Monday, February 8, 2010

Would you help someone,

if you have the ability to?

Lizzie Radcliffe. (okay no, that's not her real surname :p Her surname is meant for me to know, and for you to find out)

this lucky girl who got uncountable hugs from Bryan :p

I'm here to blog about her :) For what reason? I've no idea. But there's just something special between her and i, which we can never explain. Áll i can say was, we're meant to be and fated to be friends. I still remember the day where she randomly twit-ed me, and the next day, we're already meeting each other! HAHAH we definitely have one thing in common, is, BoysLikeGirls means the whole world to us.

I might not know her personally, i might not see her every single day, I might not know so much about her or what not, and even though the only topic we always talk about is BoysLikeGirls, at least i know, that she'll be there for me, to make my problems go away! :D She's really nice, and sweet. Just like a sister to me! :D We've gone through so many things together! We stayed determined together, we shared our joy together, we hid our laughters together, and the most important thing is, we made both of our dreams come true. I have to thank her, in every single way, for making my dreams come true. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have got what i wanted, during the NokiaLaunchingParty. It still feels like a dream to me, and everything I've ever wished for, happened all in a single day.

Anyway, she just told me that she's done the craziest thing in her life. When she told me that, I stoned. What other crazy things can she do, other than stalking BLG with me!! :P HAHAH. Well, it came to my surprise that she actually gave away her KrisAllen showcase tickets, to a complete stranger! The first thing which came into my mind was, "AWW, OMG that's so sweet of you :) " She kept asking me if she was doing the right thing. Hell yeah babe, if i were you, i'd absolutely do the same thing too! I was telling her, how grateful both of us should be, and how lucky we were to actually meet BLG up close and personal. Since she could make a stranger's dreams come true, as the only thing that stranger wanted was to watch KrisAllen live, and since Lizzie could do it, why not right?

If i was Lizzie, I would give that stranger, the tickets without hesitating. I mean, there are so many friends of mine, who made my dreams come true, so i think, it's actually time for me to make other dream's come true :) the same concept, to Lizzie. Yeah, she gave away the tickets in the end. What can I say? I'm absolutely proud of her!

Yeah, I told her that she's courteous :p HAHAHA, relating her story, to the BM essay i just wrote last week. ;)

OH YEAH LIZZIE! if you're reading this, i just wanna say, THANK YOU SO MUCH, FOR EVERYTHING!!!! seriously, EVERYTHING! sorry that you had to tolerate with me at times, and im so sorry if i've annoyed you or pissed you off :( you know that i love you! :D

p.s:// read her blog about her BRYAN DREAMS! :D

Signing out.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I used to be lovedrunk,

but now i'm hungover.

It's February. Sorry for the lack of updates for the past whole month. January was one of my ever best January I ever had, though it was a hectic/stress month, but, i had the best fun, that I could ever have in a one whole month :)

Let's start off with Nokia X6 Launching Party(yes, BOYSLIKEGIRLS were the headline for it :D). As you can see in my previous post (Jan19), I was dying to win tickets to meet BoysLikeGirls, through Hitz.Fm. Sad to say, I failed to. I actually used 3 phones to text in alright! I was so devastated when I found out I couldn't win... I really gave up :( I tried to soothe myself, by saying that " Ah... they'll come back.. one day. And i'll wait :(" But on Jan23, medias started announcing that it'll be free admission to Nokia X6 Launching Party! I was so so so happy yet excited to hear that. I quickly called up my BLGbabes, and some of my friends to tell them the good news :) Yes, I needed to share my joy. HAHAHHA. But then, some of them didn't really want to go, cause they think it'll be dangerous, etc to go to a place, which will be crowded :X I was really disappointed to hear that, but oh well.

That was the moment when I was kinda upset. I told Lizzie, that i wanted to go so badly, but I've no one to accompany me. :( But, she came up with an idea, or should i say a favour :) WHICH WAS THE BEST FAVOUR! Thanks to her, really. She helped me with so many things, just for me to go! :D On 26Jan, @SonyMusicMY posted a tweet on Twitter, saying that they're giving out BLG M&G passes! Anis told me bout it, and i quickly joined it! In order to win a pair of passes, we've to subscribe TwoIsBetterThanOne as our handphone's caller ringtones. Then we had to message @SonyMusicMy on twitter, our name & hp number. That night, Lizzie told me a good news, and we ended up talking about winning the M&G passes, which obviously, we were just fooling around. She even said, " if one of us win the tickets, we really have to buy a lottery ticket okay! Out of a thousand fans, and you're chosen, it must really be your lucky day". Yeap, they'll only selected 5 lucky winners and it's at random.

The next day, SONYMUSICMY called me! Obviously I was waiting, wanting, hoping for @SonyMusicMy to call me right, so i was so so excited bout the call.

Sony: I am calling you about the BoysLikeGirls Meet And Greet passes, and you won a pair of passes for you and our friend!
Me: *screams like some sampat* OMG OMG OMG. I WONNNNN! *AHHHHHH*

I was shouting and crying along with Shaza;Alia;Danielle;Sheena! HAHAHA. I was damn happy, like DAMN DAMN DAMN HAPPY. The feeling was even way better than getting 7A's, okay!! Then when I was on the way home, Lizzie told me that she knew I won, cause @SonyMusicMy tweeted bout it :) HEHEHEH. I was happier when I heard that other BLGfans i know, won too! :)

On 29Jan, the big big day :D :D HEHEHE. For the whole day, I was so damn heck excited. I even told Mr.Tana that I was gonna meet my boyfriend! AHHAHAH. and he believed.. ._.

Mr.Tana: You got boyfriend adi ah?
Me: Yeahh.. :) :)
Mr.Tana: How old?
Me: 22 this year :D
Mr.Tana: Wahh. Used to be in Srikl?
Me: NOLAH TEACHER. AHHAHA I WAS JUST JOKING. He's a guy from a music band :)

After cheer, I followed JoonMeng's car to BukitKiara. Was caught in a massive jam :( Reached there late. Had to meet up with Lizzie then. Sorry babe i was late :( :( And yes, JoonMeng, sorry that i FFK-ed you okay :( Spent the whole evening with Lizzie and one of her friend :D

Paul&John during PressConference.

BoysLikeGirls during PressCon. :)

BoysLikeGirls with their X6.

Around 8pm, went into BukitKiaraIndoorArena to check out the stage and everything. Heck, one word, it was awesomeeee! Then after that, it was time to meet with the Sonypeople for the M&G :) Met with other M&G winners at the main gate :D Was waiting with Maryam, Lizzie&Amira. Then, the sony people came, and gave us a short brief :)

We had to walk over to this place.. and wait for BoysLikeGirls. I don't know what do you call that. It's like a room upstairs, and we have to walk up :) Waited for like 30 minutes? Our batch was the first to meet the boys :D :D When the Sony people gave the cue for us to go in, ohmygod. I was like... so damn mother effing excited yet nervous.

I saw the boys, and first I said HI to was JohnKeefe(drummer)! :D :D Then I quickly went over to PaulDigiovanni(my love of my lifeee!)

Me: HI PAUL!!! :D
Paul: HI!
Paul: Aw, thank you. *hugs*

Then I stood next to him, and his hand was on my shoulder... omg, I could die.. literally. I was like.. *stoned...... And we were getting ready to take a picture. Then suddenly, people started to stand right infront of me, I didn't know who was it :( But i was so sad. Knowing that I'm short... and of course I won't be seen in the picture right! So i said " Ohmygod. Damn. I'm short, and I cant be seen.." The next thing i knew was, MARTIN PULLED ME CLOSER TO HIM, so that I could be seen! OMGGGG. I was so damn mothereffing happy can?! :D :D After snapping the pictures, I quickly hugged him and said thank you! Then went over to Bryan, and greeted him, and asked for a hug :) Wanted to hug John, but time was running out :(

I walked down the stairs, squealed, and was so star strucked T_T Was so happy for Lizzie too :) Her BRYAN dreams came true! HEHEH. Then after that, we went in the arena, and watched the performances.

I managed to watch a local band, and then was Khalil Fong :) I kinda enjoyed Khalil's performance, as I know a few songs from him. But he's ended quite fast. THEN THEN. OHMYGOD. IT WAS BOYSFUCKINGLIKEGIRLS! I quickly went and take my spot, standing at the front, in between of Paul&Martin! :) Then waited for like 15 mins, and THEY APPEARED!

Started off with I Gotta Feeling, remix-ed with LOVEDRUNK! FUCKING AWESOME :) My camera had to die on me, at the beginning of LoveDrunk. DAMN FML! There was this Malay boy, who suddenly pushed me just to take a picture of Paul. WHATTHEFUCK. I was fucking pissed okay. HELLO, you don't have to push me!!! You can just ask okay! But he left, HMM.

Songs they played:
1. I Gotta Feeling 2. Love Drunk 3. Five Minutes to Midnight 4. She’s Got A Boyfriend Now 5. Hero Heroine 6. Two is Better than One 7. Heart Heart Heartbreak 8. Heels Over Head 9. Thunder 10. The Great Escape

Oh, I swear to god that MartinJohnson pointed at me okay! *that's what i hope :( BUT LET ME SYOK SENDIRI CAN?! * :( and and, I CAUGHT HIS PICK!!! NGEHEHEHHEHE. There's this old uncle cameraman who stands right infront of me, and blocked my whole view wtf! And then when i tapped his shoulder and ask him to pick up the pick for me, HE REFUSED TO WTF. he showed me the " what's your fucking problem look!" I was like " OMG. I SO GOD DAMN NEED THAT PICK. I CAN'T WATCH THAT PICK FLY AWAY FROM ME!" Then there was this youngman who looked at me, so i quickly pointed at the pick! And at first he was thinking what was that, but then he saw the pick! So he picked it up and gave it to me! :) I have to say, I love love love him :D :D

I couldn't stop shouting all of their name! AHAHAH. I think i annoyed all the people beside me :P But, oh well, whatever! After the concert, Lizzie claimed that she lost Bryan's pick, and she panicked!! She just dumped the small little pick, into her BIG BAG, filled with, everything :P Then we went into her friend's car, and searched for it. She couldn't search for it ._. But when I searched for it, I FOUND IT! Her friend and i was stoning at her!! 0_0 <<<> Then her friend fetched me home :) Thanks Lizzie for spending the whole evening&night with me :D She's like an older sister to me! :D :D THANK YOU TO SONYMUSIC for giving me the M&G passes! Thank you to NOKIAMUSICMY, for inviting BOYSLIKEGIRLS! Last but not least, THANK YOU BOYSLIKEGIRLS, for that awesome show! :D Sorry if i was being a bitch on that day, but i had to :(


the stage :D

Lizzie&her awesome shirt! Me love her&her shirt ;)

Maryam&I :D

Babe, thanks for everything!


VJ Utt.

Khalil Fong.

Martin making his grand entrance :p


Martin&Paul; LOVEDRUNK.



For some reasons, i love this picture!

2 is better than 1.

I love Martin's guitar :)

The TAYLORSWIFT for the night. (idk her name)


Me love this picture!


SONY M&G winners with the boys! :) Incase you can't see my face, you can double-click to enlarge! Still can't find me? I'm next to Martin.. My head is just below his :P HEHEH.




my precious pick ever! :D


Twitter winners who won a pair of BLG M&G passes :)

I couldn't get any pictures of John that night, cause my phone couldn't zoom(suck, i know), and as my camera already died :( BOO.

the crowd.
the best night ever.
one of my ever memorable event!

signing out.
next post will be bout parties during Jan!

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