Friday, January 23, 2009

i hate this part right here ;)

im into the song poker face :D yeah baby . p p p pokerface ! OMG , CARISSA ! IM SO INTO LADY GAGA NOW ;) WEEEEEEE .

anyways , im not going to see my babes , for like a week T_T so going to miss them ;) and can hardly talk to them , as sheila is flying to hk tmrw , claire's already at johor , and im going ipoh like on sunday ! so i cant go online and therefore , i can only sms all my babes :D :D EH EH , SWEI , CALL ME WHEN YOU GO IPOH AITE ! MAYBE WE CAN MEET UP OR SOMETHING :D

today was red house cheer audition . im so screwed T_T im so scare that i cant get in ! and , the audition was till 4, but i left at 2 . and i didnt do flying ! argh man T_T im so so scared !! SHARON & AURELIA , HELP T_T i was like stressing throughout the whole thing , you dont believe . you can ask SHARON AND AURELIA ! i scolded SHARON man ! EH SHARON , IM SO SORRY I SCOLDED YOU T_T hope you dont mind :\ hope you understand that i was so stress :D

im sleepy * yawns *

shaza ; chien wee ; sheila ; claire ; me : D

p.s : // rizki says i look like michelle yeoh -.-'



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