Tuesday, January 5, 2010

School's BACK.

4 ALPHA '10/'11.

Yes, i'm in 4 Alpha. An IT class.. No, i don't take IT. It's not that it's bad or whatsoever, but I remembered, signing up for ACCOUNTS class. So there was this confusion, which happened like on the first day of school. All the girls in my class (well there's only 9 of us)+ Clarence, are the ones who take Accounts, but been put in an IT class. So we went to see the senior assistants and all. We were told that, it's an IT/Accounts class, so.. mostly everyone(including me) were wanting to change class. I mean, WHO DOESN'T WANT. I want Carissa right :( Not that having Shaza&ShuWain is not good enough, but.. I was still feeling empty and all. I went back home, and frigging PMS-ed at my mother, and telling her, how stupid the arrangement and everything.

2nd day of school was so much better. Honestly? I enjoyed it, obviously with the accompany of Shuwain;Shaza&Clarence (they are the ones i usually talk to in class, sad, i know) And, subjects were so much productive today. Started on Add.Maths&Physics already. So far, it's not that bad. I think, with a little more work, I can buckle it up :) Had like 4 free periods today, since my class teacher didn't come, and he teaches English, which we had 2 periods today, so yeah. And whole class, including me, did our Add.Maths hw, and, the class was seriously quiet. Like, seriously, and everyone was concentrating! Not that it's a nerdy kinda thing, but that's a good thing ;D But it was so weird. I mean, I spent the past 3 years, in a noisy and havoc class, and now, I've to get used to the quietness. And, it's free period! Who does their work during free period?! Not for me. I think i'll actually spend it by talking, but since, i'm in a new class, and, only a few people in my class, talks alot (include me to that), so yeah. The other 2 free periods, were B-O-R-I-N-G. It was IT. And our Accounts class hasn't start yet, so we had to stay in the lab. Read DearJohn for a while, then talked to Shuwain;Shaza&Clarence for like a period. Time passed hell fast :D :D

Anyway, i so miss my girls ;( It's like, i barely even talk to Mayyin;Claire;Sheila&Aliya :( SIGH. Single, double, triple, SIGH. SIGH to the max. And breaks and lunches feel so short right now. I think we spend 3/4 of the time, eating, rather than talking. But oh well, at least i get to see them in the morning!

That was quite a rant to myself.
Going to study for Physics now ;)
Excited for school tomorrow. EHHEHE, shuwain;shaza;clarence, WE ROCK!

have fun in school!


Shao Wei. said...

I rock too! hahah its good you're having fun (:!


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