Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We'll write a song , that turns out the light :)

before i begin ,

i would like to congratulate Farah Ilyana for getting into DisneyChannelPromoCasting :) hey girl , it's one in a million chance okaayy ! You better ditch your dikir barat for it , CAUSE U'LL GET PAID OKAAAYY :D

though i didnt get in , but still , as what claire said " there is lots more opportunities . " * i doubt lah * thats the only thing i can think of to console myself :) :)

Last Saturday 09/05/09 , went over to Hijauan Kiara , Mont Kiara , for May Yin's pool party :) Babe , THAT PARTY WAS AWESOME ;D thanks for your invitation and for your transport ! terima kasih babe :)

today lunch time , aliya was like saying " i wonder whose bday is coming ah "

aliya : i wonder whose bday is coming ah .
shaza : eh yeahh weih . I tink my mum called her japanese girl when she had her bangs .
me : yeahh laaahh . she damn cute 1 hor .
shaza : yeah yeah .
me : oh oh , and she like this red bean soft toy ah , in japanese 1 . what isit again ah ?
shaza : *laughs*
me : domo something right ?

HAHAHAHA *hints*

and and oh

come to srikl and watch :D :D

im so happy that we finally have our cheer practice which i miss alot , but we got that news like 3 days ago -.- we got it on tues , AND SAT IS ALREADY OPEN DAY ! so now we have 2 more days to practice . and we usually have last 2 periods for cheer prac & now i have choir prac . oh my god T_T damn hectic . where can i find my time for studying exam * excuses *

and im rushing for my theory exam :) since i'll be taking my theory exam on 24th August! which i can't wait :D :D

okay i've updated . happy ? :D



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