Saturday, July 11, 2009

Remembering sunday.

i can't believe i wasted my whole day , going online with itouch , singing/guitar, BUT NOT STUDYING -_- i didnt even finish all my homework. im that lazy.

oh im blogging freely now, cause im using pc. it takes ME AGES TO BLOG THROUGH ITOUCH -_- it kills me , seriously.

anyways, im here to blog. blog blog blog!


first period, mr.tan came in to our class to evaluate on our mid year xam's marks.

he said my k.h& geo are my poor subjects , and asked if i'm improving now. and asked for my target . obviously 7A's. He said I SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET 7A's. i think he said that to everyone. but that gave me hope okaay! hope lah sir, how i wish i'll get 7a's too :D

then second period, had bm. did some sajak reading. and apparently , time passed hell fast during bm.

after break, was maths. did transformations with mamahazwani. ;) and time passed quite fast too! :D

after maths , was moral. went up to library, before that went to help mdm.boey. watched videos through itouch with claireze'french. and SUDDENLY, SOMETHING HILARIOUS CAME UP ;D it was quite scary at first, but soon, when we know the truth, it was a nice joke.

then was chinese. went up to see rachel for a moment. mdm.X was being a bitch -_- right SHEILA! :D then came back to class, and had some talk with sheila. i was stoning alot . i was damn damn damn bored.

then was computer.

after school, went out for ramli burger with mamahazwani, claireze'french, sheilabobella,ahchoy. mamahazwani didnt order for us, so we merajuk-ed pun. HAHAHA. then people joined us. alastair; ryan; eugene. it took us 30 mins. and it RAINED! i was damn paranoid. sorry mama! :P mamahazwani teman-ed sheilabobella to MCD. ryan; me; claireze'french; eugene ; ah choy ditched alastair :P cause alastair FORGOTTEN TO ORDER -_- OR EITHER his ORDER was missed out. and it was raining , so we had no choice but to ditch him.
RYAN WAS BEING SO SWEET ;) he he .. sheltered me ;D though only with a piece of paper, and i still got wet. -_- BUT THANK YOU RYAN :D :D RYANYEE , YOU'RE THE SWEETEST. yealah, you kacak boy :P

bumped into Stan, and we walked back to school together. went to the canteen and we enjoyed our EXTREMELY DELICIOUS RAMLI :D ryan& ah choy left after they were done. Stan had to go. then , claireze'french , me and eugene went over to admin office.

Sheilabobella; mamahazwani; mayyin; aliya were back with nuggets ;D so we went over to canteen to eat. finally , 6 OF US WERE TOGETHER! and we took a group picture. 6 of us were kind of pissy though. but it was a really fun time. heh.

then claire had to go. sheila and i went to take our bags. then shaza left, and she dropped her baby greenbean 0.0 . then went up to guardhouse. aliya left. brandonchew; faris came back. then sheila had to go. and it was my turn ;)

maths tuition tmrw. oh well.



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