Thursday, July 23, 2009

be with you.


school was sort of fun today (: i just realised we had 3 P.E classes for this week, and i attended none. HAH! :P got back Maths results, and I was deadly dissapointed. I expected to get an A, but i'm just a few more marks away to it! ugh. thanks carissababy! you helped me to get my marks! :)

had leo meeting with the members during junior lunch ;) talked bout installation. bought leo tie! i love love love the leo tie. it's just so sexy. especially when you put it on with a white shirt. like ryanyee a.k.a the kacak boy and the sexy tie :P skipped one period of k.h , went for meeting with leo BOD's& keyofficers.

saw SuetTeng&XuehQi after k.h :D then went for science. Science was awesome! i hardly paid attention, but I think I could figure out what he was trying to say though. One JERO Nine? o_o Currant? blackcurrant! HAHHA. SHAZA * inside jokes*

tomorrow's a friday! time passes like hell fast.

i can't imagine what i will be doing, in the next ten years. but i hope , it'll be something , i truly enjoy, and it's one of my dreams.

baby, i hope we can last long enough, i'm not asking for a forever relationship, but i'm just hoping, we'll be together, long enough. and i hope we will not do any silly decisions to put our relationship on a risk. i know, i'm not good as other girls you've had, but i just hope, you'll tell me , one day, that i'm good enough for you. iloveyou.



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