Saturday, February 7, 2009

saturday .

heeello :D its saturday , and i still havent finish my hw , but NO WORRIES , MON IS A HOLIDAY . SO I CAN DO ON SUN / MON INSTEAD ;) tehee .

anyways , mum woke me up at 10 something , because she came into my room to take clothes from her closet ( f.y.i , her 2nd closet is in my room , cause parent's room is full of closet . -.- ) so i woke up , but when i found out it was only 10 something , i fall back to my sleep . then like 30 minutes after , my sis came and asked me to follow her to KL & Bangsar later . so yeah woke up and then bathed .

Mum wasn't home that time , so we waited for her to come back and tapau for us . after we ate , it was 11.30 . so we left to KL . went to Dr.Ting Specialist Skin Centre , to take medicine for my sis . then later went to Bangsar , cause my sis wanted to buy contact lens and all :D then later yeah came home around 3 .

then watched tv for an hour , and after that , was damn busy . helped mum with ironing the clothes and folding it . then later washed the car . then later iron the clothes again ;)

and now , im watching TaylorSwift videos . people say she cant sing on live . isit true eh ? but she sounds okaaay for me though . well , judge it people :D



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