Friday, July 31, 2009

thank god it's Friday ;)

lunch was awesome today (; was with all my love ones at street cafe. 'll blog later (; ciao.

i'm blogging now ;) and i'm terribly hungry.

school was rather okaay today. first two periods were B.M. it was kind of okay. teacher was kind of pissed at us though. After that , was break. then , we had a B.M seminar :D Pn.Raha. She's a great teacher i guess. CLAIRE, LUCKY YOU FOR HAVING HER AS YOUR TUITION TEACHER ): after that 2 hours seminar, went back to class. talked a litle, then went for computer. apparently, today passed like hell fast for me ;) that's why i love love fridays.

later, 6 of us, stayed back together ;) the usual 6 of us. Clairecosset; Sheilalee; Mayyin; Aliyasyaqira; Shazahazwani and me :D . Stanleylow hoped along with us, cause he was A LONER! AHHAHA. we were planning to eat PapaRich! because, it's new.. and it's not somewhere which is hot. but.. it was really packed. so we just went walking, till we bumped into a better restaurant. called, THESTREETCAFE. i was kind of hyper there. the waiter guy led us to sit upstairs as it's suppose to be " MORE COSY & FUN UPSTAIRS ;) " . but it is more cosy & fun! HEH.

Derrickng; Teyjingher; Nicholaslim; & Abangfaris joined us minutes later. and we were so jakun-ted. seriously, we're making hell lot of noise. HAHAH. that's why i love them, they're my honeybums :) we ordered , yada yada. then, Derrickng saw this wig! and he put it on. a clown wig. HAHA so cute!Stanleylow&Teyjingher too :P and and THEY PROVIDE GAMES TOO YA KNOW? uno stacko;uno cards and many more. we wanted to play unocards, but Mayyin's hands were too short , so she needed Stanleylow to give out the cards, HAHA. but we were quite noisy, since there were 10++ of us, and we had 2 tables joined. so, the selfish people played themselves ):

anyhoos, i didn't know that THESTREETCAFE was a korean restaurant. i swear to god, i only realised once i saw the menu -_- anyways, shared 2 Terriyakichicken with Clairecosset. You might be wondering, why we had to share, when we ordered two right? because, first we ordered one, but it wasn't enough. so we ordered TWO :D the Terriyakichicken is the bomb laah! mostly others ordered some spicy mee thing 0.0 and their orders were really spicy! hahah. Stanleylow ordered a mee called " ON FIRE." and he was really ON FIRE! his whole face was burning red. HAHAHA. same goes to Derrickng, though he ordered a different dish, but his face was burning red too.

then Stanleylow left. and 10 mins later, Mayyin left. and around 2.15, we left ;) oh oh, we took a picture together! with this instant photo camera thing, which i dontknowwhatitscalled. and the picture is so pretty! wanted to bring it home ): ugh. but too bad, Stanleylow & Mayyin left. or else it would be a group!

THESTREETCAFE-the best korean street food in town. located at SS15,SubangJaya,Selangor. same row as 7-Eleven & Subway.


:firstly, their foods are nice ;) if you're a fan of korean food, that's the place that you should go to!
:their restaurant is really cozy and fun. esp, their first floor! and it's AIR-CONDITIONED! WOOT.

:they provide games too. so you can play with your friends while waiting for your food :)

:they also provide free WI-FI access. oh, their password is really cute too! heh.

:you can also leave stickynotes on the board provided. you can write hell lots of things and stick it on the board. you could prolly leave your phone number like Derrickng did. ;P

:their food price is reasonable too. is around rm12-15 for each person.

you can also find more stuffs about the restaurant inside! so , go visit, and have a lunch there (: chop chop! and they're having their GRAND OPENING SOON! AUGUST 12;AUGUST 13;AUGUST 14. and due to their grand opening, the 3 dates stated above, you'll have a special opportunity to enjoy The Best Korean Sreet Food in Town for 50% off! make sure you go hit the cafe on the 3 days stated! i'll prolly go on Friday after school with my honeybums, yeah ?:D



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