Monday, March 9, 2009

all you think about is her , why ?

i'm so bored , that i've to blog right away .

I'm under medication now , and my medicine makes me go to sleep , but i can't sleep now . pfft .

I suddenly came up with a ' i'm starting to hate ' list .
1)I'm starting to hate that this year is my PMR year ( i'm slow that i only realise now -.- )
2)I'm starting to hate tuitions ! eh come on lah , its been 2 years since i last took tuitions okay ! except for piano , PIANO IS FUN ! thank god i only take tuition for 2 subjects and not 7 .
3)I'm starting to hate school , cause school is damn bored for me
4)I'm starting to hate the tivo , cause there's no show for me to watch .
5)I'm starting to hate my frigging cough .!
6)I'm starting to hate myself for thinking that I could trust everyone in this world as long as I'm sincere .
7)I'm starting to hate myself for being a fool , for thinking that all my dear friends will be with me whenever I need them .
8)I'm starting to hate my phone , cause is damn retarded .
9)I'm starting to hate this world , cause this world is f*cking realistic .
10)I'm starting to hate that i'm still a highschool girl !
11)I'm starting to hate this guy . ( pfft , yeah you . )
12)I'm starting to hate , keeping all my secrets to myself ):
13)I'm starting to hate that I've noone to talk to bout how i'm feeling so down .
14)I'm starting to hate all my moodswings now !
15)I'm starting to hate this list cause it's getting longer and longer .

okay i should stop -.-' before i explode in tears T_T

ANYWAYS , SPM RESULTS ARE COMING OUT THIS THURSDAY , MARCH 12 ;) good luck KOR :D and other ex form 5's !



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60 Minutes ; Earth Hour ; We can make a difference !


Anonymous said...

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