Friday, July 31, 2009

thank god it's Friday ;)

lunch was awesome today (; was with all my love ones at street cafe. 'll blog later (; ciao.

i'm blogging now ;) and i'm terribly hungry.

school was rather okaay today. first two periods were B.M. it was kind of okay. teacher was kind of pissed at us though. After that , was break. then , we had a B.M seminar :D Pn.Raha. She's a great teacher i guess. CLAIRE, LUCKY YOU FOR HAVING HER AS YOUR TUITION TEACHER ): after that 2 hours seminar, went back to class. talked a litle, then went for computer. apparently, today passed like hell fast for me ;) that's why i love love fridays.

later, 6 of us, stayed back together ;) the usual 6 of us. Clairecosset; Sheilalee; Mayyin; Aliyasyaqira; Shazahazwani and me :D . Stanleylow hoped along with us, cause he was A LONER! AHHAHA. we were planning to eat PapaRich! because, it's new.. and it's not somewhere which is hot. but.. it was really packed. so we just went walking, till we bumped into a better restaurant. called, THESTREETCAFE. i was kind of hyper there. the waiter guy led us to sit upstairs as it's suppose to be " MORE COSY & FUN UPSTAIRS ;) " . but it is more cosy & fun! HEH.

Derrickng; Teyjingher; Nicholaslim; & Abangfaris joined us minutes later. and we were so jakun-ted. seriously, we're making hell lot of noise. HAHAH. that's why i love them, they're my honeybums :) we ordered , yada yada. then, Derrickng saw this wig! and he put it on. a clown wig. HAHA so cute!Stanleylow&Teyjingher too :P and and THEY PROVIDE GAMES TOO YA KNOW? uno stacko;uno cards and many more. we wanted to play unocards, but Mayyin's hands were too short , so she needed Stanleylow to give out the cards, HAHA. but we were quite noisy, since there were 10++ of us, and we had 2 tables joined. so, the selfish people played themselves ):

anyhoos, i didn't know that THESTREETCAFE was a korean restaurant. i swear to god, i only realised once i saw the menu -_- anyways, shared 2 Terriyakichicken with Clairecosset. You might be wondering, why we had to share, when we ordered two right? because, first we ordered one, but it wasn't enough. so we ordered TWO :D the Terriyakichicken is the bomb laah! mostly others ordered some spicy mee thing 0.0 and their orders were really spicy! hahah. Stanleylow ordered a mee called " ON FIRE." and he was really ON FIRE! his whole face was burning red. HAHAHA. same goes to Derrickng, though he ordered a different dish, but his face was burning red too.

then Stanleylow left. and 10 mins later, Mayyin left. and around 2.15, we left ;) oh oh, we took a picture together! with this instant photo camera thing, which i dontknowwhatitscalled. and the picture is so pretty! wanted to bring it home ): ugh. but too bad, Stanleylow & Mayyin left. or else it would be a group!

THESTREETCAFE-the best korean street food in town. located at SS15,SubangJaya,Selangor. same row as 7-Eleven & Subway.


:firstly, their foods are nice ;) if you're a fan of korean food, that's the place that you should go to!
:their restaurant is really cozy and fun. esp, their first floor! and it's AIR-CONDITIONED! WOOT.

:they provide games too. so you can play with your friends while waiting for your food :)

:they also provide free WI-FI access. oh, their password is really cute too! heh.

:you can also leave stickynotes on the board provided. you can write hell lots of things and stick it on the board. you could prolly leave your phone number like Derrickng did. ;P

:their food price is reasonable too. is around rm12-15 for each person.

you can also find more stuffs about the restaurant inside! so , go visit, and have a lunch there (: chop chop! and they're having their GRAND OPENING SOON! AUGUST 12;AUGUST 13;AUGUST 14. and due to their grand opening, the 3 dates stated above, you'll have a special opportunity to enjoy The Best Korean Sreet Food in Town for 50% off! make sure you go hit the cafe on the 3 days stated! i'll prolly go on Friday after school with my honeybums, yeah ?:D

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i took your words and walked away.

i've been sick for 2 days. and now, i'm still having cough. but no more fever ;)

heard that almost all LEO BOD'S are sick though. Shaza ; BrandonChew ; Brenda Ong ; Ryan Yee ; Francis ; Rizki ; and even Yuan Ting a.k.a PRESIDENT! were sick too . oh my. thank god, mostly all of us are feeling better now. :D at first, i seriously thought it was H1N1, cause, we were sick , at THE SAME TIME! and we went for Leo Installation together. but, i guess it isn't true. ;) hope all LEO BOD's will get well soon aite!

anyways, i slept for 23 hours yesterday ! since 2pm , till today 1pm. i was totally dead. didnt have energy at all. i didn't even eat, bath, go to toilet.. only woke up a several times to eat medicine/ drink water/ text for awhile. then today, i almost passed out when i was bathing.. but i quickly went to the bed to lie down for a while. quickly ate after that. was feeling much better.

i might be going school tomorrow :D YAY! i miss all my friends at school!

i guess you've gave up on me, and on our love. so , i can't do anything right now. I prolly can't let this feeling end now. cause i'm still in love with you. but now, i have to learn to let you go, like you did. like how you let me go, but you did it in a harsh way. you never bother to fix our relationship. you chose to run away, and never replied any of my messages. it could be my fault for putting our relationship at a risk, but.. i've done everything i could to save this. you were the one who let it go, and i don't blame you. i blame myself for fucking getting . but just so you know, i still love you, and i'm sorry for everything i've done, in making your life worse.

this few weeks, have been a hectic one. and practically, JULY's the worst month ever.thank god, july is coming to an end right now. my parents had some arguments, school was a bitch, i lost my boyfriend, i had the worst night of my life.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

it was one hell of a night.

Saturday. 25/7/09.

9th Leo Joint Installation.

woke up at 11a.m. talked to shazaa on the phone for a while ;) then, went to watch some tivo, and had breakfast. at 12.30, went to bath, get changed and everything. left the house around 1.15.

Reached SunwayUniversityCollege around 1.45, met up with Sheila&Brandon. registered. then later, went into the MultiPurposeHall. started our leo installation. yada yada. got installed as Ass. Fund Raising Director :D :D around 4, we had our refreshments ;) that's when i got to meet new people, other leos from other schools. they're FRIENDLY! :D esp. seafields. btw, BRANDONCHEW! BETTER THANK ME FOR TEACHING YOU HOW TO SOCIALIZE! MWAHHA. *brows brows*

then.. we had more performances, and all ;) and around 6.00, we had dancefloor (: stayed a while and dance a little (:

Pyramid, here i come.

after that, walked out of the campus with Brandon&Sheila. we wanted to walk to Pyramid, but it was crazy hell. it was effing far. so we gave up, and just hailed a cab. went to Redbox, met with the others ;) changed. ate.

that's when, some stuffs happened. it was a disaster. i finally know how it felt. and i would like to thank, all of you guys over there! Stanley esp ;) Claire , Carissa, Jing Her , Derrick, Natalie, Joshua, Faris, Ian, PHILIPPE! , Zhou wei,Brandon!. and i would like to apologize, FOR RUINING YOUR GUYS' NIGHT. im so so sorrrry! btw, sorry to all of you who had to listen to my rubbish, esp. phillipe; derrick; claire; carissa! i know you guys tried to wake me up. but i didn't. thank you, STANLEY LOW! for trying to chill me down of the bill, and telling me that everything's alright ! you're the best aite. and also sorry to you guys, IF I'VE SCOLDED YOU GUYS!! anyhoos, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! i owe each and everyone of you alright.

that night, will be the night i'll never forget in my entire life. the night which costs my relationship & friendship.

is this the end of us? can someone please, please please , tell him i love him ):

Friday, July 24, 2009

tell him.

i'm hungry.
but i guess i'll update , then only eat. as i like to eat for a long long time, take my own sweet time, and yada yada. ;)
i missed lunch today.
was in a pissy mood. I didn't stay back today, cause the weather was burning! and it was so so effing hot -_- i couldn't even stand a minute of standing under the sun! so, after leo meeting, i waited alone, at the guardhouse. omg , damn loner ): then, went home! like finaaalllly -_-

reached home, and i was still pissy. was sort of mad at my mum and sister, for not agree-ing on me staying back. so i locked myself in the room, and had my own moments (: surf-ed the web through itouch,and sing! then had a good bath, and i went to sleep while my hair was still wet. damn rubbish.

school was sort of okay. i was in a stressing mood, somehow.

didn't do my maths homework, so i was planning to do it in the morning, BUT I TOTALLY FORGOTTEN TO BRING MY BOOK -_- then, we discussed our BM paper during the first 2 periods. it was break after that.

went out class early, to sell TUNA PUFF , which was baked by BrandonChew's Sister( Yvonne (: idk how to spell her name! ). then BRANDON CHEW'S TOASTER COULDN'T WORK! -_- like damn screwed. so we spent 15 mins to look for plugs, cause we thought it was the plug's fault. but it wasn't. so we asked canteenuncle, to toast for us! then there we go selling (: omg, THE TUNA PUFF WAS AWESOME. I BOUGHT 3! it's really awseome!

was late for class during maths. then yada yada. moral time,went to library. it was a funny laughing time! after that was chinese. had a talk with Sheilabobella. our dating time;) then was computer. i was damn damn stressed -_- girl's issue.

imma update pictures of my littlefamilytree ;)

my little family with four kids.3 daughters, 1 son :D

our big big big,3 beta family!

tell him,
tell him i need him,
tell him i love him,
tell him it'll be alright.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

be with you.


school was sort of fun today (: i just realised we had 3 P.E classes for this week, and i attended none. HAH! :P got back Maths results, and I was deadly dissapointed. I expected to get an A, but i'm just a few more marks away to it! ugh. thanks carissababy! you helped me to get my marks! :)

had leo meeting with the members during junior lunch ;) talked bout installation. bought leo tie! i love love love the leo tie. it's just so sexy. especially when you put it on with a white shirt. like ryanyee a.k.a the kacak boy and the sexy tie :P skipped one period of k.h , went for meeting with leo BOD's& keyofficers.

saw SuetTeng&XuehQi after k.h :D then went for science. Science was awesome! i hardly paid attention, but I think I could figure out what he was trying to say though. One JERO Nine? o_o Currant? blackcurrant! HAHHA. SHAZA * inside jokes*

tomorrow's a friday! time passes like hell fast.

i can't imagine what i will be doing, in the next ten years. but i hope , it'll be something , i truly enjoy, and it's one of my dreams.

baby, i hope we can last long enough, i'm not asking for a forever relationship, but i'm just hoping, we'll be together, long enough. and i hope we will not do any silly decisions to put our relationship on a risk. i know, i'm not good as other girls you've had, but i just hope, you'll tell me , one day, that i'm good enough for you. iloveyou.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i'm currently watching news bout the eclipse today at china&india. oh well, it was really really pretty! :) and it was the longest eclipse ever! so cool.! too bad we couldn't see it.

The eclipse is the longest since July 11, 1991, when a total eclipse lasting 6 minutes, 53 seconds was visible from Hawaii to South America. There will not be a longer eclipse than Wednesday's until 2132.

some people say eclipse is a bad thing to see tho. my sister boyfriend said if got eclipse, means is end of the world or something like that. my mum said the same thing too. oh well.

school was rather okay today.

took family portraits with my little family members ;) all from 3 beta! and i'm loving my family tree members to bits! well, hope this year is going to be a blast, as it'll be our last year being together in a class.


you're just making a bitch out of yourself.


i'm bored. i'm hungry and i'm chewing on mentos mint now.

i really don't know what to do , noone is making me laugh now. ugh.

i'm having some crazy moodswings, and the only way to do it, is to type like a frigging mad bitch.

i feel like privating my blog, or either make a private blog, where only certain people can read it. I do have one, and i only allow like 2 people to read it? but i don't update it anymore. i just feel so piss now. like !@$^&*%$##

where's you when i need you the most ): .

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I got what i wanted now.

tuition was awesome today ;) learned a new chapter, and we had a good laughing time, once again.

Andrea was super blur today! cause she's sick.

me: oh oh! have you guys watched harry potter? :D
andrea: oh sorry, i don't have any water.
* jessica&i burst into laughters!!*

she thought i asked her for water. HAHAHAH.

*JESSICA helps me write my name on my paper ;)*
yokeshan: was the double n on purpose?
jessica: isn't that how you spell your name? or is it just single n ?
yokeshan: HAHAH YOU THINK?
jessica: omg crap. i spelt double n in my blog too!

she spelled my name, yoke shann -_-

and MissKaren was super lame . she was teaching us bout X-axis and Y-axis. then out of nowhere, she said." GOT X , GOT IT ALL :D " get it? the celcom x-pax advertisement thing. it was LAME LAME LAME!

anyhoo, tomorrow's school. dang it.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's been 2 hours now, and you're still somewhere in town.

2nd Monthly Test is finally over :)

Wed- B.M .

B.M paper was rather okay, but I know i didn't do well. so screw it lah. it's just 2nd monthly test anyway.

Thurs- Chinese;Eng;Science.

well. Chinese, was whatever. I didn't bother much.

English was fine. I think I'm fine with it ;)

Science.. was barely even a test, if people from my class gets it. i got 6 wrong for OBJ. oh well.

Fri-Geo; K.H

Geo .. was rather hard. I totally forgotten about all the places and the maps and everything. so just screw it.

K.H ; too much of konsumerisme thing! :\ i was sort of confused on which 1 to answer.

Sat- Sej; Maths.

Sej was alright. I was surprised i knew how to do . I expected myself to like totally forget everything, and just stone . But i guess im satisfied.

Maths was tricky. 2 questions I didn't know how to do, and i finished it like 2 mins before the bell ring?

After xam's, went over to claireze'french's house ;) bathed, yada yada. Reached pyramid around 2.30? bought ticks for Transformers: TheRiseOfTheFallen. My second time watching it though. Then, met up with sheilabobella ; mamahazwani . I was hungry, so sheilabobella and i went to CrispyWrap? to get food :D bumped into piongmeiting! . BABE, I MISS YOU LAAH! TALK TO ME IN MSN WHEN YOU FREE YEAH :)

then, met up with carissababy. We went to send mamahazwani to new wing, as she had to go meet her mummy at jusco. Carissababy and i lined up for popcorn&drinks, as the line was effing long and we were alright for being late for movie. Movie was awesome! I enjoyed watching this time ;) not saying i didn't before, but this time, i could talk more bout it to carissababy

anyways, in between the movie, carissababy and i went out for toilet.

*toilet line was frigging long. so we decided to just go back to the cinema*
*went in,saw a small kiddo, sitting at the stairs there, wearing white shirt , and mushroom hair.*
me: eh carissa, did you see that small boy over there? that guy real anot?
carissa: why, you thought is ghost ah?
me: YEAAAH ):
carissa: NOLAAH!

I was totally freaked out you know. I mean, HELLO! there's a chair for you, you don't want to sit? must sit at the staircase and watch , so pathetic meh -_- you paid rm12 to watch movie in a comfortable seat right, why go sit on the staircase. anyways it took me 10 mins to chill myself down. as the night before, bii told me some ghosts stories! T_T

The movie was draggy, as usual. 2 and a half hours, like I can stand it -_- and i was really really tired. After movie, we went to walk around ;) then sent carissababy . and we walked around. around 6:05, i went home.

might be going to brandonchew's tomorrow to bake. :D



twitter is getting more popular right now. i bet everyone knows what's twitter.

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow open access. Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, Short Message Service (SMS) or external applications. While the service costs nothing to use, accessing it through SMS may incur phone service provider fees.- wikipedia

The world is using twitter. Even celebrities like MileyCyrus ; TaylorSwift has twitter! and they tweet real often!

For teenagers, Twitter shall be the best equipment to stalk celebrites. Through Twitter, we'll know what's celebrites doing, or how they feel, or even what upcoming shows they're having! We can also see XiaXue having a fight with some random stranger through twitter. Isn't it cool? Well, i'm interested. ;)

For me, i really do like twitter. Though is like updating your status, and talking to yourself, but it's one of my ways on letting out my feelings . Well, on the other hand, don't you feel is much easier? Imagine yourself having 10+ conversations on MSN, and all of them ask you , what you're doing, YOU'LL HAVE TO TYPE THE SAME THING FOR 10+ TIMES! OR EVEN COPY AND PASTE FOR 10+ FRIGGING TIMES. why not just tweet what you're doing, and , TADA.. the whole world knows what you're doing (: with twitter, there's no trouble in letting all your friends to know what you're up to.

You can probably have some competition with your friends on whose having the most followers on twitter. ;)

so, WHY WAIT?! lets all join twitter now :D and tweet tweet all day.

JOIN Twitter!
follow me on twitter:leeyokeshan.
and catch what i'm doing everyday ;)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

moved up up up.

our class,
has moved up to 1beta's class -_-
so from today onwards,
till idk when,
torture ):
but that class's so much nicer ;)
and colder.

today in class, had so much fun.

eugene&jamie kept ignoring me. and during chinese, first they say they're sorry, 10 mins later , they ignore me. they repeated the same thing over and over again -_- i was so damn annoyed. cause when they say sorry, they just have to poke and tickle me. what's wrong with people these days : P but its alright guys! i love you , both of you. it hurts me in everyway to know that you gys are not talking to me. when eugene talked to me, i almost cried, and ran to hug him. but then he ignore me 5 mins later -_-

and then, during moral. we had fun at first. but then we got scolded. and after we got scolded, we played ' ha meh wah. & vampire.' our all time favourite ;) we should continue it another time? :D

anyway, imma study now. exam's tmrw :O

Monday, July 13, 2009

i'm effing annoyed now.

i was really pissed minutes ago,
but im so much better.
thanks to carissababy for making me laugh :)

maybe some stuffs are just not meant to be?
no matter how much you try to make it right,
but it'll never be.
it'll always leave a mark on your heart,
and you'll always be paranoid bout it.
you tell yourself to learn to let go.
and .. soon you learned.
but actually,
in your heart,
you've never really let go.
you've just chose to hide away from it,
and trying to take a simpler way to get if off your mind.
but soon,
those feelings will come once again.
and you'll have no idea on what to do now.

its been 3 years.
and i still cant let it go.
im sorry to say,
but u've been the greatest friend,
i just cant let go the fact,
how much you've hurt me
how much you've tried to make me look invisible.
i've learnt ,
whose true to me, and whose not.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Remembering sunday.

i can't believe i wasted my whole day , going online with itouch , singing/guitar, BUT NOT STUDYING -_- i didnt even finish all my homework. im that lazy.

oh im blogging freely now, cause im using pc. it takes ME AGES TO BLOG THROUGH ITOUCH -_- it kills me , seriously.

anyways, im here to blog. blog blog blog!


first period, mr.tan came in to our class to evaluate on our mid year xam's marks.

he said my k.h& geo are my poor subjects , and asked if i'm improving now. and asked for my target . obviously 7A's. He said I SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET 7A's. i think he said that to everyone. but that gave me hope okaay! hope lah sir, how i wish i'll get 7a's too :D

then second period, had bm. did some sajak reading. and apparently , time passed hell fast during bm.

after break, was maths. did transformations with mamahazwani. ;) and time passed quite fast too! :D

after maths , was moral. went up to library, before that went to help mdm.boey. watched videos through itouch with claireze'french. and SUDDENLY, SOMETHING HILARIOUS CAME UP ;D it was quite scary at first, but soon, when we know the truth, it was a nice joke.

then was chinese. went up to see rachel for a moment. mdm.X was being a bitch -_- right SHEILA! :D then came back to class, and had some talk with sheila. i was stoning alot . i was damn damn damn bored.

then was computer.

after school, went out for ramli burger with mamahazwani, claireze'french, sheilabobella,ahchoy. mamahazwani didnt order for us, so we merajuk-ed pun. HAHAHA. then people joined us. alastair; ryan; eugene. it took us 30 mins. and it RAINED! i was damn paranoid. sorry mama! :P mamahazwani teman-ed sheilabobella to MCD. ryan; me; claireze'french; eugene ; ah choy ditched alastair :P cause alastair FORGOTTEN TO ORDER -_- OR EITHER his ORDER was missed out. and it was raining , so we had no choice but to ditch him.
RYAN WAS BEING SO SWEET ;) he he .. sheltered me ;D though only with a piece of paper, and i still got wet. -_- BUT THANK YOU RYAN :D :D RYANYEE , YOU'RE THE SWEETEST. yealah, you kacak boy :P

bumped into Stan, and we walked back to school together. went to the canteen and we enjoyed our EXTREMELY DELICIOUS RAMLI :D ryan& ah choy left after they were done. Stan had to go. then , claireze'french , me and eugene went over to admin office.

Sheilabobella; mamahazwani; mayyin; aliya were back with nuggets ;D so we went over to canteen to eat. finally , 6 OF US WERE TOGETHER! and we took a group picture. 6 of us were kind of pissy though. but it was a really fun time. heh.

then claire had to go. sheila and i went to take our bags. then shaza left, and she dropped her baby greenbean 0.0 . then went up to guardhouse. aliya left. brandonchew; faris came back. then sheila had to go. and it was my turn ;)

maths tuition tmrw. oh well.

Friday, July 10, 2009

online using itouch(:

i'm lying on my bed,going online(:                                                                                                                  and i'm using someone else's wifi and i manage to hack i'llI'll update again when i'm at my pc

Thursday, July 9, 2009

it's good that you're understanding :)

school was great today, except for the fact i felt like shit in the morning.

i vormited in the morning, and i was feeling really unwell. i was so damn weak , TO EVEN WALK UP THE STAIRS, though my class is on first floor. maybe i was just too tired.

then break , sort of had a full meal, cause mamahazwani , gave me an african speech bout wasting food, so i had to finish up.

i felt like a total shit during lunch again, didn't have the mood to eat, felt like vormiting. then , baked! :D thats when i had my mood back somehow. i was really hyper, well , sort of. i'm always hyper during bakingtime! we baked kekbahulu , and it was awesome ;) mamahazwani; sheilabobella; claireze'french was a good helping hand indeed. i hardly even do something ): so i guess i deserved the smallest cake. :\

after k.h , BUMPED INTO SUETTENG! :D first time meeting her.

then , things were so much better ;)

went to the sciencelab. was 20 mins late, but heck, screw it. we didn't even know we had to go up . for once, mr.X scolded me -_- he doesn't know my name, so .. he POINTED AT ME 0.0 stanley got something of mine confiscated. thanks to cheesoong, for helping me to get it back, secretly! thanks SOOONG :D

so prolly, this is how my day at school was ;)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

give me a way.

im using my nappytime to blog and go online ;)

well , i need to check on my facebook and charge the itouch, so yeah.

anyways , i watched Blitzers , AND OH MY, THEY'RE AWESOME ;) they sure deserve being the champion. Shirtliff & Calyx were great too! I also watched , a very low quality video of Cyrens on day 1 , but it's like .. a short version -_- baah. :\ oh, and i watched CHARMS too! they're awesome. !! flying , tumbles , everything! :)

had leo meeting today, and i'm proud to say i'm brandon chew's assistant :D fund raising director, so we're going to help LEO with fund raisings! leo is always fun . tehee ;) during leo, we continued with our game! it was really fun.! love leo (:

anyways, i will not be updating oftenly , as exam's are just next week wed :O . when i'm back next week, i'll prolly change my bloglink. :D

noone knows why i'm into you.


oh oh , cyrens on net ;)
i found this on some cheer website :D
there's 2 pictures of cyrens during practice!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

i missed cheer '09 ):

today's cheer '09 finals.
hope Cyrens are at their best ;)
and hope that they get top 15!
i wish that someone actually recorded their performance,
if anyone of you did,
cause im so desperate to watch Cyrens ): ):

fought with the parents in the morning , so was kind of at the pissy mood? but tuition was fun ;) we laughed like heck crazy. Ms.K told us some lame jokes :D :D twas , maths was really fun!

celebrating jie's 20th early birthday today. she's going to be 20 , on wed! NO MORE BEING A TEENAGER :P

imma bath , ( rizki, shut up :P ) and then study! hopefully.


i seriously don't have the mood to study.
minta maaf,

during this weekends , i've missed alot of stuffs . on Saturday , I missed SuetTeng's best friend , Melanie's b'day party at pyramid. Babe! Tell melanie , i'm really really sorry for not coming ): and help me wish her , HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D

and today , i missed cheer. which , i should stop stating , or else it'll just make me lagi piss.

anyways , went for my cousin's 21'st b'day party at his house, Puchong ;) i sms-ed sheila , tapi tak reply pun ); . I hardly go to Puchong , so I was sort of jakun-ted , when i was near IOI mall! HAHA . IOI MALL 2 IS BIG :D anyways, my cousin & his girlfriend , just live NEXT DOOR ._. it's so sweet okaay! and when they marry , they can just drill a hole , and connect their rooms together , and soon they have their own room ;) I was talking to bii about staying nearby. If only we stayed nearby , bii :\ but noo, you just have to stay so far. ugh.

i feel like watching a romantic movie now. oh well.

P.S://SUETTENGBABE, CHEER UP ;) don't get so emo over thatfella okaay :D

i really do.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

it's always been bout you.

my mum just gave me the RED LIGHT
to go Cheer '09 tomorrow.
and im pretty piss now ):

i've tuition in the morning tomorrow ,
thats why mummy don't let me skip tuition.
but ,
and ,
you know how much watching cyrens means to me ):
i want to support cyrens !!
and see how their routines are and everything.
but NOOO
mum don't let .

Friday, July 3, 2009

look at the stars ;)

i finally watched TRANSFORMERS TODAY :D
after so many people trying to spoil it for me!
but i finally watched it with my own eyes!

today was an absolutely great day for me ;)

first 2 periods were B.M . Jamie and I were having a deal . We were trying not to talk to each other , it was fun ;) Then , had maths. Another Maths test -_- . After maths , was Moral . Went to library , and played with Sheila's iTouch , and chit chat ;D . After that was Chinese , continu-ed with Sheila's iTouch . and i finally lost to Jamie , therefore I'm his slave for a week -_- . after chinese , was comp . Nothing much ;)

after that , Carissa and I went to change. Then went over to Subway to meet Claire & Eugene , Shaza ; May Yin came after that . I wasnt feeling good that time, so didn't have lunch . After that , we sat a taxi to Summit along with Michael&Stanley .

We went around walking , and went in some .. drinking club ? i dont know what club was it -_- Stanley was like a maaaann ;) *ahem. Then , we went to buy popcorn ! Carissa then only realised that she left her pencilbox & bottle at subway -_- careless girl . We then bumped into ShawnKhoo! it's been long since i saw him :D

then went for TRANSFORMERS! so ngam , shawn was sitting behind us ;) The movie was long -_- and I was really really tired. Oh well , after movie , we went walking around , and around 5.35 , i went home :D

shialebouf & meganfox !!
can imagine them being together in real life!!
sweet couple ;)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You'll be there for me.

before i begin ,

i know its a very late wish babe ,
but i wished u at 12am that day :P
just that ,
i was so lazy to blog the other days ,
so here you go babe!
i'll meet you one day aite :D
just one day ,
heh .

school has been the same old thing every single day . except for the fact that CikFitriah has left school , and now's been replaced by CikNurul , which .. is quite fun? she loves giving us penalty , if we talk in english during her class ;)

oh oh , I HAVEN'T WATCH TRANSFORMERS ); almost everyone i know has watched , but no worries , IM WATCHING IT THIS FRIDAY :D :D MWAHAHAHHA :P i want to see ShiaLebouf :D :D

exam's coming. 14 july , 13 more days . and i still haven't start studying . screw that , seriously. i guess i'll start studying now laah okay. HOPEFULLY I'LL MANAGE TO ? pmr's not over yet , and we're already making plans for the aftermath! singapore , here i come ;) will you believe me , if i say that i've never been to singapore ? -_- seriously , i have never been to singapore in my entire life .. maybe when i was in my mum's tummy(thats what she says) , but yeaaah!

coco was really entertaining today ;) it was a bitching moment , and laughing moment :D it's really nice to hangout with the guys ! we laughed like hell lots of time :D :D and bitched bout something . :P

okay im going to study now.


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