Friday, July 3, 2009

look at the stars ;)

i finally watched TRANSFORMERS TODAY :D
after so many people trying to spoil it for me!
but i finally watched it with my own eyes!

today was an absolutely great day for me ;)

first 2 periods were B.M . Jamie and I were having a deal . We were trying not to talk to each other , it was fun ;) Then , had maths. Another Maths test -_- . After maths , was Moral . Went to library , and played with Sheila's iTouch , and chit chat ;D . After that was Chinese , continu-ed with Sheila's iTouch . and i finally lost to Jamie , therefore I'm his slave for a week -_- . after chinese , was comp . Nothing much ;)

after that , Carissa and I went to change. Then went over to Subway to meet Claire & Eugene , Shaza ; May Yin came after that . I wasnt feeling good that time, so didn't have lunch . After that , we sat a taxi to Summit along with Michael&Stanley .

We went around walking , and went in some .. drinking club ? i dont know what club was it -_- Stanley was like a maaaann ;) *ahem. Then , we went to buy popcorn ! Carissa then only realised that she left her pencilbox & bottle at subway -_- careless girl . We then bumped into ShawnKhoo! it's been long since i saw him :D

then went for TRANSFORMERS! so ngam , shawn was sitting behind us ;) The movie was long -_- and I was really really tired. Oh well , after movie , we went walking around , and around 5.35 , i went home :D

shialebouf & meganfox !!
can imagine them being together in real life!!
sweet couple ;)


whoaa, mello said...

LOVE your blog layout (: So purdeeee ♥

And I thought Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen was BLOODY good! And I didn't even watch the first instalment. LOL.

leeyokeshan. said...

hey, haha thanks ;) yeaah! TRANSFORMERS WAS AWESOME!


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