Saturday, March 21, 2009

You're so beautiful ;)

i was drawing my geo map just now , and now ... all's left is K.H lakaran and Sejarah kerja kursus . damn it , i hate kerja kursus . i thought that i'll ditch what's left for monday , hopefully i wont stress out .

today was a good day ;) NO cheer , like FINALLY ! from tues-fri , training from 9-2 . the worse part was i have to wake up early and reach school early . but its sort of good , at least i had an early breakfast with sharon ;)

anyways , left school yesterday around 1 , headed over to claire's house . straight away bath at her's . around 2 , we left and headed to pyramid . met up with nat + sheila . then later went over to sakae sushi to have lunch . i was effing hungry , didn't have breakfast either , so i was super duper hungry .

then later , we went to buy movie tickets ;D after that , we wanted to play pool , but we were so afraid to , so yeah . we went to arcade instead ;) Daytona baby ! and time crisis ! ahaha , nat and may was so addicted to time crisis . I ddr-ed with sheila :D :D we took off our slippers , therefore my leg was aching after that ):

after arcade went gasoline ;) before gasoline , nat + may went to the cotton shop , so they asked sheila ; claire and i to go in first . but we were so scared to go in XD . then we went in together :D and we had food , AGAIN . like 2 hours later .

after that , we went for MOVIE :D :D race to witch mountain was quite boring . i wanted to sleep , but i can't cause my toe was effing pain ): and it was so uncomfie thru out the whole movie thing . on the way out after movie , saw aurelia & her friends ;) talked to aurelia bout cheer since she skipped it .

after that , bough fruit while nat + may bought icekimo & waffles ;D then we sent sheila to the entrance . and we went over to starbucks ( new wing ) to chill out . yeah i felt so dumb at starbucks .

*we sat outside starbucks *
may : its drizzling .
me : it is ? but i dont feel anything .
may : cause you're sitting under the shade .
me : *looks up . oh .

yeah it was kind of dumb >< sat for 15 minutes , then went back to old wing . may and i went to buy hot roll + crispy popiah ;D while nat and claire went over to starbucks to sit . then later may ; nat and claire had to go home ); and i was frigging alone waiting for 30 minutes . daddy was an angel to send me home because bro was out to port dickson while mum had to attend some party .

will be having maths tuition tmrw :D my favourite .

i'm out .
p.s : / / EUGENE GOH , I'M SORRRRRYY ! if you're reading this . forgive me ? please ):



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