Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Without You

some people complains my blog is not " informative " . but whatever lah ): i don't have an interesting life :\ and ... i dont complain bout my country -.-' nor the races in my country , cause i'm definitely not a racist . and i've nothing to talk about . baaaahh





or aiya , best conclusion ,


i need a guy to entertain my life -.- omfg , that sounded so wrong :D :D i bet claire , needs that badly . correction : she needs a ' sms buddy ' badly / desperately . she only welcomes guys :) any guy wanna be a french lady's sms buddy ? ask me for her No. or if you already have , WHAT YOU WAITING FOR ?! A FRENCH LADDDDY LEEEHH ! * woott *


oh oh , TOMORROW'S GREEN QUALIFYING RUN FOR THE LAKEE :D GOOD LUCK TO MAY YIN ; CLAIRE ; SWEI ; NAT ; NINA ; JOAAANN ; STANLEY ; CHEE SOONG ; AND ALL MY OTHER GREEN FRIENDS :D :D if claire qualify , i'll buy her drink every lunch time for 2 weeks . :)

omg i tink i've nothing to talk about -.-

I just wanna be alone tonight
I just wanna take a little breather
Cause lately all we do is fight
And every time it cuts me deeper

Cause something’s changed
You’ve been acting so strange
And its taking its toll on me
Its safe to say that I’m ready to let you leave

Without you, I live it up a little more everyday
Without you, I’m seein myself so differently
I didn’t wanna believe it then
But it all worked out in the end
When I watched you walk away
Well I never thought id say
I’m fine
Without you

But i'm sorry boy ,
i can't fall for you.


Earth hour Video on Malaysia :D

Monday, March 30, 2009

Fuck you , fuck you very very much (:

Yo-Ness ( Inspired by Charmaine Leong )
Wasssuup siaaaa ! ( Inspired by Teh Shao Wei )

both of them have been annoying / irritating me with their ' awesome ' language after school . and i almost spoke the 'ness language' to my mum . yeah .

*oh i hear thunder ): better hurry with my post *

anyways , when maine was speaking the 'ness language' , nina suddenly said , eh , add P to Ness . and i was thinking , after 2 seconds , i burst into laughter with nina . yeah i'm slow . if you don't get it , its PENIS f.y.i :D smart nina , smart ;)

Now , I'm trying to download this bundle ( wallpaper ; full track ; true tones ) i purchased from Digi just to win David Archuleta 2 passes to see him on live . and I CANT SEEM TO DOWNLOAD ! Yesterday i received the sms , to download using my SE phone , then dont know why my SE phone don't have GPRS or something , so can't download . SO i try using internet and download , they say I NEED I.E 7 , fuck man . So i downloaded , AND THEN WHEN INSTALLING THE SOFTWARES , KEEP HANGING LIKE 3 TIMES , so forget it , no need install softwares , then when done , THEY NEED TO RESTART THE COMPUTER ! like wtf -.-' i was like , forget it , TOMORROW .
So today , i tried using I.E 7 , and STILL CAN'T -.-' OMG I DONT KNOW HOW TO DOWNLOAD , so i'm trying to use my nokia phone to download using GPRS , and mana tau , " KEEP MEMORY FULL " OMG FUCK MAN ): i want my 10 bucks back ! YEAH , MY 10 BUCKS IS GONE ): GIVE ME 10 BUCKS BACK OR EITHER .... GIVE ME THOSE DAVID ARCHULETA

* fuck you , fuck you very very much !

running out for HOMEWORKS ):

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why bother to do something , when you cant do it ?

heeeello ;) I'm back from IPOH . say YAY :D

saturday 28-March
went to school for report card day . and went to Sunway College for bro's report card day too . then later got home aroun 11 something . watched some tv , then went to bath ;) around 2 something , left house for IPOH ! ): reached ipoh around 4 something , i started to do my maths , and then had to bath -.-' again .

around 5 something , left to my dad's friend house and sat for a while . then we went for dinner :D :D and 7.50 , we left . then on the way back , the lights suddenly off , and my mum was like " EH ONLY 8'O CLOCK , STREET LIGHTS SO FAST OFF AH 0.0 " but actually wasn't lah , its memang no light 1 .

then at 8.30 , EARTH HOUR BABY ;) i went to my aunty's house , and guess what ? my AUNT DIDN'T OFF LIGHT AT ALL 0.0 and she knew bout it . but she didn't ): so i get to watch ASTRO . HAHA . and .. ipoh people .. didn't off their lights ): why so inconsiderate ! then we left at 10 something i tink 0.0 went home , straight away sleeep .

sunday 29-March
woke up at 6 , then quickly got ready . ): was kind of in a bad mood . yeah , you know the reason why . anyways , then left house to this cemetery place . we were early :D waited for the other relatives and all . at 8 , we climbed up the hill . oh god man , it was effing suffering . frigging hot , and tiring cause have to climb up damn high ! and sumore people burn those papers + jossticks / candles .

we left around 10 something , and we went to another place to pray my another aunty which passed away at a very young age due to been raped and got murdered ): then around 11 , we were done. went to my dad's friends house and had lunch ;) then got home , bath , packed , and at 2 , left ipoh , back to KL :D

Friday 27-March
went to national library with Claire & Nat :D :D it was heck funny / fun :D :D and felt really satisfied . will blog bout this someother day !

p.s : // TMRW'S SCHOOL ):

I spent my earthhour , so not in the dark ): wanna tell me what you did in the dark during earth hour ? :D leave a comment in this post / cbox !

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quiz , baby .

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:

You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.

Who is your true self:

You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.

looks kind of true ;)
wanna try ? click HERE

I believe in karma ;D

heeelllo ;) haven been blogging for 2 days .

22/03/09 .

woke up at 8.30 , then got ready for tuition . left house at 9.15 , and went to Damansara Uptown for dimsum ;) Dimsum on sunday morning is awesome ! yeah , i was late for maths tuition , again T_T anyways , tuition ended around 11.30 . got home and watched some tivo .

around 1 something , left to Curve :D daddy bought me revision books , and i finally got my ' be careful what you wish for - alexandra potter ' book :D :D . after popular , went to Uncle Lim's Kopitiam for lunch . then we went home around 4 something .

after that , sis ; bro and i went over to Kompleks 3K for this bazaar thing . and it was boring -.-' not crowded as what we expected . shirts weren't that nice either . so we got home like 30 mins later ?

i bathed and all . at 6 , we left house to KL . first we went to my dad's friend house . it tooks us 1 hour , cause we were damn sesat . we sat and ate some mee there ;) after that , around 7 , we left to find for this hill which my sis calls is ' Small Genting ' . that hill , we can see the whole KL view :D first , we went to this hill , and ... it was not a very high hill . it was damn low , and all they have for dinner is all the mamak thing . so my dad didn't want . then the 2nd hill , we went is this .. DAMN FRIGGING HIGH HILL WHICH THE VIEW WAS DAMN NICE :D but didn't have restaurant there . so we stayed up there for 15 mins , then we got down . then the 3rd hill we went , is called as Bukit Ampang / Hulu Langat . and its actually a tourist centre . We wanted to eat at Gasoline Cafe , but we ate at this restaurant instead ;) after we were done , there's this stairs which can bring us up the hill , so we walked up :D :D and there's this ' pondok ' which has 4 levels , and my bro and i went up . i walked up and down twice . around 10 something , we went home ;)

slept in the car . reached home and quickly packed my bag . and got ready for bed , and konged straight away .

tomorrow's REDS lake run ! oh dear ): HOPE I QUALIFY * PRAYS *

i'm so confused right now ,
what if i tell you i like you now ?
will you give me a chance ?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You're so beautiful ;)

i was drawing my geo map just now , and now ... all's left is K.H lakaran and Sejarah kerja kursus . damn it , i hate kerja kursus . i thought that i'll ditch what's left for monday , hopefully i wont stress out .

today was a good day ;) NO cheer , like FINALLY ! from tues-fri , training from 9-2 . the worse part was i have to wake up early and reach school early . but its sort of good , at least i had an early breakfast with sharon ;)

anyways , left school yesterday around 1 , headed over to claire's house . straight away bath at her's . around 2 , we left and headed to pyramid . met up with nat + sheila . then later went over to sakae sushi to have lunch . i was effing hungry , didn't have breakfast either , so i was super duper hungry .

then later , we went to buy movie tickets ;D after that , we wanted to play pool , but we were so afraid to , so yeah . we went to arcade instead ;) Daytona baby ! and time crisis ! ahaha , nat and may was so addicted to time crisis . I ddr-ed with sheila :D :D we took off our slippers , therefore my leg was aching after that ):

after arcade went gasoline ;) before gasoline , nat + may went to the cotton shop , so they asked sheila ; claire and i to go in first . but we were so scared to go in XD . then we went in together :D and we had food , AGAIN . like 2 hours later .

after that , we went for MOVIE :D :D race to witch mountain was quite boring . i wanted to sleep , but i can't cause my toe was effing pain ): and it was so uncomfie thru out the whole movie thing . on the way out after movie , saw aurelia & her friends ;) talked to aurelia bout cheer since she skipped it .

after that , bough fruit while nat + may bought icekimo & waffles ;D then we sent sheila to the entrance . and we went over to starbucks ( new wing ) to chill out . yeah i felt so dumb at starbucks .

*we sat outside starbucks *
may : its drizzling .
me : it is ? but i dont feel anything .
may : cause you're sitting under the shade .
me : *looks up . oh .

yeah it was kind of dumb >< sat for 15 minutes , then went back to old wing . may and i went to buy hot roll + crispy popiah ;D while nat and claire went over to starbucks to sit . then later may ; nat and claire had to go home ); and i was frigging alone waiting for 30 minutes . daddy was an angel to send me home because bro was out to port dickson while mum had to attend some party .

will be having maths tuition tmrw :D my favourite .

i'm out .
p.s : / / EUGENE GOH , I'M SORRRRRYY ! if you're reading this . forgive me ? please ):

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SexyBack :D

just came back from Ou and watched Marley&Me , great show ;)

reached school at 8am today , sorry , SHARON was late T_T anyways , it was raining , but it was not that heavy , so we decided to go McD and have breakfast . yeah , 2nd days of McD , well anything to satisfy ms.lim jo yee . So we went over to McD , big breakfast babyy ;) then it rained heavier , and we were wet when we reached school . saw Su-Anne , and we went to gym . all of us camwhored with Sharon's camera ;D then later kellie + ariel came 30 minutes later , and we started off with our POM dance + sexyback ;) then we flew and such . around 12 , we called PizzaHut . and then flew again . then later had our lunch :D :D then danced again . till 2 .

WHY ?!

i went to see shaza after that :D she piggy-backed me . oh , eugene too :D he piggy-backed me up the stairs , and i was so scared T_T thank god he didn't drop me , or i'll screw him !

then later , went home to change , and headed to OU :D Marley&Me , 4.30 . that show was frigging sad ): i cried like so much at the ending . Marley just have to die ):

okay , i'm going to finish my kerja kursus today , hopefully . or else tmrw i'll screw myself to finish all my kerja kursus .

Dirty babe
You see the shackles
Baby I’m your slave
I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave
It’s just that no one makes me feel this way

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fantasy girls are all over the world :D

Just finish bathing not long ago . came back from school an hour ago .

Went to school today for CheerPractice. Woke up at 6.30 , because sharonlim called . then i continued sleeping till 6.45 . Then i called Sharon to ask her if she was wearing red house p.e t-shirt , and she is . But i couldn't find any red house shirt ): mummy havent wash . so yeah , i wore MissLucky :D

left house around 7.15 , reached school at 7.45 . Then met up with Sharon . Yeah i went to school that early , just to teman her -.-' We headed over to McD for breakfast :) its been long since i had McD breakfast set :D :D and we were talking and all . We also saw this girl's boyfriend which looked damn alike ! not sure , if it's him . Around 8.10 , we went back to school . Kellie wasn't that yet , so we went to talk to Hadriz , and then later Yen came . around 8.45 , Kellie came and called us to meet her at courtyard .

So we walked , and then suddenly sharon and i saw this hairband which we thought belong to this bitch . So we were kind enough to go ask her if that was her's . We were shouting across , like kind of far apart , and that bitch showed us some dulan / fucked up face , and then we asked " is this yours ? " and she said NOOO ! with that dulan face -.-' so i just pulled sharon away , and told her ' We shall not even fucking care if its hers . ' like wtf man . Then on the way to courtyard , i fucking curse her . and shouted all the words with Fuck , hoping that she could hear . ppft . She thinks she's all that cause she has this hot guy as her boyfriend / kao-ing her . Sharon says he's not even close to hot , but hey ! he's kind of good-looking ;)

Then more people came , and we started cheering . Danced + fly and all . Then around 12 , we went out to get drinks / lunch :D Aurelia & I drank this passionfruitbubbletea , which doesn't even taste like passionfruit ! It was like tasteless . Then we head back to school , and started to do our jumps / bridges and all ;) then around 1.45 , Kellie went home . So , practice was over .

Yeah , that was likely my day :D and now i'm going to do some homeworks , before i hit the pillows :)

Fantaasy girl ? Fantasy whaat ?
Fantasy Girls Are All Over The World .

Monday, March 16, 2009

we'll sing hallelujah !

heeeello ;) i'm back from ou like .. 2 hours ago . went there for replacement of piano class . since the branch at centrepoint is close , so i've to go to the 1u branch for replacement :D i got myself AUNTIE ANNE'S too ! after how long ;) cinammon sugar ! yay !

i went ou yesterday with claire ; natalie ; cindy ; pei hsien ; brenda ong ; brenda V . i reached around 3 , and went to topshop to meet up with claire . then later we decided on sushi groove for lunch ;) so we went there . and ... we played this game , call ' 0 0 7 Bang ' , as we had alot of sushis' left , and who lose already , have to eat sushi + wasabi . it was really funn ! :D all of us had our turns to eat wasabi . after sushi groove , we head on to our shopping ! :D we went over to Padini . after that , we split because nat ; claire and i were planning to buy ticks for movie later . before buying ticks , we went forever 21 cause nat & claire wanted to look for dresses , but couldnt' find , so we went roxy as claire wanted to look at Bikini's . i got free VOUCHERS :D :D because nat know one of the fella there . 20% , eh eh . but expiry is next week , so forget it -.-

after roxy , we went topshop ;) we spent quite a long time there . claire found her jeans but she didn't buy . then we chose something to try on , as claire saw this petite little dress ;) so all of us have to teman her . i chose this little black dress . and we tried it on :D and later we swap clothes . oh we camwhored too :D :D after that , we went to buy ticks . first we went gsc , but i didn't sort of agree there . so we went over to tgv instead . we bought DragonBall . since claire says that the guys said that it was nice . so we bought the ticks at 6.45pm . oh before that , i went to machines to sort of fix my ipod . but it wasn't spoil , then i left my baby there to charge ): after that , we went to starbucks to sit and talk :D we talked bout our future / performing arts . since 3 of us had the interest on acting / singing . we had such a long talk man . and around 6.35 , we left , and headed to tgv :D and i went to machines to collect my baby ;) thank god it was at good condition . after that , brenda ong and i bought popcorn / snacks , while the others went in already .

I had to sit at the side , and i definitely hate it . that was my first time siting at that seat , and i was so scared sitting at the side , so i always lean to brenda ong's side . HAHAH . DragonBall is kind of a nice movie ;) THE GUY'S HOT LAH , BRENDA ! after coming out from the cinema , suddenly cindy asked us to walk faster , so we were like .. ' FUCK , SOMEONE'S FOLLOWING US . ' thats what we thought . so we ran down the stairs , it was damn funny . then we went to toilet and asked cindy , what was going on . She said that 3 africans were following us , so we had to get away from them , and we were SO PARANOID about guys following us . so then we went to another toilet , and we were all PARANOID again , cause natalie said that one girl has been robbed and followed in this toilet . anyways , long story long story .

After toilet , we went for FOOS BABY ;) i suck in foos ): i tak makan nasi , so i was the judge. deng deng . and cindy ; brenda V won . then later , we went for pool ! claire ; nat and i were in one team , cindy ; brenda V one team . we were halfway playing , then brenda V got to go home . so cindy accompanied her down , and never come back ;) so 3 of us played and all . then later , we went to MPH ! since nat ; claire want to buy B'day cards for their mummies :D then later Cindy they all came and meet us :D and we went to forever 21 , then later Cindy they all went and follow Nat home and i went home ;) and Pei hsien saw this woman wearing a top , but can see her boobs and soon her nips , and i wanted to see , but that woman found out so she hide her boobs with a yellow file . Dang it ):

reached home around 10pm , finished up my Shopaholic book + talk on the phone till 12 something :D that was my weekend .

this 2 days i had A CAMWHORE MOOD :D

taken in the gym with one of my cheer buddy ;)

say HI to cindy/claire's Shopaholic book :D

and i'm still breathing when you're here .

i can't get my hands out of my cookie jar ?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

And if i let you down , i'll turn it all around .

today's a saturday ;)

yesterday was friday :D slept from 7pm till today early morning , 10 something . i cant believe i slept more than 12 hours .

had B.M tuition today , and it was pretty alright ;) my teacher's super super duper lame ! .

tomorrow has maths tuition , yay ! i pretty like maths tuition . and then after tuition , we'll go to this temple for i dont know what , then i'll head to OU to shop with my girls :D

okay , i call this an update . :D

tuning in : satisfaction - benny benassi .

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love is blind .

today was the SPM results ;)

yeah i was so excited to know what's my bro results as though i was the one taking it :D and yeah . my name was written on the control book for ponteng-ing P.E , but HEY . I WANTED TO SEE MY BRO'S SPM RESULTS OKAY ! I WAS FRIGGING WORRIED + EXCITED FOR MY BRO ): i can't believe my name was frigging written on the control book ! i went for the attendance counting , and some people .. didnt even go for the attendance counting , practically didnt get their names in the control book )=< probably he'll find some excuses . baahh ! but its not like i want to ponteng it for fun right ):

anyways , i told my mum bout it ... and she didnt really comment bout it , cause i dont frigging care bout anymore , since our school doesnt have CS anymore .

after school , i reached home and started talking to my mum bout my bro's results ;) 5A1's , 2A2's , 3B3's , 16C . it was goood :D so we went out for a dinner celebration along with ViJune for her 9A's ;)

bro and Vijune reached home around 6 , and we left house around 6.40 to centrepoint for dinner :D Dragon-I . We were talking bout results , and i was talking to Vijune bout school and all . twas , it was fun . It's been long since we had a family dinner thing , and this time , we had Vijune joining us . since my dad didn't officially meet her before ;)

my mum say she has confidence in me getting 7A's for pmr . dayum , pressure T_T

Baby , can we make up now cause i can't sleep through the pain .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i am still maha and i am still bored.


i'm still bored....

and since yoke shan's not on9...i wil blog!
i duno wat to blog about...

i';m just gonna go to sleep =.=

nites :D

i am maha. i am bored xD

i got bored...so i am blogging for yoke shan.

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

thats all :D

www.myspace.com/deepdepression94 :D

Today's a winding road .

this boy keep asking me not to emo , i was emo on monday lah dey , NOT TODAY :D


as my teacher was stuck in a massive traffic jam * excuse * . no lah , actually she could reach around 10 minutes later , but just because i was too lazzy to go for class , so i decided to postpone it to monday at ou :D its like , going oneutama just for piano class . so cool right ? anyone wants to go ou on monday ? i've got an excuse now :D

anyways , now .. i need an excuse to leave the house , cause i'm sort of house arrested till PMR's over -.- crazy man . PMR is like 7 more months away , and i'm already house arrested -.-' but but ... i dont care , i'm still going find a heck lots of reasons to hangout during the holiday week .

school has been pretty alright for me . ah damn tomorrow's thursday . do you know that i f*cking hate thursdays -.-' because THURSDAYS ARE ALWAYS THE MOST HECTIC DAY ! i swear to god , there's no double period and so many subjects maann T_T why sports practice not on thursday 1 ):

oh this remind me ...



(prays to god)
hope that my brother can get good results and make me proud ! :) okay lah , not me . my family !

dumdeedum . i'm hyper .

oh oh , MAHATHIR ASK ME TO BLOG BOUT HIM ! not our ex prime minister tau . he is mohd mahathir bin jeffery ! super cool right his name ! :D i know i know . omg i should stop my lameness now T_T EH MAHATHIR , SEE I BLOGGED BOUT YOU ! *applauses*

okay lah . i'm done now ;)

Monday, March 9, 2009

all you think about is her , why ?

i'm so bored , that i've to blog right away .

I'm under medication now , and my medicine makes me go to sleep , but i can't sleep now . pfft .

I suddenly came up with a ' i'm starting to hate ' list .
1)I'm starting to hate that this year is my PMR year ( i'm slow that i only realise now -.- )
2)I'm starting to hate tuitions ! eh come on lah , its been 2 years since i last took tuitions okay ! except for piano , PIANO IS FUN ! thank god i only take tuition for 2 subjects and not 7 .
3)I'm starting to hate school , cause school is damn bored for me
4)I'm starting to hate the tivo , cause there's no show for me to watch .
5)I'm starting to hate my frigging cough .!
6)I'm starting to hate myself for thinking that I could trust everyone in this world as long as I'm sincere .
7)I'm starting to hate myself for being a fool , for thinking that all my dear friends will be with me whenever I need them .
8)I'm starting to hate my phone , cause is damn retarded .
9)I'm starting to hate this world , cause this world is f*cking realistic .
10)I'm starting to hate that i'm still a highschool girl !
11)I'm starting to hate this guy . ( pfft , yeah you . )
12)I'm starting to hate , keeping all my secrets to myself ):
13)I'm starting to hate that I've noone to talk to bout how i'm feeling so down .
14)I'm starting to hate all my moodswings now !
15)I'm starting to hate this list cause it's getting longer and longer .

okay i should stop -.-' before i explode in tears T_T

ANYWAYS , SPM RESULTS ARE COMING OUT THIS THURSDAY , MARCH 12 ;) good luck KOR :D and other ex form 5's !



EARTH HOUR IS COMING IN 19 MORE DAYS ! AND I HOPE ALL OF YOU WILL TAKE PART ;) CAUSE THIS WILL SAVE THE EARTH ! if one person can do it , why not two ? The earth temperature is rising tremendously , and you want to stop it right ? So , why not take part in Earth Hour , as doing ONE action can already save the world ;) I know how all of you love sleeping with airconds , and you cant off the airconds . But did you know , airconds releases CFC's which also cause global warming ? But now ... came out a better idea in saving the earth , reducing global warming , and still ..you can sleep with your airconds on ! just off your LIGHTS for 1 hour . You won't die right ? SO EVERYONE ! SUPPORT EARTH HOUR , TAKE PART IN EARTH HOUR , TO SHOW THAT MALAYSIANS ARE UNITED !

60 Minutes ; Earth Hour ; We can make a difference !

Sunday, March 8, 2009

If You Seek Amy ;)

If you seek amy !

dont get me huh ? keep repeating that word , and out loud :D then you'll get me . ALL OF THE BOYS AND GIRLS ARE BEGGING TO IF YOU SEEK AMY !

still dont get me ?


okay , i should stop my lameness . i just came back from OU an hour ago to watch LOVE MATTERS . a film by Jack Neo ;) that show is the bomb ! i rate it 8/10 . I didnt really laugh alot cause im not in a good mood , but still the ending was damn funny ! that's when i laughed so loud ! Jack Neo Rocks :D

i'm not going to spoil that movie for you , as the movie is still new .. but its 18PL . oh well . there wasn't any sex scenes , so i don't get the point of making it 18PL . I watched with my sister and Michelle ;)

Anyways , i'm suppose to blog about Nat's BBQ party ;) so here it goes .

Kor dropped me at the park near Nat's house since all the girls were there . So i reached the park around 6.40 , then later we walked back to her house :D the others started to bath , while some were using the laptop , dancing and chit chatting . the form 4 guys and the others came around 7 something . then later everyone went down , and started barbecue-ing . we were watching american idol too ! we opened bottles of wine , and also drank some beer . then later her mum came back , so we sneaked the alcohols up to her room and started playing game around 9 something .

to those who havent read this part , TOO BAD :P but those who read , just shut up bout it .
to annony :

After the guys went home , us , girls prepared to sleep as we were hell tired and some of them had to wake up at 6 to go to school the next day .

Next morning , all the girls went to school at 7am except for Claire and I . I woke up at 10.30 am , and bath and all . Then i woke Claire up . I lied to her it was already 12pm , and she fell for it ! then we had breakfast downstairs ;) and 12am i went home cause i had tuition .

I took a 2 hour nap , cause my mum thought my tuition was at 1pm , but it was 2.30 instead . Then later went for B.M tuition in a sleepy mood . Came home and watched the tivo .

Today i had maths tuition .. and maths tuition is fun for me ;) and my maths teacher , went for JasonMraz , and she say that he's soo cute ! HAHA XD im sure he is .

love me hate me ,
can't you see what i see ,


Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Bloggers ;)

i'm here to promote my dear friends punya blog ! so people , mind dropping by at their blog ? :D

first , CHUNG WAI TONG . ONE OF THE GENIUS IN 3 BETA + TO BE KNOWN AS THE DRAMATIC KING ! okay that's what i call him laaaahhh . waitong , sorry ! anyways , yeah , he has a blog now , which may be quite interesting . i think .

introducing ; www.floweringsnow.blogspot.com

dont ask me why he use that url . He said that cause he was ... really random .


Ian Goh Hong Ming ! one of my lunch buddies :D and to be known as THE KING OF BAD HABITS . his blog is super awesome . and he used his ' bombastic words ' . his english is damn good ! and every updates are damn interesting . EH IAN , UPDATE OFTEN AITE ! :D


he's damn obsessed with megan fox , but can't deny it , Megan Fox is burning hot ;)


introducing ... a blog title named , WHAT'S NEXT ? it's a story blog , which one of my friend , and 2 of her other friends wrote it . this blog existed since last year , and i think i did mention it before , but anyhoos , this blog is ze'bomb ! those who are a fan of chick lits , HEAD OVER TO THAT BLOG . you'll love it .

www.lyricalstories.blogspot.com .


last but not least ,

LEO CLUB OF SMSKL , FINALLY HAS A BLOG . AND THANKS TO SHERYL GOH OUR EDITOR , FOR PUTTING ALL THE HARDWORK ! :D all leo member + board member , or non-member , are free to leave a tag , and visit . All events + functions are going to be posted up there , so ... READ PEOPLE !

www.leoclubofsmskl.blogspot.com .

roar roar roar meow!


rizki & i were talking bout lyricalstories , cause we were reading bout it . and one of the chapter , was bout Casey being pregnant , so this was what happen .

Rizki Maulana says:
she 'did it'?
Rizki Maulana says:
Rizki Maulana says:
dont be like tht shan!
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
be like ?
Rizki Maulana says:
Rizki Maulana says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
why ?
Rizki Maulana says:
Rizki Maulana says:
Rizki Maulana says:
is it real?
Rizki Maulana says:
or its justa story?
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
Rizki Maulana says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
Rizki Maulana says:
Rizki Maulana says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
you thought real ?!
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
.&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
this is so going to be in my blofg .
Rizki Maulana says:
Rizki Maulana says:
Rizki Maulana says:
im so dead

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

pictures from saturday outing ;)


taken at claire's house ;)

one of the sofas in room 57

the second tv + bar table ;)

the front tv .

getting higggghh ;D

sweethearts .

another picture of my sweeties .

shaza ; farah .

getting higher .

along with the foursome .


both of us were the highest .

abang ; ah chew ; me :D

we're talking about getting high now ;)

womanizer ;)

missing sheila out .

perfect picture .


credits : shaza's cam + facebook .

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Sweet 16 , Rizki ;)

yeah . i'm suppose to update bout the outing on saturday , and all . but i didnt . anyways .

i would like to wish Rizki , a very happy sweet 16 :D may all your wishes come true boy !

and i'll change my link , by this week , i guess . supposely i'm changing today , but just because i'm lack of time to go online , so yeah .

Sunday, March 1, 2009

my love for you is fading .

p.s : // this post was written on Sunday .

i just found out that my bro reads my blog , HI KOR :D

anyways , yesterday was one of the best outing i've ever had ! left house around 11 something , reached claire's house around 11.30 . was waiting for cindy ;) and we left her house around 12 . reached pyramid at 12.15 . first we went to the crispy wrap stall opposite of manhattan fish market , to get myself a paratha wrap , as i haven't get my breakfast yet :D then later , went to meet up with SheilaLee . After that , went over to starbucks to wait for faris . Faris came , and it was already 12.50 something , so we headed over to redbox . we talked to the bla bla , and bla bla , we got our rooms . shaza ; claire ; faris went in the room first , while sheila and i were watching the tv outside , cause we saw this MusicVideo , we really liked .

so we were waiting ... and the chorus repeated for like ... more than frigging 5 times . we were like , HURRY UP LAH -.- DONT TELL ME REPEAT AGAIN ! then finally , we got the song title , HOMECOMING :D after that , went to room 57 , and i wanted to open the door , claire opened it for me , and shouted " LOOK AT THE ROOM !! " the room was fab . 3 sofa's , 2 tv's , one bar table , and a small little dancefloor stage ! we were fucking jakun-ted . and so hyped up . so first thing , we went to choose all the high songs . and we started to get high , dance dance . then later the foursome came ;) and more fun were getting along . after that , leon and ah chew came , yeah , it was dance dance . ordered beer too and all . then around 3 something , we had to switch room , for god knows the reason why . and we did like our new room , because it was so VINTAGE-Y :D with the chandelier + curtains , it was fab . then , jing her ; clarence ; derrick ; brandon koh ; and the other guys , came . the guys starteed to on the music frigging loud , and it was MORE DANCING TIME :D just that it was quite potong , cause clarence keep skipping the songs -.-'

then around 4.30 , came the bill . rm399.05 . we took 15 minutes to settle it , cause mostly of the girls went out .. with paying a lesser amount they should . so , we had the guys help :D thanks to them , willing to borrow us their moneeeey ! then later , went up to baskin robbins , to rest , and settle the bill . then around 5 something , went to gasoline ;) GASOLINE WAS ZE'BOMB ! it was damn funny . there's alot of you-got-to-be-there-thing , cause jing her was damn funny that time XD . then later , we left around 6 something , went to check out for movies . but not many of us agree to watch , so yeah . went for bowling instead , the guys did . and sheila ; claire ; me ; clarence had a bet on who will win . sheila - brandon . claire - chein wee . me - derrick . clarence - faris . Faris won , so clarence won . Brandon lost , so sheila lost :P

after that , went to archery ! the guys played . nat + shaza was suppose to , but they had to follow claire home , so they ciao-ed . left me with the guys , i was so interested in them playing archery XD . I WASN'T BORED OKAY ! then around 7.45 , met with sheila again , and we walked around . left pyramid , at 8.15 .

** picture this weekend :D
ciao .

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