Thursday, February 26, 2009

i'm just a little too not over you ;)

the title for the day , really suits my sort of a situation . hmm , just some strange feelings ;)

anyways , EXAM'S FINALLY OVER ! fine , not exam , monthly TEST i mean . so yeah , we're free for 2 months , till May . but now , we have results to look at -.-'

i'm currently chatting with Claire bout today . today was really fun , cause claire , me , cheesoong , stanley , jing her , eugene and faris had this .... really sick yet funny talk . we laughed like hell , and now claire and i are talking bout it :D

oh oh , i'm going to change my blog link soon , march 2nd i guess because its RIZKI'S BDAY . so i'm going to delay the days to vote till 28 feb aite . so VOTE PEOPLE VOTE :D AND TELL ME IF ITS THE RIGHT CHOICE .

i'm so tired of blogging now . nothing's interesting right now ;)
byeee .
'xo .


i feel like running away ,
to a place i can stay ,
i can't take it any longer ,
before i become any stronger .
help me , would you ?
take me to a place where we can be alone ,
and spend our time , till the rest of our lives .


so i decided to blog , tehee :D

btw btw , I FOUND A NEW CUTE TAIWANESE GUY WHO'S A MODEL ; ACTOR & SINGER ! he's cute for me laaahh . he came to malaysia that time , i watch him on the tv , LIVE , and i was like .. " AWH SO CUTE T_t . " and he has one song which is nice :D :D he may look abit lala -.- but anyways , he's taiwanese , so who cares : P


Danson Tang :D

i'm not going to stalk him . Mwahahahah .

tuning in : qing bao - Danson Tang .



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