Sunday, July 5, 2009

i missed cheer '09 ):

today's cheer '09 finals.
hope Cyrens are at their best ;)
and hope that they get top 15!
i wish that someone actually recorded their performance,
if anyone of you did,
cause im so desperate to watch Cyrens ): ):

fought with the parents in the morning , so was kind of at the pissy mood? but tuition was fun ;) we laughed like heck crazy. Ms.K told us some lame jokes :D :D twas , maths was really fun!

celebrating jie's 20th early birthday today. she's going to be 20 , on wed! NO MORE BEING A TEENAGER :P

imma bath , ( rizki, shut up :P ) and then study! hopefully.


i seriously don't have the mood to study.
minta maaf,

during this weekends , i've missed alot of stuffs . on Saturday , I missed SuetTeng's best friend , Melanie's b'day party at pyramid. Babe! Tell melanie , i'm really really sorry for not coming ): and help me wish her , HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D

and today , i missed cheer. which , i should stop stating , or else it'll just make me lagi piss.

anyways , went for my cousin's 21'st b'day party at his house, Puchong ;) i sms-ed sheila , tapi tak reply pun ); . I hardly go to Puchong , so I was sort of jakun-ted , when i was near IOI mall! HAHA . IOI MALL 2 IS BIG :D anyways, my cousin & his girlfriend , just live NEXT DOOR ._. it's so sweet okaay! and when they marry , they can just drill a hole , and connect their rooms together , and soon they have their own room ;) I was talking to bii about staying nearby. If only we stayed nearby , bii :\ but noo, you just have to stay so far. ugh.

i feel like watching a romantic movie now. oh well.

P.S://SUETTENGBABE, CHEER UP ;) don't get so emo over thatfella okaay :D

i really do.



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