Monday, March 16, 2009

we'll sing hallelujah !

heeeello ;) i'm back from ou like .. 2 hours ago . went there for replacement of piano class . since the branch at centrepoint is close , so i've to go to the 1u branch for replacement :D i got myself AUNTIE ANNE'S too ! after how long ;) cinammon sugar ! yay !

i went ou yesterday with claire ; natalie ; cindy ; pei hsien ; brenda ong ; brenda V . i reached around 3 , and went to topshop to meet up with claire . then later we decided on sushi groove for lunch ;) so we went there . and ... we played this game , call ' 0 0 7 Bang ' , as we had alot of sushis' left , and who lose already , have to eat sushi + wasabi . it was really funn ! :D all of us had our turns to eat wasabi . after sushi groove , we head on to our shopping ! :D we went over to Padini . after that , we split because nat ; claire and i were planning to buy ticks for movie later . before buying ticks , we went forever 21 cause nat & claire wanted to look for dresses , but couldnt' find , so we went roxy as claire wanted to look at Bikini's . i got free VOUCHERS :D :D because nat know one of the fella there . 20% , eh eh . but expiry is next week , so forget it -.-

after roxy , we went topshop ;) we spent quite a long time there . claire found her jeans but she didn't buy . then we chose something to try on , as claire saw this petite little dress ;) so all of us have to teman her . i chose this little black dress . and we tried it on :D and later we swap clothes . oh we camwhored too :D :D after that , we went to buy ticks . first we went gsc , but i didn't sort of agree there . so we went over to tgv instead . we bought DragonBall . since claire says that the guys said that it was nice . so we bought the ticks at 6.45pm . oh before that , i went to machines to sort of fix my ipod . but it wasn't spoil , then i left my baby there to charge ): after that , we went to starbucks to sit and talk :D we talked bout our future / performing arts . since 3 of us had the interest on acting / singing . we had such a long talk man . and around 6.35 , we left , and headed to tgv :D and i went to machines to collect my baby ;) thank god it was at good condition . after that , brenda ong and i bought popcorn / snacks , while the others went in already .

I had to sit at the side , and i definitely hate it . that was my first time siting at that seat , and i was so scared sitting at the side , so i always lean to brenda ong's side . HAHAH . DragonBall is kind of a nice movie ;) THE GUY'S HOT LAH , BRENDA ! after coming out from the cinema , suddenly cindy asked us to walk faster , so we were like .. ' FUCK , SOMEONE'S FOLLOWING US . ' thats what we thought . so we ran down the stairs , it was damn funny . then we went to toilet and asked cindy , what was going on . She said that 3 africans were following us , so we had to get away from them , and we were SO PARANOID about guys following us . so then we went to another toilet , and we were all PARANOID again , cause natalie said that one girl has been robbed and followed in this toilet . anyways , long story long story .

After toilet , we went for FOOS BABY ;) i suck in foos ): i tak makan nasi , so i was the judge. deng deng . and cindy ; brenda V won . then later , we went for pool ! claire ; nat and i were in one team , cindy ; brenda V one team . we were halfway playing , then brenda V got to go home . so cindy accompanied her down , and never come back ;) so 3 of us played and all . then later , we went to MPH ! since nat ; claire want to buy B'day cards for their mummies :D then later Cindy they all came and meet us :D and we went to forever 21 , then later Cindy they all went and follow Nat home and i went home ;) and Pei hsien saw this woman wearing a top , but can see her boobs and soon her nips , and i wanted to see , but that woman found out so she hide her boobs with a yellow file . Dang it ):

reached home around 10pm , finished up my Shopaholic book + talk on the phone till 12 something :D that was my weekend .

this 2 days i had A CAMWHORE MOOD :D

taken in the gym with one of my cheer buddy ;)

say HI to cindy/claire's Shopaholic book :D

and i'm still breathing when you're here .

i can't get my hands out of my cookie jar ?



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