Friday, February 27, 2009

what's holding you back ?

just got back home . left school around 3.30 , then headed to jie's dentist appointment . spent 1 and a half hour there . it was boring ! i couldn't go in and look what's happening inside ( thank god , no kids were screaming ) , all i can do was to read a magazine , ONE MAGAZINE . and i was damn sleepy already .

so now i'm going to run for shower and take a nap :D

blog later aite , if i have to mood to .


okay , im back :D

i just finished dinner , and it was plain simple .

anyways , school was fine today . time passed hell fast today . first it was sej , en.sivam didnt come , so pn.fadzilah came and replaced :D i talked to her , AND SHE'S REAL NICE ! even she has the tulan face , but .. still , damn nice . quite funny tho . claire ,sheila and i were talking to her about everything ;)

then after that , was B.M , pn.fitriah was like an another person , she became ... more happier with our class . and now .. i sort of like her more :D she didn't bring our exam paper , so we couldn't know and discuss our paper . so it was like a free period then .

after that was break . then science . 2 periods of science , and it was fast ! maybe cause i concentrated during science . yeah , to be honest , i seldom concentrate during science -.-' after science , was chinese . teacher spent the whole lesson talking bout ghost stories and playing this public speaking game . after that was , english . had to do this summary bout article , pfft .

went out with claire ; aliya ; shaza ; may , to AC for char koay teow :D weee , yummy . then came back , had cheer . we learned how to do cartwheel ! coach mike is a nice coach !

anyways , i got back my marks for 2 papers .

Maths : 66/80 . frigging low in my class laaahh . wtf man T_T
Science : 75/80 . average lah in my class ): but i'm happy i got 60/60 for subjective ;)

yeah , now i hope , my comp ; Bm & geo papers will be alright . and and KH too ! i dont want get B for KH , seriously . or be the lowest ):

Thursday, February 26, 2009

i'm just a little too not over you ;)

the title for the day , really suits my sort of a situation . hmm , just some strange feelings ;)

anyways , EXAM'S FINALLY OVER ! fine , not exam , monthly TEST i mean . so yeah , we're free for 2 months , till May . but now , we have results to look at -.-'

i'm currently chatting with Claire bout today . today was really fun , cause claire , me , cheesoong , stanley , jing her , eugene and faris had this .... really sick yet funny talk . we laughed like hell , and now claire and i are talking bout it :D

oh oh , i'm going to change my blog link soon , march 2nd i guess because its RIZKI'S BDAY . so i'm going to delay the days to vote till 28 feb aite . so VOTE PEOPLE VOTE :D AND TELL ME IF ITS THE RIGHT CHOICE .

i'm so tired of blogging now . nothing's interesting right now ;)
byeee .
'xo .


i feel like running away ,
to a place i can stay ,
i can't take it any longer ,
before i become any stronger .
help me , would you ?
take me to a place where we can be alone ,
and spend our time , till the rest of our lives .


so i decided to blog , tehee :D

btw btw , I FOUND A NEW CUTE TAIWANESE GUY WHO'S A MODEL ; ACTOR & SINGER ! he's cute for me laaahh . he came to malaysia that time , i watch him on the tv , LIVE , and i was like .. " AWH SO CUTE T_t . " and he has one song which is nice :D :D he may look abit lala -.- but anyways , he's taiwanese , so who cares : P


Danson Tang :D

i'm not going to stalk him . Mwahahahah .

tuning in : qing bao - Danson Tang .

Sunday, February 15, 2009

if you love me , why not say it out loud ?

there's no point being someone that you're not ,
why not just be who you are ,
and tell the whole world ,
that this is the real me .

do you really have to act .. like another person in order to fit in ?
everyone will love you if you just be yourself , you know ?
i'll love you ,
if this is the real you .

suppose to be asleep like an hour ago ?
but i cant , as something's bothering me ,
oh great .

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V's Day .


school was great all week ;) yesterday stayed back for cheer till 5 . before that , at 1 , may yin and i went out to BK along with sheila and claire while they went to McD . after BK , we went back to school . it was already 1.25 , so may yin went to change . waited and all . it was already 1.30 . then may yin ate hurrily and went for cheer . before that , she was waiting for pei hsien , for a long long time , so i accompanied her . then , she left .

Krys and i went for cheer . we couldn't use the gym for i dont know what reason . so we had to go up to the gym and took the mats down to the courtyard . it was frigging sunny , and we were scared of the sun , so yeah . we did flying . we only flew when the sun wasnt that sunny . then later , we danced . but just because it was still sunny , we didnt dance that much , instead we sat down under the shade , and talked ;) and .. soon , mostly everyone left . it left Kellie & her BF :D Kellie baked cupcakes for her BF , and he kept asking us to eat , but it was ... too nice to be eaten ! it was so pretty (: at 4 , Farah ; May Yin ; Shaza & I danced ;D i learned Blue & Green punya dance !

then i left at 5.15 . reached home around 6 ? and when my sis saw the flowers i brought home...

jie : eh ? who give you ?
me : friend ...
jie : who lah .
me : FRIEND LAH 0.0
jie : give me laahh . since this year i dont have any flowers ( cause bf at uk )
me : swt -.- * walks in , and ask mummy where to put the flowers *
* i took out a vase and put my flowers into the vase *
mum : *shouts*who give you 1 ?
me : friend lah ..
jie : of cause a boy lah . 3 flowers means i love you .
me : REALLY AH ? 0.0

yeah , i dont know flower meanings okay ;D anyways , then bath , and da da da . i slept at 7 .. and .. i WOKE UP AT 9 IN THE MORNING TODAY ;) so i slept for 12 hours straight . since i skipped dinner last night , i drank milo and ate some bread . then .. around 10 , jie woke up . and then after 15 minutes , suddenly .. a taxi appeared infront of my house .

jie : eh mii , you call taxi ah ?
me : who call ? * peeps window *
mum : no ah ..
jie : HUH ? FLOWERS ?
me : for you isit ? -.-
jie : eh eh , help me go out and take ...
me : you sure ah ?
jie : yeah lah yeah lahh .

and it appeared to be a dozen of roses with a card ;) kononya no flowers , huh JIE ! you beat me okay !

left over pics , using JING HER'S SUPPERR 8.1 CAMERA PHONE ! :

flash sucks . MAY & ALIYA ;)

where you shaza ?!


Aliya :D :D

sepet sial .


i tink i'm going to change my link right after exam aite ? cause this is going to be my last post till the exam's over , so MISS ME PEOPLE :D

Monday, February 9, 2009



i went there super early , like 8.15 , and the thing starts at 10pm , so my bro and i ... was walking around like dumbass -.-' anyways , then it started at 10pm . for 30-40 minutes , we have to stand , and listen to those sifu and all . then around 11 , we started walking around the whole temple . oh , the whole temple was beautifully decorated :D it was heaven man ! if a guy decorate a place , as beautiful as that , i'll be so touched . anyways , then we started walking . then ... PEOPLE STARTED RUSHING INFRONT ? LIKE WTF 0.0 AS THOUGH AS THERE IS GOLD INFRONT FOR THEM TO SNATCH ?! and they started pushing me , therefore , i was lost . i had to walk the first round by myself . you know how it feel T_T walking like .. omg " A LOST KID " ppfftt . then later ... people started pushing and stepping on my leg ! HELLLO ! PPFFTTT . thank god i was wearing sandals with strap , if i wore my usual sandals , i think ... it will fly away -.-'

and there was this funny thing , because this woman , was holding her son lah . then she was damn kiasu and wanted to be right at the back of the sifu walking ... and be 1st u know . MANA TAU , SHE WALKED FASTER THAN THE SIFU . and everyone was saying " HAH , WHERE GOT PEOPLE WALK FASTER THAN THE SIFU 1 . WHAT A JOKE " . yeah , then the second thing was ... this woman , another kiasu lady , doesnt let anyone .. walk faster than her , and another woman wanted to throw coins into the bucket infront of woman A , and woman A didn't let , and just walk , walk walk . woman B said " WHERE GOT PEOPLE DONT LET THROW COINS 1 .. OF CAUSE MUST LET PEOPLE THROW COINS RIGHT .. " * jeling mata * . it was damn funny XD . that kiasu lady , BANG ME FRIGGING TIMES ALREADY LOR OKAAAAYY .

there is more to complain , but i think i should chill and shut up . but i swear , i was cursing them in my heart . malaysians , pfftt .

anyways , ITS LAST DAY OF CNY :D :D will be going over to my aunty's house soon ;)

got to go change now ! BYE !
tuning in : let me think about it - ida coor .

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Single Ladies (:

my neighbour's having a barbecue party . GRRRRRR T_T i'm so jealous :\ can i join ? :D

anyways , tomorrow is CapGohMei . and .. in 2 hours , i'll be leaving to a temple , for some.. changing luck thing -.- until 12am . crazy maaaann . i'm forced to go T_T pffftt .

i tried finishing all my hw today , but MISSION FAILED . deng deng . Hectic . Streessss .

and now im speechleessss ;)




please tell me , one from above :D

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hm ?

heeeyy people ;) as all of you are not blind , you guys can see that .. i've changed my skin for my blog . cause i think i dont want to make my blog a fancy thing already , and maybe just a simple thing . and i'm considering to change my bloglink to my name .. ?

OR ?

OR ?

OR ?


pity please .
thank you

love ,


hurry hurry , tell me !

doesn't this baby raccoon make you want to kiss him ?
tell me you want , and i'll love you !
its the cutest thing on earth :D
and this little animal was introduced by qiwi .. ahem .. i meant XuehQI :)
its damn cute , RIGHT RIGHT !

okay xueh qi . im done blogging . ;D

saturday .

heeello :D its saturday , and i still havent finish my hw , but NO WORRIES , MON IS A HOLIDAY . SO I CAN DO ON SUN / MON INSTEAD ;) tehee .

anyways , mum woke me up at 10 something , because she came into my room to take clothes from her closet ( f.y.i , her 2nd closet is in my room , cause parent's room is full of closet . -.- ) so i woke up , but when i found out it was only 10 something , i fall back to my sleep . then like 30 minutes after , my sis came and asked me to follow her to KL & Bangsar later . so yeah woke up and then bathed .

Mum wasn't home that time , so we waited for her to come back and tapau for us . after we ate , it was 11.30 . so we left to KL . went to Dr.Ting Specialist Skin Centre , to take medicine for my sis . then later went to Bangsar , cause my sis wanted to buy contact lens and all :D then later yeah came home around 3 .

then watched tv for an hour , and after that , was damn busy . helped mum with ironing the clothes and folding it . then later washed the car . then later iron the clothes again ;)

and now , im watching TaylorSwift videos . people say she cant sing on live . isit true eh ? but she sounds okaaay for me though . well , judge it people :D

Friday, February 6, 2009

you belong with me .

i dont want to live in a lie anymore ,
i just want to shout out to the world ,
that i've always wanted you .
I just cant go on with my life not telling you how i feel .
Why can't you see that i might be the girl for you ?
Why can't you see that i've always needed you ?
Right now , this second is all that it counts .

it's this what friends are for ?
i thought that you were the one to count on ,
but it seems , i made the wrong choice .
i thought you said we were friends forever ,
but what's happening now ?
i thought i could trust you all the time ,
but it seems you're breaking my trust .

tagged by Maine ;)

Directions :
Once you've been tagged ,you have to list down 16 random things , habits or goals about you .At last , choose five people to be tagged , listing their names and why you chose them .
here we go :D
1) I don't bath in the morning . I did try to bath in the morning for a few days , but now .. its not a habit anymore . Oh well .
2) I adore pink alot . Do you ?
3) I want a boyfriend . No , i'm not desperate . This is random right ?
4) I should talk bout my goals now .
5) My first goal is to get 7A's for PMR , duh .
6) My second goal is to be a singer .. like .. it will ever come true -.-
7) I love all my lunch buddies :D :D 11 girls + 14 boys .
8) School is boring . Agree ? No wait , School is fun , with friends !
9) I'm wearing a Pink Paul Frank T-Shirt , and a Mr.Bean pajamas pants to match it .
10) I love to sing . I sing at least once a day . Eventhough , its out of tune , i'll just continue and will never stop .
11) Taylor Swift Rocks right ?
12) My habit ... what's my habit ? Oh . I need an afternoon nap at least thrice a week.
13) I wonder how does it feel , going clubbing ? I would love to try !
14) Smoking sucks , never smoke .
15) I forgotten that my mummy's birthday was on 3rd february , and i didn't wish her . Great .
16) Finally , the last one . I'm listening to the way i loved you - Taylor Swift .

I'm tagging :

im so in love with you that i acted insane .

im hungry .

school was grreeaatt . Sejarah for the first period . en.ayub came in , and .. i guess our class behaved well ? cause we could answer every question mr.sivam asked us , so yeah . Even he said so . Anyways , then was BM . We were suppose to do the drama , but its going to be next week since it wasn't well prepared , so we did karangan . After break , was 2 periods of science . I'm telling you that Mr.Liew is getting boring-er every lesson he comes in . He cant stop talking non-stop , and he writting is like so TINY ! i can hardly read from the back okay . but . i guess his good ? after that , was chinese . Did nothing much . just talked to Sheila ; Waitong ; Julius bout ASTRO . after chinese , was english . It was fun . English is always fun ;)

After school , claire and i ran to Subway . and thank god , not many people were there , so we ran back to school to eat :D and after that , we went to changed . and Claire went for GreenCheer . Eugene teman-ed me for like 5 minutes . Then saw Aurelia & Sharon . So we sat at the courtyard , to decide where we'll go for RedCheer . We decided on 5Delta because it was drizzling . We started off with Cheering . Then , we learned our Steps :D Move Move Shake Shake Drop Drop ;) after that , we cheered in the rain , at the courtyard . Then we practiced again until 4 .

Sharon and I were the last ones , so we stayed at the porch . I ditched her because sis was already here ;) Sorry !

MONDAY's A HOLIDAY :D aren't you happy ? pleassee tell me you are .

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

fifteen ;)

heeello :D im not suppose to be infront of the computer right now , and i have tons of hw today . and since i didnt bring my maths 2 book back , well , i have less hw then ;) so i decided to spend a little time to blog .

anyways , sports practice was tiring T_T after , SO LONG OF NOT FLYING T_T and im getting worse ) : from bad , to worse okaaayy . yeah , im not a good flyer T_T i tink i need to do more sit ups now , like what lynn always used to asked me to XD

stanley ; jing her & chee soong have been calling me LALA ( not the seafood , but those humans you see in sungei wang ) . WHICH IM TOTALLY NOT A LALA T_T anyways , im like the siham mui ( oyster girl ) sheila is like the lala mui ( for i dont know what reason ) . shaza is so mui ( stupid in cantonese ) , claire is si fat mui ( ass in cantonese ) [ because the guys claim that she always fart in class XD ]

hahaha funny man :D :D niways , im going to run for my hw now ! will blog .. someother day !

Sunday, February 1, 2009

300th post ! :D

WEEEEEEEEEE :) THIS IS MY 300TH POST ! today is february 1st right , so i must start my long long entry with my 300th post right ? right ? :P anyways , before i continue ...

may all your dreams come true !

25th January - Reunion dinner .

woke up around 9 something . i quickly went to bath ; wash my hair ; got ready :D then later went to eat breakfast . then mum was packing up to leave to Ipoh , while jie , kor and i were watching GemOfLife :D then around 12.45 we left ... and when we passed the DamansaraTol , suddenly ..

me : i tink so ...
mum : yeah laaaah .
me : -.-'

so yeah , we used the Subang way to go back to our house . we wasted like 15 mins -.- and when we went back , THE AUTOGATE WAS CLOSED ! damn zha dou -.- so yeah , then thats when we officially left to Ipoh at 1pm .

I reached Ipoh like 3pm , 2 hours drive . before we go to our house , we went to the Stadium to have lunch , because daddy was somewhere and he wasn't at IpohHouse , so nobody's there to open the door for us ( F.Y.I , dad went back ipoh 2 days earlier than us ) .

when we were done , we go to our Ipohhouse . and we put our luggage down and such . then later around 5 something , we got ready , and went to my aunty's house at 6 something .

then around 7 something , WE HAD OUR REUNION DINNER :D yeah i always go to my 5th aunty's house for reunion dinner :) it has been years man . and only my family and my youngest uncle go there for dinner ! i loveee my 5th aunty's cooking , its damn damn nice !

after we were done , we watched the TV :D yeah , we didnt gamble tho , not enough kakis' . anyways , i got my angpau from my uncle , cousins and all :D yeah man . then we left around 11 something .

26th January - 1st day of CNY .

woke up around 10 something , then got ready , bath and such . then went to wish daddy and mummy " Gong Xi Fa Cai " and they gave us angpau ! :D weeee ~ after that , we went to all sorts of temple to pray . first we went to this temple to go pray my Grandpa ; GrandMa ; Uncle ( mum's side ) and we also had vegetarian food :) then we went to my Aunty's Temple ( yeah she owns a temple ) , it was so smoky , so sis , kor and i just sit at one side . then we collected our angpaus :D and left .

we gave some money to the beggars ( sis scolds me for calling them beggars -.-' so i changed the word to " PEOPLE WHO SITS INFRONT OF THE TEMPLE AND ASKING FOR MONEY -.- " ) IM NOT JOKIN OKAY ! ONCE WE WALK OUT THE TEMPLE , THEY START USING THE MONEY AND SHAKING INFRONT OF US -.-

then we left to pasir salak for salak's temple :) and we prayed and such . then we left to my dad's friends house at SungaiSiput . my dad's friend nephew , who's only 8 years old , brought siblings and i to buy FIREWORKS okay ! XD he's super chun . he rode his bike there , and he rode , hell fast -.-' sis and i was so scared of him . cause is like so dangerous . and we have to be responsible for him . then around 5 , we left , while daddy stayed at his friend's house . Bro fetch mum ; jie and i back to the house while he left to Kuala Kangsar .

jie and i spend the night watching Ah Long Pte Ltd & Shopaholic :D :D while eating lots of snacks . hehe :)

27th January - 2nd Day of CNY .

went to tualang to visit my relatives :D my cousins were watching " 14 year old mother " , so i joined them . and mum was busy playing mahjong . then around 2 , i felt so sleepy , so i went to take a nap . woke up around 3 something , cause it was really noisy . 2 of my baby nieces , were crying T_T so yeah . then , we left around 5 something .

we went back to the house and got ready . we lef to IpohParade to meet up with my mum's friend ( last time colleague ) . Her son , looks like RaymondLam okaaaayy . as in seriously . the smile , the way he talk , the way he moves and all :D and at IpohParade , spotted alot of blondies , and i saw 1 american guy who looks like DAVID COOK ! omg man .

28th January - 3rd Day of CNY .

went back to my 5th aunty's house to have lunch :D we gambled and gambled :D i lost alot of money okaaay T_T it was damn sad :\ then later we watch the tv + gambled . we spend the whole day gambling -.-' we left around 5 something . then we headed back home for a rest and all .

29th January - 4th Day of CNY .

went back to KL .reached KL around like 1 something . then later i took a nap and woke up around 5 something cause my aunties ( mum's side ) and my cousin from singapore came down :D guess what ? HE BOUGHT ME JAY CHOU CALENDAR + POKER CARDS t_T OMFG OMFG . XD . both of them costs rm120 . he doesnt want to take my money , so ... we decided on , i spent everyone for movie :D so we went to eat Bah Kut Teh & Yee Sang for dinner :D and then came back , bro , me and cousin went to OU to buy tickets . we decided on " The Wedding Game " . at GSC , the seats vacant was only at the first row -.- which was crazy . so we went to TGV , and thank god , they have good seats , and the time was good too :D so we went back , and gambled :D :D then around 10.35 , we left to OU . and we were late for the movie :\ when we went in , it already started tho :D then later , it ended around 12.30 . and all of us went home :)

30th January - 5th Day of CNY .

woke up early , to go to one of my aunties house . we reached there around 12 , then we sat till 2 . and we headed for lunch at this Restaurant :D we had red wine , abalone , sharkfin and all . Oh , We Had YEE SANG too ! the 2nd time eating yee sang -.-' then later we left around 4 . and mum ; jie and aunties left to another aunties house . since bro and i had to go to parties . then around 5.45 , left for PARTY BABY ;) and we had YEE SANG AGAIN -.-' omg XD . so altogether , i had 3 Yee Sang's in the week ! crazy .

31st January - 6th Day of CNY .

woke up around 12 something , talked to claire on the phone for an hour plus ? then went down
for brunch . then later watch the tv . and got ready around 5 something . bro and i went out and i went back home at 12 in the morning . and suddenly something happened according to mum . my house autogate couldnt open , so something was wrong . then later mum said that just now when she was watching tv , the tv just suddenly blackout , and couldnt on back . upstairs and downstairs was the same . even computer also couldn't on . so we sort of panicked . but we didnt care lah . and it was actually some electricity thing happened at the opposite of my house , so yeah . then later tenaga nasional came and fix at 3am , and my house BLACKED OUT OKAY . I WAS SWEATING LIKE FUCK -.-' i couldnt's sleep , and thank god they fix it at 3.40 :D then i was so happy and i slept ;)

so yeah , thats how i spent my CNY tho :D but im kinda sad that i didnt see my nieces T_T as i have to ditched them to attend one of my parties ): miss them somehow .

anyways , PICTURES TIME :D but .. all camwhore pictures -.-' so dont bother to scroll down :D

all the thing that you do .

my small small eyes o.O

my retarded looking face :D oh spot hello kitty ;)

my stoning lala pose :)

Jay Chou 2009 Calendar :D

Jay Chou 2009 Calendar .

1 Whole Set missing my Rubiks Cube + Poster :D

Poker Cards + Calendar :) yeah baby .

p.s : SORRY FOR NO COLOUR ! I gotta rush now ;)
tuning in : 15 minutes of shame - kristy lee cook .

299th post .

its FEBRUARY 1ST :D and this is my 299th post ! i want my 300th post :D

So , BYE :)

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