Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My first love,

broke my heart for the first time.

Sorry for not updating! Have been really busy last week. Filled with HWs, and all :( BOO. And I finally took the time to blog, cause I'm HW-less TODAY! yay :D

2nd week of school was great.. sorta.. kinda... maybe. It was a week, packed with HWs, esp, with Add.Maths. It was a blardy killer. I couldn't get any single bit of it, and it was f*ing stressed. But, when i managed to solve one question of mine, I'M SO HAPPY OKAY.

It was also nice, mixing around with the classmates :) Started to talk to Phangseng, Edward(i call him, CULLEN, HAHAH, and he keeps calling me SIR, wtf._.), Seanooi, Kaishin, and practically, almost every boy in the class. :D Gonna bond more with the classmates, since we're gonna spend 2 years together right!

Oh! today was FUN! Okay, I think everyday's fun for me! HHAHA. I'm starting to love 4A! Not sure bout others, but im sure for myself! Had 2 periods of Chem&Bio today. The 2 losers (shaza&clarence) WERE LAUGHING AT ME, cause i had chilli stuck on my teeth :( ISH.



Saturday, January 9, 2010

You can go where ever you like.

Finally it's the end of FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL :) Couldn't have been more excited. Practically I waited every single day for FRIDAY!

I was freezing in class for the first 2 periods :( It was raining/drizzling, and the air conditioner was blowing right at me. Yeah, you can imagine me shivering. Then I suggested to turn off the air cond, since mostly all of us were feeling cold. But, Mr.Perumal didn't agree to that. THANK GOD HE DIDN'T BRING HIS REMOTE :) Or else I would freeze TO DEATH. For English, we had to write an essay based on the topic, ABOUT ME. It's wasn't a really good topic to write on, as I was rushing, and I didn't really have much ideas. Sigh. Shaza had plenty! She can talk all day bout her cheesecake :P

I was feeling so stressed the whole day. Firstly, cause i forgotten to bring my Add.Maths book, and we had to hand it up :( I really wanted to kill myself. HOW COULD I POSSIBLY FORGET TO BRING MY BOOK. SIGH. Luckily Mr.Perumal forgave me! :D :D And then, so many weekend homeworks for me to do! I was also stressing cause I felt like I forgotten something, but till now I can't even remember, or have any clue bout it.

Lunch w/ the girls was goooood. Like.. REAL GOOD :) Hasn't been laughing that happily since school started. Love ze' girls! We were @ TheStreetCafe. & some stuffs happened, which was hilarious, YET EPIC. Couldn't stop laughing. HAAHAHAH. BABES, WE SO GOTTA DO THIS OFTEN! AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK :P

Gonna sleep soon!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We can pop bottles all night :)


It was not bad actually. My class is much more of a class right now :) Guys are making noises, that's great. And, Pn.Zan actually said that our class are the noisest among all the f4 classes she teach -_- she teaches 4 Delta&4Gamma, btw. But, ohmygod. Alpha like that, is counted noisy? LOLLLL.

Anyway, I'm starting to like my class now :D and my subject teachers are so lame! Esp. Mr.Tana! Ohmygod, HAHAHHA. He just makes us laugh :) & Mr.Perumal too! He keep saying that someone from our class tried to sabotage the lights, just cause we had a black out for a moment! LOL. Physics was good too. We laughed at Clarence, cause Ms.Chandini? used him as an example. HAHAHAHA, funny moments!

Oh, and i overslept today :( thank god i wasn't late. But... OMG, i wore the wrong pair of socks to school. As in, one of my socks is Srikl, and another one is a normal black socks -_- Thank god noone noticed, or else I would be f*cking embarassed!! But couldn't blame me okay :( :( I was rushing, cause my transport was already waiting for me. SIGH.

Gonna do hw now :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You can have whatever you likeeeee.

3rd day of school wasn't as good as what I expected it to be. In the morning, I was so excited to go to school, seriously. But, things just let me down, one by one. I was fairly disappointed and sad when I got to know ShuWain is switching to Beta :( And, Ashiqa shifted to Gamma too. Justina wanting to switch class. Like really, is Alpha that bad? Is Alpha that bad, till you can't even survive? For me, I wouldn't mind staying in Alpha, really. Probably you'll say just because I've Shaza, well yeah, maybe thats true. But, I mean, you can always make new friends! Don't tell me, you really don't even know a single person in the class?! I know, it's gonna be a 2 years thing, so obviously you would choose a FUN class with all your close friends, and not a boring class with just yourself, being a loner right? But, as the school days pass, we'll be bonding with our classmates! It's not really that bad, actually. If you really want to be in a fun class, you should make the class fun! At least that's what I'm doing. Well, I may not be close to my classmates, but, hey, no harm making new friends right? And, today i really enjoyed talking to some guys in my class. Yeah, they might look different to you. But, so what? They were nice. They were friendly, that's all that matters. Not forgetting, they're funny too at times :)

On the other hand, i really like all the teachers in my class. If it wasn't cause of the teachers, I would seriously be changing class. But all my teachers are fun, and nice. Oh, that reminds me, since ShuWain will be switching class, I'll be a loner during Moral. Sweet. And Moral is boring like hell. Except for Moral, which is the one i really dislike the most. Others are fun :) :)

Ah, and i finally understand how Aliya feels. I really miss all my friends :( esp 3 BETA '09. And, gah. All of us are separated, and... I've been realising that my friends and i are soon to drift apart. Maybe not now, but soon. Sigh.

Honestly, I still think that school shouldn't allow people to switch classes. I mean, since they've made this decision, why can't they just stick to it, instead of allowing people switching classes? If they can do it, why can't I? Why can't everyone else too? Then might as well, we pick our own classes next time? And it's just not fair. I mean, each and everyone of us have the same rights. If they can do it, so can we. Sigh.

A much rant to myself. Sorry, must be my PMS striking me.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

School's BACK.

4 ALPHA '10/'11.

Yes, i'm in 4 Alpha. An IT class.. No, i don't take IT. It's not that it's bad or whatsoever, but I remembered, signing up for ACCOUNTS class. So there was this confusion, which happened like on the first day of school. All the girls in my class (well there's only 9 of us)+ Clarence, are the ones who take Accounts, but been put in an IT class. So we went to see the senior assistants and all. We were told that, it's an IT/Accounts class, so.. mostly everyone(including me) were wanting to change class. I mean, WHO DOESN'T WANT. I want Carissa right :( Not that having Shaza&ShuWain is not good enough, but.. I was still feeling empty and all. I went back home, and frigging PMS-ed at my mother, and telling her, how stupid the arrangement and everything.

2nd day of school was so much better. Honestly? I enjoyed it, obviously with the accompany of Shuwain;Shaza&Clarence (they are the ones i usually talk to in class, sad, i know) And, subjects were so much productive today. Started on Add.Maths&Physics already. So far, it's not that bad. I think, with a little more work, I can buckle it up :) Had like 4 free periods today, since my class teacher didn't come, and he teaches English, which we had 2 periods today, so yeah. And whole class, including me, did our Add.Maths hw, and, the class was seriously quiet. Like, seriously, and everyone was concentrating! Not that it's a nerdy kinda thing, but that's a good thing ;D But it was so weird. I mean, I spent the past 3 years, in a noisy and havoc class, and now, I've to get used to the quietness. And, it's free period! Who does their work during free period?! Not for me. I think i'll actually spend it by talking, but since, i'm in a new class, and, only a few people in my class, talks alot (include me to that), so yeah. The other 2 free periods, were B-O-R-I-N-G. It was IT. And our Accounts class hasn't start yet, so we had to stay in the lab. Read DearJohn for a while, then talked to Shuwain;Shaza&Clarence for like a period. Time passed hell fast :D :D

Anyway, i so miss my girls ;( It's like, i barely even talk to Mayyin;Claire;Sheila&Aliya :( SIGH. Single, double, triple, SIGH. SIGH to the max. And breaks and lunches feel so short right now. I think we spend 3/4 of the time, eating, rather than talking. But oh well, at least i get to see them in the morning!

That was quite a rant to myself.
Going to study for Physics now ;)
Excited for school tomorrow. EHHEHE, shuwain;shaza;clarence, WE ROCK!

have fun in school!

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