Sunday, February 1, 2009

300th post ! :D

WEEEEEEEEEE :) THIS IS MY 300TH POST ! today is february 1st right , so i must start my long long entry with my 300th post right ? right ? :P anyways , before i continue ...

may all your dreams come true !

25th January - Reunion dinner .

woke up around 9 something . i quickly went to bath ; wash my hair ; got ready :D then later went to eat breakfast . then mum was packing up to leave to Ipoh , while jie , kor and i were watching GemOfLife :D then around 12.45 we left ... and when we passed the DamansaraTol , suddenly ..

me : i tink so ...
mum : yeah laaaah .
me : -.-'

so yeah , we used the Subang way to go back to our house . we wasted like 15 mins -.- and when we went back , THE AUTOGATE WAS CLOSED ! damn zha dou -.- so yeah , then thats when we officially left to Ipoh at 1pm .

I reached Ipoh like 3pm , 2 hours drive . before we go to our house , we went to the Stadium to have lunch , because daddy was somewhere and he wasn't at IpohHouse , so nobody's there to open the door for us ( F.Y.I , dad went back ipoh 2 days earlier than us ) .

when we were done , we go to our Ipohhouse . and we put our luggage down and such . then later around 5 something , we got ready , and went to my aunty's house at 6 something .

then around 7 something , WE HAD OUR REUNION DINNER :D yeah i always go to my 5th aunty's house for reunion dinner :) it has been years man . and only my family and my youngest uncle go there for dinner ! i loveee my 5th aunty's cooking , its damn damn nice !

after we were done , we watched the TV :D yeah , we didnt gamble tho , not enough kakis' . anyways , i got my angpau from my uncle , cousins and all :D yeah man . then we left around 11 something .

26th January - 1st day of CNY .

woke up around 10 something , then got ready , bath and such . then went to wish daddy and mummy " Gong Xi Fa Cai " and they gave us angpau ! :D weeee ~ after that , we went to all sorts of temple to pray . first we went to this temple to go pray my Grandpa ; GrandMa ; Uncle ( mum's side ) and we also had vegetarian food :) then we went to my Aunty's Temple ( yeah she owns a temple ) , it was so smoky , so sis , kor and i just sit at one side . then we collected our angpaus :D and left .

we gave some money to the beggars ( sis scolds me for calling them beggars -.-' so i changed the word to " PEOPLE WHO SITS INFRONT OF THE TEMPLE AND ASKING FOR MONEY -.- " ) IM NOT JOKIN OKAY ! ONCE WE WALK OUT THE TEMPLE , THEY START USING THE MONEY AND SHAKING INFRONT OF US -.-

then we left to pasir salak for salak's temple :) and we prayed and such . then we left to my dad's friends house at SungaiSiput . my dad's friend nephew , who's only 8 years old , brought siblings and i to buy FIREWORKS okay ! XD he's super chun . he rode his bike there , and he rode , hell fast -.-' sis and i was so scared of him . cause is like so dangerous . and we have to be responsible for him . then around 5 , we left , while daddy stayed at his friend's house . Bro fetch mum ; jie and i back to the house while he left to Kuala Kangsar .

jie and i spend the night watching Ah Long Pte Ltd & Shopaholic :D :D while eating lots of snacks . hehe :)

27th January - 2nd Day of CNY .

went to tualang to visit my relatives :D my cousins were watching " 14 year old mother " , so i joined them . and mum was busy playing mahjong . then around 2 , i felt so sleepy , so i went to take a nap . woke up around 3 something , cause it was really noisy . 2 of my baby nieces , were crying T_T so yeah . then , we left around 5 something .

we went back to the house and got ready . we lef to IpohParade to meet up with my mum's friend ( last time colleague ) . Her son , looks like RaymondLam okaaaayy . as in seriously . the smile , the way he talk , the way he moves and all :D and at IpohParade , spotted alot of blondies , and i saw 1 american guy who looks like DAVID COOK ! omg man .

28th January - 3rd Day of CNY .

went back to my 5th aunty's house to have lunch :D we gambled and gambled :D i lost alot of money okaaay T_T it was damn sad :\ then later we watch the tv + gambled . we spend the whole day gambling -.-' we left around 5 something . then we headed back home for a rest and all .

29th January - 4th Day of CNY .

went back to KL .reached KL around like 1 something . then later i took a nap and woke up around 5 something cause my aunties ( mum's side ) and my cousin from singapore came down :D guess what ? HE BOUGHT ME JAY CHOU CALENDAR + POKER CARDS t_T OMFG OMFG . XD . both of them costs rm120 . he doesnt want to take my money , so ... we decided on , i spent everyone for movie :D so we went to eat Bah Kut Teh & Yee Sang for dinner :D and then came back , bro , me and cousin went to OU to buy tickets . we decided on " The Wedding Game " . at GSC , the seats vacant was only at the first row -.- which was crazy . so we went to TGV , and thank god , they have good seats , and the time was good too :D so we went back , and gambled :D :D then around 10.35 , we left to OU . and we were late for the movie :\ when we went in , it already started tho :D then later , it ended around 12.30 . and all of us went home :)

30th January - 5th Day of CNY .

woke up early , to go to one of my aunties house . we reached there around 12 , then we sat till 2 . and we headed for lunch at this Restaurant :D we had red wine , abalone , sharkfin and all . Oh , We Had YEE SANG too ! the 2nd time eating yee sang -.-' then later we left around 4 . and mum ; jie and aunties left to another aunties house . since bro and i had to go to parties . then around 5.45 , left for PARTY BABY ;) and we had YEE SANG AGAIN -.-' omg XD . so altogether , i had 3 Yee Sang's in the week ! crazy .

31st January - 6th Day of CNY .

woke up around 12 something , talked to claire on the phone for an hour plus ? then went down
for brunch . then later watch the tv . and got ready around 5 something . bro and i went out and i went back home at 12 in the morning . and suddenly something happened according to mum . my house autogate couldnt open , so something was wrong . then later mum said that just now when she was watching tv , the tv just suddenly blackout , and couldnt on back . upstairs and downstairs was the same . even computer also couldn't on . so we sort of panicked . but we didnt care lah . and it was actually some electricity thing happened at the opposite of my house , so yeah . then later tenaga nasional came and fix at 3am , and my house BLACKED OUT OKAY . I WAS SWEATING LIKE FUCK -.-' i couldnt's sleep , and thank god they fix it at 3.40 :D then i was so happy and i slept ;)

so yeah , thats how i spent my CNY tho :D but im kinda sad that i didnt see my nieces T_T as i have to ditched them to attend one of my parties ): miss them somehow .

anyways , PICTURES TIME :D but .. all camwhore pictures -.-' so dont bother to scroll down :D

all the thing that you do .

my small small eyes o.O

my retarded looking face :D oh spot hello kitty ;)

my stoning lala pose :)

Jay Chou 2009 Calendar :D

Jay Chou 2009 Calendar .

1 Whole Set missing my Rubiks Cube + Poster :D

Poker Cards + Calendar :) yeah baby .

p.s : SORRY FOR NO COLOUR ! I gotta rush now ;)
tuning in : 15 minutes of shame - kristy lee cook .



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