Wednesday, July 8, 2009

give me a way.

im using my nappytime to blog and go online ;)

well , i need to check on my facebook and charge the itouch, so yeah.

anyways , i watched Blitzers , AND OH MY, THEY'RE AWESOME ;) they sure deserve being the champion. Shirtliff & Calyx were great too! I also watched , a very low quality video of Cyrens on day 1 , but it's like .. a short version -_- baah. :\ oh, and i watched CHARMS too! they're awesome. !! flying , tumbles , everything! :)

had leo meeting today, and i'm proud to say i'm brandon chew's assistant :D fund raising director, so we're going to help LEO with fund raisings! leo is always fun . tehee ;) during leo, we continued with our game! it was really fun.! love leo (:

anyways, i will not be updating oftenly , as exam's are just next week wed :O . when i'm back next week, i'll prolly change my bloglink. :D

noone knows why i'm into you.


oh oh , cyrens on net ;)
i found this on some cheer website :D
there's 2 pictures of cyrens during practice!



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