Monday, July 13, 2009

i'm effing annoyed now.

i was really pissed minutes ago,
but im so much better.
thanks to carissababy for making me laugh :)

maybe some stuffs are just not meant to be?
no matter how much you try to make it right,
but it'll never be.
it'll always leave a mark on your heart,
and you'll always be paranoid bout it.
you tell yourself to learn to let go.
and .. soon you learned.
but actually,
in your heart,
you've never really let go.
you've just chose to hide away from it,
and trying to take a simpler way to get if off your mind.
but soon,
those feelings will come once again.
and you'll have no idea on what to do now.

its been 3 years.
and i still cant let it go.
im sorry to say,
but u've been the greatest friend,
i just cant let go the fact,
how much you've hurt me
how much you've tried to make me look invisible.
i've learnt ,
whose true to me, and whose not.



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