a group picture , like ze' lunch buddies ? :D :D

jing her&ian made may yin something like domokun , and US gave her a photo album , and stanley made a domokun thing . HEY , WHAT HAPPEN TO AMPANMAN 0.0

last 2 periods , had cheer :) and , it was fun . oh god , tmrw's already the day we're performing , AND NO WHOLE ROUTINE HAS BEEN DONE . oh well , wish us luck :D tmrw , is the last cheer practice & performance , for REDS'09 ! SO COME WATCH :) YOU SURE DON'T WANT TO MISS IT ;D

after cheer , walked around with Redza cause we were waiting for Sheila , whereas the others went out . I left my bottle up at the gym , but thank god , Sheryl took it down for me , thank you :)

then , Sheila was done , and we went out for lunch ;) i was in a pissy mood laaahh . wanted to go AC , but tables were all full , so went to Baker's Cottage to join the others . Ate there , then Stanley came :D Shaza&Hariz left for Subway , Redza left for prayers , then Stanley had to go back home . so we went over to AC , since sheila wanted charkoayteow :D sat down , gossiped , yada yada , and went to 7E , went back to school .

headed to courtyard , played the guitar yada yada . Sheila&Claire left . then Shaza left , and Rizki . Went to join MayYin&Aliya at the admin office :) we were so lame yet retarded laaah omg . but still love you babes . we were being retards , twas it was fun :D

pictures now :D

isn't the birthday girl so cute ? :D ( 10 years ago picture , but still looking cute now (: )

pretty pretty cake by Brandon Chew .

the tall-y with lil domokun :D

preparing ...

candles lighted up !

when the knife broke !

trying to cut .

still trying , :D

jing her to the rescue :)

JingHer's&Ian's master piece :) Redza thought the glowing sticks were dildos wtf .

3 years of highschool friendship & still counting :)
the best group of friends , you can ever have :D
the ones who i love the most .
20? boys , 10 girls .

when we were being a retard :)

aliya aliya !


may yin's not in this pic :P

okay enough :)

will blog tmrw i guess ?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We'll write a song , that turns out the light :)

before i begin ,

i would like to congratulate Farah Ilyana for getting into DisneyChannelPromoCasting :) hey girl , it's one in a million chance okaayy ! You better ditch your dikir barat for it , CAUSE U'LL GET PAID OKAAAYY :D

though i didnt get in , but still , as what claire said " there is lots more opportunities . " * i doubt lah * thats the only thing i can think of to console myself :) :)

Last Saturday 09/05/09 , went over to Hijauan Kiara , Mont Kiara , for May Yin's pool party :) Babe , THAT PARTY WAS AWESOME ;D thanks for your invitation and for your transport ! terima kasih babe :)

today lunch time , aliya was like saying " i wonder whose bday is coming ah "

aliya : i wonder whose bday is coming ah .
shaza : eh yeahh weih . I tink my mum called her japanese girl when she had her bangs .
me : yeahh laaahh . she damn cute 1 hor .
shaza : yeah yeah .
me : oh oh , and she like this red bean soft toy ah , in japanese 1 . what isit again ah ?
shaza : *laughs*
me : domo something right ?

HAHAHAHA *hints*

and and oh

come to srikl and watch :D :D

im so happy that we finally have our cheer practice which i miss alot , but we got that news like 3 days ago -.- we got it on tues , AND SAT IS ALREADY OPEN DAY ! so now we have 2 more days to practice . and we usually have last 2 periods for cheer prac & now i have choir prac . oh my god T_T damn hectic . where can i find my time for studying exam * excuses *

and im rushing for my theory exam :) since i'll be taking my theory exam on 24th August! which i can't wait :D :D

okay i've updated . happy ? :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hotel For Dogs ?

i told myself that i won't go online during this 2 weeks till exams are over , but .. hell no maan . I couldn't resist . Oh well :)

I just finish watching HOTEL FOR DOGS . and oh my god , i cried like shit T_T and it was so sad ): but though it was a happy ending .

i know i haven't been blogging , but i dont want to blog TOO MUCH , since SOME " PEOPLE " said that i blogged too much . like wtf -.-' my blog , my life , my decision :) no need you to judge whether i blog too much or not :D at least i don't go around , asking people to follow me so i can earn money right ? well , check out his blog . FloweringSnow?

im running for gossip girl soon :) then to books !

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Highschool drama ?

i have a new header :)
like it ?

i'm suppose to be out today for movie with friend . but mum was being such a bitch , she didn't allow me to go out and asked me to study instead . ppft . to avoid studying , i went to sleep again till 1 something :)

then woke up , had breakfast , then was on the phone with Sharonbabe . We were discussing bout whether we want to go for SpartansCelebrationParty . Oh well . Then watched some tivo with sister and such . Bath ; played guitar ; and now i'm online ; Restaurant City-ing :) I'm suppose to be studying , yeah i will , in another few minutes .

Some people thinks that highschool is a fun place to go . But , there's something they don't know . Highschool is always fill of drama ; bitches ; gossips and so on and so forth . Highschool is also a place where you meet new friends too :) and getting to know more bout what's coming up in your life soon . Some people tries their best to be popular ; hangs out with the popular one , but they can never manage to . Maybe they'll be , but just for a moment or less . Some people who are already popular , can be betrayed by their own very best friend . That sucks .

Highschool is also the place where you'll experience puppy love or " love " . You'll get to see hot guys and all , not forgetting nerds too . You'll experience how it feels to be loved by someone , and also how it feels to have your heart broken by somebody . Mostly all the girls feels that guys are jerks and assholes . But us , girls will never know how a guy feel deep down inside . Never judge a book by its cover :) You'll also secretly having a crush on someone , laying on the bed everynight , thinking how you can be close to him and all . Some guys may also be hitting on you too , but he's just not the guy you ever wanted .

I'm so sick of highschool right now . I'm so sick of worrying on my friends , being paranoid if they hates me or something else. I'm sick of betrayals ; hatreds . I'm so sick of tolerating . I'm so sick of hiding my true feelings . I'm just so sick of everything which is happening in highschool now . I'm so sick of examinations . I'm so sick of home too . But , these are the lessons you have to learn . It's a part of growing up . So , what can i do ? I'll just have to live with it :) I'll just have to pray that time passes really fast :D

can you believe it ?
it's effing May now .
MayYin's birthday is coming up :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

I go ooh ooh , you go ah ah . :)

today wasn't productive at all .

ClairetheHoneyBums flew to Phuket today morning :D Enjoy yeah babe ! Did i mention that she's braces free right now ? Her teeth is sparkly and straight now . I still remember she put on her braces on 26Nov 2007 . That's why she couldn't celebrate my bday with me that year ): oh well , 1 & a half year has just passed . Fast eh ? Oh well , going back to her flying to Phuket . She's going to be on her new Red Bikini , and she's smoking hot till she burns every guy :D

Woke up at 11.30a.m today . Whole family was so noisy . Every one can't stop coming in to my room , opening the door , closing the door . I couldn't take it anymore , so i went down for TiVo & breakfast :) then i fixed my k.h woodwork . And I on-ed the laptop . Been so caught up with the lappie the whole day , except for some times I went to do my hw :) Which just lasted for 20 minutes .? okay less than that .

In the afternoon , I webcam-ed with my baby nieces cause my sis and mum were with the aunties and so on :) I couldn't go , cause I told my mum that I wanted to study . Yeah , I'm such a smartass . So I was prohibited to leave the house -.-' Anyways , my baby nieces were so cute :) and they talked to me in msn !

" hello , I'm yen zi . "
" HI YEN ZI :D do you know who am i ?"
" Xiao Piao Yi (youngest aunty)"
" good girl :) "
*started to send me all type of emoticons*

guess kids will be kids :)

Was at home with Daddy the whole day , and thank god he didn't check on me , and asked me to study :D So i GossipGirl-ed ; RestaurantCity-ed ; and so on .

So obviously , today wasn't productive at all . I even ate my lunch in my room ; on my bed ; watching GossipGirl .

When i'm not with you ;)

its currently 2.35 a.m . and i can't sleep .

there is so many things in my mind now .

i'm just feeling so confused right now .

i wrote a song , called " when i'm not with you . "
though it's not done :)
but i wrote it for the people who have walked out from my life ,
and i'm missing them right now .

summer is over ,
wind is blowing ,
but i don't feel a thing .
how or when to start ,
i don't know .

everything is wrong ,
and nothing feels right ,
since you've walked away .
now that you're gone ,
it's gone , you're gone , we're done .

but there's a rhythm in my mind ,
showing me what's wrong or right .

And i'm feeling so alone ,
i'm dying just to see ,
I can't breath , no i can't speak without you .
And 'm feeling so down when i'm not with you ,
I can't see our future here ,
when i'm not with you .

I just can't resist you , it's not enough to say i miss you .

school's been a lil bitch these days ): or maybe its me , as i'm very emotional this days .

I cried like in the morning , AT HOME ! what da toot . then i was so piss in the car , i cried , but tried to hold up my tears . i reached school , and straight away told Claire&Sheila , what a dad i have -.-'

And Eugene came in the class , looking so prepared for camping :D yeah prefects have this camp thing , and Sheila and I were ransacking his food bag ! :D

first period was shitty . Geo . Had to copy some notes and so on and forth . Then was English . oh my effing god . Boring as ever . But literature is good though :) I like Dr.Jekyll&Mr.Hyde ! Then was break .

After that was Maths . Was doing Maths with Katie. we had a hard time solving AlgebraicFormulae . Torture man , real torture .

Then was P.E . had choir practice :) but not many people were there . So , we went up to call all the members down , and everyone was busy with their studies . -.-' Then Science , another choir practice . We sang abit of AbbaMedly :)

Then was lunch .

*Everyone asking where where where and trying to look for the scratch which wasn't that visible*
*He made such big mess , and everyone was asking him to get a screen protector / pouch *
philippe : WAIIIT ! I DO HAVE A SCREEN PROTECTOR , SO IT'S NOT A SCRATCH :D i better sms my mum now to ask her not to buy .

oh my . It was damn funny :)

After that was 2 periods of K.H . finally , was down with my K.H woodwork , though it sucks and not pretty . But due to those hectic cheer practices i had , I managed to finish it by today :) really proud :D

Then looked for Mr.Liew after K.H . reached class after doing it . and found out that someone spoilt my doorframe for my k.h woodwork . okay , not spoil . eventually they held it up , and it just came out . So yeah . I was so stressed bout it , so i just wanted to be alone and everything . Though i managed to let it out to AhChew&Sheila .

Then Sheila & I wanted to go down to the bengkel to fix my door , but Pn.Lim was inside , so we were afraid . I was like thinking " aiya monday laah " . then talked to MeiYin&Katie :) thank you MeiYin for your MENTOS :D that really gave me back my mood :D Mentos just make me high , then i remembered that I DO HAVE A WOODGLUE AT HOME :D :D so I DONT HAVE TO WAIT TILL MONDAY :)

then was B.M . oh you know i had David.A's picture in my file . and Stanley drew a HarryPorter's spectacles and drew a lightning scar on his face . HHAHA stanley called the scar , THUNDER !

Stanley : David Porter .
CheeSoong : Harry Archuleta .
Me : Where did hairy come from ? * i thought hairy okaaay ! *
CheeSoong : HARRY PORTER ? 0.0
Me : OHHH ! *laughed*

that was really funny if you were there :D :D spent the whole B.M time , laughing . told ya i'm emotional !

Stanley : If you girls tell us when you're having your period , it'll make us guys life easier .
Me : Huh ? If we tell you when we're having period , it'll make your life easier ? o.O
Stanley : yeaaaaahh .
Me : oh okay . Stanley , i'm having it .
Stanley : Yeah right -.-
Me : no , i'm serious .

That explains all :)

Glad that tomorrow is school-free :D don't have to wake up so early anymore !

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