Saturday, January 9, 2010

You can go where ever you like.

Finally it's the end of FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL :) Couldn't have been more excited. Practically I waited every single day for FRIDAY!

I was freezing in class for the first 2 periods :( It was raining/drizzling, and the air conditioner was blowing right at me. Yeah, you can imagine me shivering. Then I suggested to turn off the air cond, since mostly all of us were feeling cold. But, Mr.Perumal didn't agree to that. THANK GOD HE DIDN'T BRING HIS REMOTE :) Or else I would freeze TO DEATH. For English, we had to write an essay based on the topic, ABOUT ME. It's wasn't a really good topic to write on, as I was rushing, and I didn't really have much ideas. Sigh. Shaza had plenty! She can talk all day bout her cheesecake :P

I was feeling so stressed the whole day. Firstly, cause i forgotten to bring my Add.Maths book, and we had to hand it up :( I really wanted to kill myself. HOW COULD I POSSIBLY FORGET TO BRING MY BOOK. SIGH. Luckily Mr.Perumal forgave me! :D :D And then, so many weekend homeworks for me to do! I was also stressing cause I felt like I forgotten something, but till now I can't even remember, or have any clue bout it.

Lunch w/ the girls was goooood. Like.. REAL GOOD :) Hasn't been laughing that happily since school started. Love ze' girls! We were @ TheStreetCafe. & some stuffs happened, which was hilarious, YET EPIC. Couldn't stop laughing. HAAHAHAH. BABES, WE SO GOTTA DO THIS OFTEN! AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK :P

Gonna sleep soon!



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