Saturday, January 31, 2009

R.I.P , Pn.Daisy .

Rest In Peace , Pn.Daisy ,
srikl students will always miss you !

jakun much -.-

anyways , i will blog on sunday ;)
it'll be a long post , WATCH OUT !

Thursday, January 29, 2009


with my relatives !

i'll blog tmrw , perhaps ? :D

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy CNY babes :D



Saturday, January 24, 2009

i'll be strong .

heeelllo :D im blogging again . eventhough i've nothing to blog -.- omg shitness weih .

do you know my left leg frigging hurts right now ! and i dont know why . it started to hurt since wednesday . after running during sports practice . and i thought it was like my muscle cram or something ? then on thursday , it hurt more . and i went to run for p.e sumore -.- so i thought it was muscle cram too ! so yeah . then on friday , i can hardly walk up the stairs . when i was going up the stairs , in the morning , omg man , it was torture ! thank god , 3 beta was the first floor . so yeah i didnt bother , i just walk lah . then when i came home , i couldn't walk up the stairs . i had to limped around and all . so i decided to tell my mum bout it . she scolded me -.- yeah , she scolded me . and then she helped me to massage my leg and apply some oilment . after that , it felt better :D i could walk now , but then when i go down the stairs or walk up , i have to like .. go steps by steps . yeah -.- my mum wanted to bring me to go those ... chinese doctor . -.-' but i dont want , cause i dont think is something serious right ? anyways , yeah . i can walk now :D

oh im leaaving to ipoh tmrw ! ;) but i havent pack yet ! oh god ! JOANN TEE , I NEED YOU AS MY SMS BUDDY AITE :D :D .

CNY is on monday ! :D :D can you frigging believe it ? :P


I DONT WANT TO GO IPOH * CRIES * i dont know what to pack . i mean what clothes and all ! and i dont want to miss JAY CHOU'S INTERVIEW ! i dont want to not go online T_T i want to sleep in my room ! i dont want to stone at ipoh T_T I JUST DONT FEEL LIKE GOING IPOH T_t GOD . HELP :\

no , he cant read my poker face :D

HELLO :D can you believe it ? ON monday is going to be Chinese New year !

i'm leaving to ipoh tomorrow ! weeee ~ im not excited ! I CANT BELIEVE IT , ITS CHINESE NEW YEAR ! when all of us are going to get ANGPAU's ! and and , play with fireworks . gamble ! $$ :D i'm going to make it right for my family's reunion dinner ! Yeah baby ;)

but the sad thing is , there's this JAY CHOU INTERVIEW at 2 pm tmrw . so i asked my mum if we can go at 3 ? but she say " by the time we reach also midnight ady . " LIKE WTF T_T 3 PM LAH MUM ! I WANT WATCH SO BADLY T_t its not like you can see Jay Chou Interview on TV everyday OKAY T_t

mum was so busy tiding up the whole house with Kakak Jenny's help . and i was being a couch potato :D i keep eating stuffs , take drinks from the refridgerator , and then walk back to my couch , and watch tv ;D but i sort of helped mum to decorate the house with CNY fever , and also vacumming places / corners around my house .

BRB ! need to bath.

anyways , IM BACK ! YADEEEHOO ;)

sheila lee jy huey :D


Friday, January 23, 2009

i hate this part right here ;)

im into the song poker face :D yeah baby . p p p pokerface ! OMG , CARISSA ! IM SO INTO LADY GAGA NOW ;) WEEEEEEE .

anyways , im not going to see my babes , for like a week T_T so going to miss them ;) and can hardly talk to them , as sheila is flying to hk tmrw , claire's already at johor , and im going ipoh like on sunday ! so i cant go online and therefore , i can only sms all my babes :D :D EH EH , SWEI , CALL ME WHEN YOU GO IPOH AITE ! MAYBE WE CAN MEET UP OR SOMETHING :D

today was red house cheer audition . im so screwed T_T im so scare that i cant get in ! and , the audition was till 4, but i left at 2 . and i didnt do flying ! argh man T_T im so so scared !! SHARON & AURELIA , HELP T_T i was like stressing throughout the whole thing , you dont believe . you can ask SHARON AND AURELIA ! i scolded SHARON man ! EH SHARON , IM SO SORRY I SCOLDED YOU T_T hope you dont mind :\ hope you understand that i was so stress :D

im sleepy * yawns *

shaza ; chien wee ; sheila ; claire ; me : D

p.s : // rizki says i look like michelle yeoh -.-'

Thursday, January 22, 2009

PokerFace :D

heeelllo :D i know i havent been blogging since forever ! so sorrry . and i am not suppose to be online right now , but who cares . I left all my books in class , so prac , im too lazy to study now T_T

OH , RED HOUSE CHEER AUDITION TOMORROW T_T damn . wish me good luck :\ and i wish all sriklgirls whose going to go for cheer audition , a BIG BIG GOOD LUCK :D

anyways , our very first sports practice for year 2009 , was on wednesday . i ran 1 round , without stopping :D :D im so proud ! i know its very .. laucha -.- but then , what do u expect . i'm lack of stamina + i used to have athsma , so its .. really good for me already ;)

:D :D

i'll blog until now !

Monday, January 19, 2009

happy 15th birthday , JING HER :D

may all your wishes and dreams come true !
and and , wear more colour contacts ,
i can stare at your eyes the whole day man :D

btw , thanks for those times you talk to me and such ;)
once again , HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

i dont know if you'll read this , but .. yeah ! :D

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Outing with ah jo jo :D

woke up around 10 something today ;)

on the computer , and quickly print my art stuffs and such . then later chat with joann , ask her if she wants to go pyramid and all :D and she say WANNA GO FENG TAO SINCE SHE WAS EMO-ING + I DIDNT CAMWHORE WITH HER DURING CINDY'S PARTY SINCE I DIDNT GO ):

then later , went to bath :D and ate breakfast . changed and such . left house around 12.15 . then later reached pyramid around 1pm .

met with joann . i called her tho . then she said she was at the main entrance , so i went there . so i called her again , cause i couldnt see her . then we were talking on the phone , suddenly both of us turn our heads , WE SAW EACH OTHER :D and we laughed like shit ;) then later jo jo show me those perfumes strips she took just now . so went parkson , since she want to buy perfume . she bought VeraWang'sPrincess , which smells so GOOD !

after that , went over to Popular since both of us wanted to buy workbooks :D well , technically it was me . she only bought her komsas book :P . and i bought damn many workbooks and stationaries ! then later we were at the cashier . suddenly this woman come and talk to us .

woman : eh girl girl , is ur stuffs over rm50 ? me : i think so .. woman : can you trade with me ? cause my receipt is rm50 , but then i want to refund .. so can you help me ? me : hah ? i dont get you . woman : nvm nvm , you go see if urs over rm50 anot . me : .. okayy ..

so we went to pay lah . and apparently , our stuffs was rm100.71 0.0 . so that lady gave that cashier her receipt and is gona deduct that amount from our receipt , and ah jo jo paid her rm50 . while i pay rm50 to the cashier :D

after that , went to Pro-Eye , cause miss JO JO bought a nerdy Gucci spectacles from there . and we had to wait for 5 mins . so we sort out our Popular Bills and sort of take picture from the reflection of the mirror , but it was damn far , so we didnt really camwhore there .

then when miss tee collected her specs already , we went over to RipCurl as her legs was tortured by her shoe :D so she bought a slipper there . and and i saw PiongMeiTing with her family :) we said hi , and thats all :\ MEITING , I MISS YOU LAAAHH T_T

after that , we went to the TGV to look for movies :D we decided on BedtimeStories as it was at 3.20 . we were so blur man . first , we were lining up , we were very close to the counter , then i was talking to joann , then later the man at the back us was like .. excuse me .. and pointed infront . so i looked , and saw ... that.. the person infront of us , was , way infront already ! t_T if u get what i mean . XD . that wasnt blur enough . then later one of the counter guy , was waving his hand .. and we still didnt know it was our turn to go there XD until the person at the back told us .. it was damn embarassing T_T

then we went to toilet :) and then meet my sister at Diva ;D then it was already 3.10 , so we went up again . and room4 was opened , so we went in ;) we wanted to buy drinks , but the line was super long !! so we just went in . then we saw a small stall selling junk foods + mineral water , so we just bought from there :D and then there was 2 girls sitting at our place ... 0.0 but they moved tho .
BedtimeStories was super hilarious XD and BUGSY IS SUPER CUTE ! RIGHT JOANN :D huge eyes !!!! i rate it like 8/10 ;) it was super good . !

after that , went over to gasoline to have dinner with Rachel :D we were done around 6 . then i met with my sis and Melissa , then headed home :D :D

i still havent got my pics from Joann tho :D

tomorrow's school .. gosh T_T

Happy 30th Birthday , Jay Chou :D

before you read ... ANTI-JAY people , can leave my blog :D

today's 18 JAN , which means ...

i know , old -.-
but he hs accomplished alot of things before 30 :D
like become a director .. act in movies ... etc .
and his recent album , capricorn , was the best selling album # no1
in year 2008 :D :D
yeah man !



he and pan wei bo ! T_T super cuteeee .

walau , shuainess : P

the cool poweer :D


got people hold umbrella for him , which is his bodyguard .




Saturday, January 17, 2009

yeah , fuck life .

yesterday was a really sad thing for me T_T wanna know why ? i was suppose to go to cindy&stephanie's masquerade party ! but last minute , i didnt go .

i went to ou around 3.30 to buy my mask lah okay . so i bought , and then i bumped into ter & juan ;) so hung out with them . then bumped into jean-ni too :D talked to her for a while . then later went to see ter&juan's present for cindy& steph . and alot of funny things happen ! im so lazy to type it out . so yeah . then later saw su-anne ; krys & alyssa . hung out with them . then around 5.30 , i went home .

wrapped the presents and all , and then changed + got ready . then around 7 , i went down . and apparently , my mum only wants to fetch me at 7.45 -.- WHEN THE PARTY HAS ALREADY STARTED -.-' so i was so damn fucking pissed , and decided not to go . cause it'll be very rude going to someone's masquerate bday party , late . furthermore , it will feel like crashing into their party ): so i cried till 10 -.-' and went down to watch Juno ;)

yeah im still mad at my whole family exclude my sister T_T especially my mum and bro for freaking broke my promise okay ! that party was suppose to be my last party to go before PMR , and its not everyday you can find a MASQUERADE PARTY and also been invited T_T

i know all i have to do , is to get over it -.-' and give me time , i'll sure get over it .! ):

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

when it all falls apart ;)

heeello :D we have tons of homework man T_T not tons lah , but still consider alot for 2nd day of school , and i've finally finished ):

anyways , i need a new layout T_T but i'm so lazzzyy to make a new one . as alot of people have trouble loading my blog T_T i need someone to help me , anyone would love to help me ? :D :D

things in school , are kind of good now (: its fun ! :D

oh oh , i would like to thank YENLIN ! for your saving hamburger bank :D :D i'm going to save my money for jay chou's concert on that bank ! hehehe thank you babe ! and also MAY YIN for your handmade bookmark T_T its awesome maaaann ~ ;) thanks so muccchh !

i'm so lazy to blog now ! and i've noone to talk to because joann is away for her physics , and sheila is away t_T boring boring !

Monday, January 5, 2009

first day of school year 2009 ;)

the first day for form 3 life was boring T_T

im just so lazy to blog now :D

will blog when i'm free !


tuning in : ji mo bao zou - fahrenheit ;)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

tomorrow's school ;D

can you believe it ? 2008 is gone , and now is 2009 ! i cant believe that everything was passing so fast . and during the year 2008 , i was kind of happy ;D it was fun for me .

January 2008 .
2 beta man ! got to know quite alot of people ;) like carissa , shirley , febriana , tisha and more :D

Feb 14 2008 .
the first time i ever received a valentine day's present okay T_T altho i didnt cry lah kay -.-' cause i knew the plan adi :D but thanks to those who helped to plan and everything ;) and also thank you CHEN HUI & DOMINIC (;

Feb 23 2008 .
Jay Chou 2008 World Tour Concert . First time going to a concert ! omfg , i was so jakun , cause i went there by train -.- and it was my first time sitting on a train without parents :D :D it was really awesome maaann ! i cried right after i came home :D i remember sms-ing shaza , telling her how much i miss JAY T_T

March 2008 .
Isit March ? o.O i not sure lah . but still , first year joining RedHouseCheerleading 2008 :D loveeee red house cheerleaders 08 ! (: there was so many happy moments ! T_T those time when we just laugh crazily , and going so hyped up . i was never lazy to go for practices , cause it was fun ! :D :D altho , i kind of attending it late -.-' .

April 2008 .
Cross Country ;D i qualified man ! and i got 40 ++ yeah lah slow -.- but still was better than form 1 ! form 1 i got 60 ++ weeeee ~ i remember ditching claire in form 1 , and now form 2 , i ditched claire too T_T felt damn bad :\

May 3 2008 .
Sports day ! :D Red House won for cheerleading (: was dead happpy ! and cried like ALOT . after that , went to claire's house . then slept for a few hours , then went over to OU :D

May 23 2008 .
Charity dinner ;) first time attending a dinner with formal dress ( excluding wedding dinner ) . duh -.- HAHA but this time is with friends :D :D and it was so fun ! seriously , i enjoyed it ! hehe , although we kept going toilet -.-'

i cant think anymore interesting stuffs that happened to me :D but i kind of feel that , i had alot of first experience in year 2008 (:

oh oh , i've met more friends ! and also those previous friendships were still remained !

TehShaoWei - 8 years and still counting T_T love you love you so much !
Claire ; Sheila ; May yin ; Shaza ; Aliya - used to be skittles :D our 2 years friendship ! yeah man ! altho when we were form 1 , there were so maaany fights and all T_T but thank god last year , we didnt really have so many fights right ? i hope that our friendship will last long ! love love all of you T_T
SJSY - the 4 of us which loves jay chou T_T fate brought 4 of us together :D from strangers to close friends man T_T and i love all of you so much T_T you guys were so nice to me :)
Farah ; Nat ; Nina - I might not be that close with you guys , but you guys are AWESOME hangout buddies man :D i cinta padamu ! :)
PiongMeiTing - omg , we only met once , and we're so close now xD . i think noone believes that -.-' WE NEED TO GO OUT t_T * bangs table *
Guysfrom2beta08 - the usual guybuddies who always cheer me up , and make me laugh ! and + they're all trustable (: (:

i've gain so many friendships T_T seriously , i do appreciate it !

oh oh , and this year , Sheila and I have been like twins -.- seriously , i'm not joking ! we went to every audition / performances , TOGETHER ! :D which was really fun ! every one of it ;) and plus , we always have the same thoughts . and always say something , AT THE SAME TIME ! which may feel freaky , but maybe cause we were twins the past life :D :D who knows ! but she has been a great friend to me ;) eh sheila , thank you so much for all those accompanies ! wee ~

Friday, January 2, 2009

School's coming! :D

school's on MONDAY ;D

i just packed my bag ! weeee ~

but i havent finish writing my name on my books T_T my handwriting's so ugly right now :\ i cant even write my LEE properly ! damn it .

i'm kind of excited for form 3 actually :D :D cant wait to know where's my class , cant wait to see all 2 betarians 'o8 . cant wait to see IAN ! as i can only see him during break and lunch ): cant wait to see all MY FRIENDS ;) ;)

i'm so lazy to blog these days :\ im also lazy to go online T_T when i go online , i only watch PiLiMIT & those episodes i missed on 100% E . so maybe , i'll blog thrice a week i guess . cause i seriously dont have anything to blog bout T_T

i'll blog bout my 3 days 2 nights at ipoh when i'm free ;D i know , its just ipoh , who cares right ? but .. I WATCHED 2 MOVIES MAN ! ( dont say that i go ipoh just to watch movie -.- ) 2 INTERESTING MOVES ;D 1 romance & 1 horror .

okay im done ! :D


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