Friday, February 6, 2009

im so in love with you that i acted insane .

im hungry .

school was grreeaatt . Sejarah for the first period . en.ayub came in , and .. i guess our class behaved well ? cause we could answer every question mr.sivam asked us , so yeah . Even he said so . Anyways , then was BM . We were suppose to do the drama , but its going to be next week since it wasn't well prepared , so we did karangan . After break , was 2 periods of science . I'm telling you that Mr.Liew is getting boring-er every lesson he comes in . He cant stop talking non-stop , and he writting is like so TINY ! i can hardly read from the back okay . but . i guess his good ? after that , was chinese . Did nothing much . just talked to Sheila ; Waitong ; Julius bout ASTRO . after chinese , was english . It was fun . English is always fun ;)

After school , claire and i ran to Subway . and thank god , not many people were there , so we ran back to school to eat :D and after that , we went to changed . and Claire went for GreenCheer . Eugene teman-ed me for like 5 minutes . Then saw Aurelia & Sharon . So we sat at the courtyard , to decide where we'll go for RedCheer . We decided on 5Delta because it was drizzling . We started off with Cheering . Then , we learned our Steps :D Move Move Shake Shake Drop Drop ;) after that , we cheered in the rain , at the courtyard . Then we practiced again until 4 .

Sharon and I were the last ones , so we stayed at the porch . I ditched her because sis was already here ;) Sorry !

MONDAY's A HOLIDAY :D aren't you happy ? pleassee tell me you are .



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