Sunday, November 7, 2010


Opened my mind to things I've never seen. 

I'm currently blogging on my iPod. Why? I have no idea HAHA I just woke up and I checked my facebook. Apparently, JIMMY still reads my blog :p HAIIIIII JIMMM!! *waves* (I know you'll be reading this soon.) 

And I was reading back my previous posts. Wow, this whole year I did change alot. as in ALOT. not just physically but mentally too. I guess I've grown a little more matured, though I'm still quite childish. I'm not that naive as I used to be. I found my courage and guts to do what I love to do. Most importantly, I managed to get over the guy who i was talking about last year and found myself a new guy? HAHAHA well hopefully I wouldn't be flooding this blog with any other emo posts about any guys.. hmm, not now I guess. 

Four days of holidays have been great. First 2 days spent it mostly with shaza&mayyin :) went to pyramid on thurs along with Claire. We watched YouAgain! Ah that was just hilarious. :DD and the next day, went over to shaza's crib for BBQ NIGHT!!! I had lots of fun, really! 

Ok, I don't even know why I'm blogging for. I don't even know why I'm even awake HAHAHA so odd of me ._. well maybe I should watch my tvb dramas :D 

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baby, you're a firework

Show 'em what you worth.

Finals are over. Yes, may i repeat, FINALS ARE OVER. Can you believe it? Time passes so heck fast, that i've just successfully gone through Form 4, just like that. Well, since I do not blog anymore about my daily life, so I should totally talk about all the things i've learnt or changed. First of all, I had a haircut around 2 months back? And it made me look like a six years old. Yeap. Bangs, and short hair. It was a decision which I thought I would never make, since I used to have that hairstyle when I was six. But I was persuaded by MichaelPoh, and I totally decided to screw it and just go for it. So i went for it, and I hate my hair now. I can't wait till it's longer, I swear. I need my hair to be long for PROM. I guess I can never make it now. My hair is freaking retarded now, k thanks.

For this whole 11 months, I've met new great friends, and lost a few buddies who used to be close to me. I've fallen in and out of love, and finally i've overcame what I've been afraid of for a year. I've gotten my courage and guts to do what I love to do. I've learnt more about the real world, and tried my best to work for my dreams. I've also gotten closer to my classmates. Yeah, that's pretty much about it.

I read back my previous posts, and it made me think back of Concert Night. Yeah, how much i miss SRIKL concert night, and those practices we had. "Voices" had made me strong. They were the ones who made me believe in myself. We created a bond within us, all thanks to Ms.Charlene. And now, we lost it. It's quite a bummer. But well, nothing much we can do. At least what we had was lovely, and we are able to call it our memories :)

Okay. I'm done, for now.


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