Wednesday, December 31, 2008


(R).&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
u in malaysia /?
...... says:
...... says:
(R).&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
i in hongkong now .
(R).&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
coming back this sat .
...... says:
...... says:
(R).&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
...... says:
gt anything for me?
(R).&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
what u wan -.- i shift the whole hk disneyland for u want anot ?
...... says:
...... says:
u going to the disneyland there
(R).&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
i going tmrw.
(R).&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
eh ...... . i pranking u only lah -.- i not in hongkong XD
(R).&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
i in malaysia
...... says:
ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
...... says:
...... says:
Yoke shan
(R).&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
(R).&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:
sorry sorryryy
(R).&`sнαИ*∞εϊз♥周杰倫 says:

ahahaha . got him :P



new year's eve :D

today is the last day for 2008 :D
hope everyone will enjoy today ,
as its NEW YEAR'S EVE ;)
get ready for year 2009 :D
and hope it'll be a blast !


p.s : // i'm going to be alone and bored for new year's eve T_T

Monday, December 29, 2008

280th post ;)

heello :D i'm leaving to ipoh like ... at 9 in the morning i suppose T_T gosh :\

anyways , went ou around 5 something . i woke up around 3 something . then i merajuk , for an hour . and my sis pujuk me back ;)

jie and i first went hunting for heels ! from lewre to Aldo to Nose :D then went to woman's secret to buy lingeries , but nothing much . then went to LaSenza to buy lingeries . we were there for almost an hour , cause mum was busy trying on and such -.- then around 7 , went to shogun for dinner ! my first time ;) so damn jakun T_T we stayed there till 9.30 . jie and i went to Vincci to find heels . and i saw this damn Cute heels ! wanted to buy , but no my size T_T size 3 ! i cant fit laahh :\ so went to Nose . i wanted this Purple heels , but dont have my size -.- too big , cause its size 5 . then i decided to buy a PinkFlats ;) ;)

i gotta continue with packing T_t
byeee !
remember to sms me ! cause i'll be dead bored in Ipoh !

Saturday, December 27, 2008

where's everything ?

heeello ;) its saturday .

yeah , i dont really have anything to blog bout -.-' today i just watch tv , download songs , watch vids on youtube , went to TropicanaCityShoppingMall to check out stuffs .

oh oh , i downloaded wang lee hom + show luo's new album on internet . i was so excited for the album T_T and finally , i DOWNLOADED it ! ;) leehom's & show's fans , dont kill me ! i've no money to buy original -.-' sorry (:

tuning in : gao xiao - show luo .

Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas is long gone , new year is up ;)


yesterday was christmas . and i woke up at 4 something in the afternoon -.- mum went to aunty's house . bro went to pyramid . sis went curve . so in the whole house left dad and i . i got up and went to watch Gem Of Life . then helped dad with fixing the bicycle --' after that , continued with GemOfLife . around 6 something , went to bath . after that , continued with GemOfLife .

around 7 something , kor came back . then dad , kor and i headed to Victoria Station for dinner :D so many people were eating there -.-' i seldom eat western food with family . wait , i seldom even go out with family to have dinner or anything . so it was very awkward ;) then we came home around 8 something .

yeah , that was how i spent my christmas night :D :D

anyways , eugene is going to singapore today . and i asked him to help me search for Jay Chou Poker Card & the 2009 calendar since sheila saw it , BUT DIDNT BUY T_T * CRIES * haha no worries sheila :P

Show Luo Zhi Xiang - Trendy Man new album ;)

Wang Lee Hom - Heartbeat ( Xin.Tiao) new album ;)

i'm so weird ! 3 weeks ago , i was so into twilight soundtrack . then the week after , i was into Cape No.7 sountrack . then the next week , i was into taylor swift's songs . and now , i'm into Jam Hsiao ; Wang Lee hom ; Show Luo Zhi Xiang ; Alien Huang ; Genie Zhuo ; Huang Jing Lun . what's wrong with me -.-' its like every week , i listen to diff songs o.O

tuning in : Gui Hun - Xiao Gui .
p.s : class list coming out on 30 dec ?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas :D

have a happy & joyous Christmas !
forgive me for all the wrong things i've done !

anyways , i just came home from Madeline's house 20 minutes ago ;D

i woke up around 4 something afternoon . had bread with kaya for brunch since mum didnt get me any food . so yeah , watched GemOfLife . then at 6.30 , bath . and got ready for guitar . left to centrepoint at 7.30 for guitar .

Learned new song ! With Me - Sum41 :D :D teacher was being so nice to me T_T and i bet i'm so gonna miss him laaaahh :\ it seems like he doesnt know that i'm going to stop guitar next year . T_T

anyways , then at 8 , jie and michelle came to centrepoint :D we bought Shandy & Charcoal . Then we headed to michelle's house . at 8.30 , we started eating ! we had lamb , chicken wings , sausages , crab , prawns , sotong and so much more ! we were terribly full ! we laughed , drank cans of shandy , talked and it was so fun ! we finished eating around 10.30 , then i talked to Madeline bout stuffs ;) gossiped ALOT . XD . around 11.55 , there was fireworks . so we went out to watch ! but it was short . then 12 , we shouted Merry Christmas ! not we , ME -.-' and .. her parents were sleeping T_T then 12.20 , i went home ;)

yeah . I sort of feel bad . cause , jie and i were at michelle's house . Bro went Curve for countdown , and parents were alone together T_T . Well , thats how i spent my Christmas Eve ;D

today's Christmas ! weee ~ :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

santa claus is coming to town ;)

tomorrow is christmas eve ! and everyone is going places to celebrate their christmas / having parties / countdown .

and i'm GONA BE HOME ALONE WITH PARENTS T_T sis and bro has their own events :\ and they can drive ! grrr . not that its a bad thing to be home alone , but its just going to be very boring ! and .. its so . sad ):

i feel like skipping guitar tmrw ! but then .. its going to be my last guitar class . so yeah , dont want lah T_T

my life's heck boring !

eh , so many people is off to singapore -.- . sheila , natasha , carrisa & jing her . I WANT TO GO SINGAPORE TOO T_T i havent been to singapore before ! :\

oh ? brandon chew is off to bali too ! and claire's in johor now T_T

Sunday, December 21, 2008

i heart ?

sheila's off to singapore , oh dear .

my blog's visitors are decreasing tremendously T_T and , i feel so dissapointed , when everyday i look at my blog and take a look at my cbox , but nobody leave a tag . it just makes me feel that nobody reads my blog and makes me feel that i should take out my cbox -.- . but when i look at nuffnang , i'll be happy again :D cause i know at least one person reads my blog ! anyways , yeah , you can say that i do really care whether people leave a tag on my cbox or whatever . i guess my blog's just too boring ? :\

anyways , moving on . ITS TONG YUEN FESTIVAL TODAY ;)
i woke up around 1pm because sis was bothering me -.-' at around 10 something , she asked me about cupcakes , and ask me to buy ingredients with her but i told her i am so tired . then she went out . then 1pm she came and ask me what ingredients you need for cupcakes , and she ask me to buy with her , as she doesnt know , and scare she buy wrong . so yeah .

i woke up and went centrepoint with her to buy ingredients . then came back , i quickly had brunch and TONG YUEN :D then bake cupcakes with jie :D meanwhile parents and bro went to KL ? to give the NS letter . anyways , sis and i , have never baked cupcakes before , not as in 2 of us only . but with friends , yes . but do count us noobs -.-' anyways , during the baking part , everything was a success . but then , when we put the 1st tray into the oven , after 1 min , the oven was ... smoking and giving out a burnt smell . sis and i totallly freaked out . but then , we managed to settle it , and , it was a sucess ! :D :D it tasted quite nice . when parents and bro came back around 3 , i quickly ran out to them with cupcakes on my hand , and asking them to try :D dad said it was to sweet , mum said not bad . i asked kor to try , he didnt want -.- he keep saying " eeyer .. " but then he ate the most :P and he did help .

then around 4 , when we were done . jie drove kor and i to bangsar ;D first we went to this reliance optic centre , as kor want to buy specs , but too bad , it was .. closed -.-' then we went looking around for this bazaar ? its not really a bazaar , its this banglow , where all online boutiques owner , will bring out their shirts + accesories out there , and sell it there . the price is really cheap , you can buy 3 dresses less than rm150 . and , it can be bargained :D anyways its .. so CROWDED . hundreds of people were inside and outside of the house . thank god , they had aircond inside .well , jie bought some dresses and i bought some pants . i wanted to buy those formal dresses ? but jie didnt allow -.- she keep giving the excuses that " where can you wear it to ? " . -.-'

then around 5 , we left :D and headed home . i watched some Tivo and then took a nap ;)
anyways , i'm caught up with online shopping right now ! :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

christmas is coming :D

its saturday , but it feels like a sunday for me -.- i've no idea why .

anyway . i slept around 4 something in the morning again T_T screw me . i cant sleep eventhough i off-ed the lights , yes i on the lights and sleep :\ then i woke up at 4 in the afternoon . usual me -.- i went around the house looking for my siblings , but guess what , they went out without telling me T_T so yeah , i ate brunch while watching Sonria Pasta on 8TV . after that , i watched gossip girl . my sister's friend only give me till ep16 . i dl-ed ep17 yesterday , and watched ep16 & 17 today ;) i'm dl-ing ep18 now :D and less than 2 hours , it will be done ! wala ~

moving on , there's only 2 weeks more till school reopens ! T_T christmas is coming in 5 more days . I'm not going anywhere for christmas . zomg ;\ all my friends are like having their own events and destinations . but , i'm just staying at home ): Claire will be leaving to Johor on 23rd , coming back on 29 . Sheila will be leaving to Singapore on 21st ( which is tomorrow T_T ) , and comnig back on 25/26 . I'm so gonna miss you guys T_T

Schools reopening T_T ! and its gona be end of year 2008 just exactly in 11 days . I haven finish buying my school books ( left civiks ) , I haven wash my bag , I haven clean up my books , I haven finish Gossip Girl , I haven finish reading my book T_T oh oh , my christmas wish for this year , is to HAVE THE BOOK ; THE GIFT - CECILIA AHERN ): ): please , oh santa claus ~

snowman & santa are best friends ! :D


Friday, December 19, 2008

change :D

heeeeloo ;)

i just met up with claire cosset just now :D and guess what , she permed her hair permanently !! which make her looks like LINDSAY LOHAN ;)

okay . running for gossip girl , blog late .

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i miss 2 beta'o8 T_T

heeeeello . sorry i didnt blog yesterday , i was so tired T_T after coming back from Madeline's house , i slept for an hour . then went to eat dinner and online for 2 hours . i was so sleepy . *yawns* .

anyways , today i slept at 4 am -.-' and woke up like 12.30 in the afternoon , cause my brother called me and say " RAINING LAAHH . TAKE BACK THE CLOTHES " . i was forced to wake up , incase it really rains , then im dead . so yeah , i went out and took in the clothes . after 2 hours , it still didnt rain -.- !! i scolded my bro :\ for waking me up -.- ugh . well , at first diyana called me , but then i managed to fall back into my dreams :D

im just blogging now for fun ;)
anyways , i miss everything bout 2 beta lah T_T i hope every 2 betarians can stay in 3 beta next year !! its like A BIG BIG FAMILY WE HAVE :\ those funny moments we have , those moments we have our games with Mrs.K , especially CATERPILLAR !! :D :D and that was the time , all of us co-operate :P and i really liked that !

and i realise , this hols i didnt go out with those close friends T_T like .. MAY YIN :\ its been long since we went out right ? i tink it was during claire's bday party ): and also NATALIE ! the last time we went out was first november i think :\ omg T_T damn long lah , i miss you babe T_T sumore i missed your party T_T and also , BRANDON ; IAN ; JING HER ; STANLEY , haven seen you guys like ... damn long . T_T omg :\ i wan hangout with all my close friendss laaahh :\ i miss all of you T_T and RACHEL , WE ALSO DIDNT GO OUT T_T aih :\

anyways , im waiting for teejoann to finish bathing .
eh joann , FASTER LAH T_T
later i go offline then u know : P
hahaha kidding !


Monday, December 15, 2008

tears in heaven ;)

heelo readers !

today i slept at 6am -.- wanna know why , screw ah chew T_T AAHAH kidding ! :P i slept at 6 because i was talking to rachel till 5.45 , and to brandon , till 6am -.- brandon and i talked bout twilight - harry potter - heath legar - drugs - relationship ? & topic which you'll will never talk to guys about . we talked bout something we dont always talk because ah chew had his * insertsuitableword* mood on XD and i was being a very good best friend , to talk to him bout that too ;) we were questioning each other stuff and being very honest . i was also watching GossipGirl .

then i woke up at 4 . quickly bath . and ate some stuffs. then played guitar ;) at 6 , went for guitar replacement class . teacher taught me how to play realize & rockstar - nickelback . i wanted Tears In Heaven , but we didnt have enough time T_T oh well , i learned it through internet di :D

i'm gona run for my book now !
have to wake up early ;)
will blog tmrw bout something exciting if im going to my friend's house !

i need a f*cking time machine :\ - edited

i'm very .. sad right now . feeling damn guilty . i hate TECHNOLOGIES t_T for some reasons .

I'VE JUST DONE SOMETHING WRONG WHICH I DONT KNOW WHAT I'VE DONE . and .. just because I RESTARTED THE DAMN COMPUTER , everything cant be played :\ and that " everything " , ITS NOT MINE T_T and therefore , im hating this laptop right now , cause when i was transferring stuffs , it suddenly ... HANGED . and obviously , i've to restart right ? :\ and now , ITS GONE T_T i just need a damn time machine , to go back to the time before i restart T_T . im such a f*cking dumb , mad , asshole crazy bitch ): argh . and therefore , im having massive headache T_T and i feel like banging my head at the wall T_T

i just need a break right now :\ help !


anyways , im back ;) and .. the problem's solved right now . its not the video problem actually . its just some program which i accidentally removed . now i can continue with my gossip girl ! :D

well , thanks to MeiTing and Shaza who helped me so much xD . thanks to google which solved my problem ! i love google now :D just question google with your problem , and google will come to the rescue !!! :)

sunday was not so a great day for me . i slept at 4.30 am , and woke up at 4pm . i slept without waking up ! usually i will wake up around 12 , and look around . then fall back to my sleep . thanks to daddy's call for waking me up :\ then sis was the only one in the house as mum was with her sisters and kor was at sunway college . sis and i ate food while watching sonria pasta ;) then at 5 , came online . mum came home . then around 6 , she asked me if i wanted to go out cause my cousin is giving us a dinner treat . well , i was so lazy to go out T_T , so i didnt want to go .

sis : WHY DONT WANT GO ? :\
me : dont want lah . lazy .
sis : go laaahh . come come * pulls my hand *
me : dont wannnt :\
mum : so are u going ?
sis : YEAH SHE IS .
me : noooo T_t
mum : she doesnt want to go , let her lah .
sis : okay ):
*** after 10 mins **
sis : so what u eating later ? maggi mee ? vegetarian ?
me : anything lah . i guess i'll starve with milo .
sis : do u want mcd ? come i drive you there .
sis : but too bad , i got no money .
me : yyerrr .
sis : seriously lah . come , ask mummy
me : noooo . nvm lah
sis : *walks down* *after 2 mins * yoke shan !! come down !
me : what ?
sis : kor fetching u there , faster , he pay .
me : oh .. okay .

and kor was the sweetest guy ;) he drove me there , and PAID FOR MY MCD :D i bought Ayam Goreng MCD regular set ; 6 pieces of McNuggets ; McFlurry Oreo . then at 7 , mum , jie and kor left :D

left me , home alone -.- i watched gossip girl while eating in my room :D then around 8 , michelle drop by my house as she borrowed me thanks for the memories-cecilia ahern book ! omg , thanks ! :D i was so happy ;) i was craving for that book and begged my sis , FOR MONTHS . and now , im craving for the gift - cecilia ahern .

then around 9 , went down to watch tv . i on almost every light in the house cause i was afraid :\ then around 10 , i took up my Mcflurry and eat while continue-ing gossip girl ;) then mum they all , came home ! the first thing that my bro said when he step right into the house was " WAH . WHY ON SO MANY LIGHTS O.O " well , HELLO T_T i was so scared ): ):

running for thanks for the memories ! ;)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

tag by aliya ;)

A for Aliya Syaqira
1. Do you love this person?
obviously :D love her to mad !

2. Is this person your enemy?
never ;)

3. Would you kiss this person?
i've kissed her before .

B for Brandon Chew

1. What do you really think of this person?
he's a really nice bestie ! and a trustable friend , good listener

2. What's his favourite color?
erh o.O black ah ?

3. Ever danced with him?
sadly , no .

C for Carmen Lim
1. Do you have a crush on this person?
well ... no . cause im not les :D

2. Have you had a crush on this person?
hahaha have i ? got lah , when she called me on the phone at 12am and sang me a birthday song !

3. How old is she?
10+4 .

D for Derrick Ng
1. How long have you know him?
2 or 3 years i guess .

2. Biggest regret?
erh .... i dont know . no regrets !

3. Do you hate this person?
nope .

E for Eugene
1. Have you met her/his parents?
yeahh ,

2. Worst thing about this person?
he's annoying sometimes .

3. Best thing about this person?

F for Farah Ilyana
1. Have you ever date this person?
nope nope

2.When is the last time you saw him/her?
27 nov . we watched twilight together ! ;)

3.Do you go to school with him/her?
yes yes :D

G for Gan lay pin
1. Is she a good listener?
yeahh :D

2. Have you ever lied to make this person feel better?
dont think so .

3. Is this person good looking?
yeahh ! (:

H for Han Lee
1. What grade is he in?
grade 9 next year .

2. Is he your friend?
yeap .

3. Ever done something illegal with this person?
dont tink so .

I for Ian Goh
1. What is this person's favourite food?
he eats anything -.-

2. How did you know her/him?
erh . we're classmates .

3. Do you trust her/him?
of cause ;)

J for Jasmine
1. Does she/he have any siblings?
yeap .

2. Do you know her/his favourite song?

3. What would you do if she/he confess she/he liked you?
i will tell her , its sad to know you only like me , cause I LOVE YOU ;)

K for Kong MinXuan
1. When did you two first meet?
we haven even meet before ! : O

2. How did you meet?
erh . meet ... as in talk . was thru mei ting ;)

3. Ever danced with this person?
nah .

L for jess Loo
1. What would you do if you had a crush on this person?
confess i guess .

2. Do you like him as a friend?
yea.obviously ! ;D

3. Would you go to Disneyland with this person?
suuureee !

M for Mei Ting
1. Is this person older than you?
uhuh .

2. Is this person single?
yeah . i tink so

3. How many times do you talk to him in a week?
at least once a week ?

N for Natalie
1. Is this person your boyfriend?
hahahaha nope

2. Have you seen this person cry?
dont really remember . but dont tink so .

3. Do you know this person's middle name?
Yian ?

O for brenda Ong
1. Are you related?

2. Could you live with this person?
yeah !

3. What school does he go to?
Sri Kuala Lumpur

P for Penny
1. Have you ever gone to mall with this person?
nopee .

2. How about a sleepover with him?

3. Does this person have a job?
still a student .

Q for-
1. Does he have crush on you?

2. Would you hug this person?

3. Is this person your friend?

R for Rachel
1. Have you ever heard this person sing?
noo T_T

2. Do you think this person will repost this?
erhh maybe ?

3. When does this person look best?
whenever ;) she always look good and cute .

S for Sher Lin
1. Is this person taller than you?
yeah T_T

2. Do you enjoy spending time with him?
eehhe yeah :]

3. Do she live close to you?
do we , sher ?

T for Teh Shao Wei.
1. Would you do anything for her?
obviously . she's my ultimate best friend :D

2. Have you been to her house?
yeapp ;)

3. Where does she live?
shah alam <<<<<< aliya answered it for me ;D

U for-
1. Who's she to you?

2. Is she single?

3. Does she stink?

V for Vijune
1. Does she have crush on you?
no , but yes for my brother ;)

2. Would you hug this person?
hahaha yeah .

3. Is this person your friend?
yeap .

W for Wi-liam
1. Is this person noisy or quiet?
average , but he sounds like a duck :P

2. Describe this person.
he sounds like a duck ! HAHAH KIDDING !

3. What colour eyes does this person have?
black i guess .

X for Xiang Ting
1. Why are you friends with her?
because she used to have the same blogskin with me :D

2. Have you ever gone anywhere with her?
naaah T_T

3. What is one thing you will change about her?
none .

Y for YenLin
1. Does this person wear make-up?
dont think so .

2. Does this person play instruments?
nooo .

3. What is his favourite sport?
yen , what's ur favourite sport ? o.O

Z for Zhi Wei
1. Does this person have MSN?
yeahh ,

2. Have you gone out with her?
nooo .

3. When will you see this person next?
next year .

Saturday, December 13, 2008

what's wrong , what's wrong now ?

today was great ;) spent time with family but not dad cause he's off to ipoh . anyways , went one u today and aunty's house .

today around 9 something , mum went in my room and asked if i want to go one u to have lunch with my cuz and aunty from singapore . i said , i dont want . i want to sleep . so she just left the room . then an hour later , she came in my room and said . " LOOK WHO'S HERE " i saw my 2 nieces ! :D they ran to my bed and invaded my small little room -.- they hit the guitar , opened the closet , messed up my 2 tables , study table and dressing table . they played with SHARPENER , soft toys , PEN , NAIL POLISH , PERFUMES , LIPSTICK AND MY SHIRTS -.-' yeah , then i went to eat and bath ;) watched tv and such .

left to one u around 1 something . we couldnt find any parking -.-' found after like 30 - 45 mins . then we went to have lunch ;) lunch was great ! the nieces played with the camera , taking all of our pictures :D :D then walked around as aunties and mum were looking for dresses to wear . before that , we sat at old wing hall for 30 minutes for Disney Princess Fashion Show . yeah , the nieces wanted to -.-' after walking at old wing , we went to new wing . then my nieces went and sit at the ... cute cute bears which can drive you around and which costs rm3 -.-' the cost was a little pricey . after that , headed home around 6 something ..

at 6.30 , went over to aunty's house at jalan ipoh (; . and 7 something , went for dinner . then went back to her house and watched MTV Music Video Awards . then came home around 9 something :D

anyways , pictures from yesterday .

redbox beautiful toilet ;)

shan ; swei ; jess ; erin ;D

best friends since standard 2 :D

infront of Marche .

me ; jess & erin ;D at curve x'mas deco .

i was the shortest T_T

erin ; jess ; shan

spot the little boy above us :D

running for gossip girl
`you , fucked up biatch . i hate you , fucking do .

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jess ; Swei ; Erin (:

woke up at 9.30 this morning :D i know , damn early -.-' i havent woke up this early like AGES :)

anyways , then .. i got ready at 10.30 . watched the tv , had breakfast till 11.30 . :) then left the house . kor was the driver , as usual . he dropped mum at some saloon , then went to 1u to pick swei up :D and off we headed to cineleisure .

first we went to meet up with Jess at starbucks ! we hugged , and met Jess's friend , Erin :D then we talked while walking . and went to redbox ! yeah . we sang , la la la . and all . it was sort of fun tho (: and ... THEY DONT HAVE PARAMORE SONGS O.O ZOMG -.-'

anyways , we were done by 3 . we went for Baskin Robbins and so we went to walk around for christmas presents ! from soft toys to fragrance . from fragrance to jewelleries to shoes and lastly , tops :D i wanted Paramore's Cd and asked 3 of them to buy me that for X'mas . but swei , didnt let me -.- cause she say i wont always listen . pfft :\ :\ but she has a point tho . i can just burn it into CD ! :) then we went MNG ; Padini to look around . then went to Metrojaya .

Jess bought a purse from Guess as it was 40% sale . and Swei bought a jacket from Momoe as it was 20% sale . Erin and I couldnt find what we wanted ! T_T it was soo .. ugh xD so Erin and I went to Padini to look for jewelleries ! i bought a necklace , and Erin asked me to get another pair of earings , but i told her that i do not have a ear hole . and she was like " EH I DIDNT REALISE O.O " then i was like . " OBVIOUSLY XD WHO WANTS TO LOOK AT THE EAR :) " ahahha . it was funny .

then we quickly paid and all . and we stood outside , settling our money stuffs :D then , 4.30 , I followed Swei home ;) we said bye to Jess and Erin , and we promised to go out after next year's PMR ! weeee ~

got home around 5 , watched some Gossip Girls . then 6 , parents left for wedding dinner . I was home alone . then 6.30 , Kor came back with Vijune . yeah , watched some TV . then they went out for dinner at 7 while I continued with my TV . then my sis came back . i took a nap , at 8 , we went to Centrepoint for dinner :D and when we're done , i bought " Wild Child " since .. i wont be out anymore i guess ? so i rather to just watch it at home than asking everybody to go out with me .

anyways , during dinner . Jie and I had alot of talks bout the future . hers and mine ;) i asked her ...

me : Jie , If i take MassComm , what can i be ?
jie : like allan wu lah .
me : ohhh . cool .
jie : but no future 1 .
me : why ? o.O
jie : cause is malaysia .
me : nolah .maybe i take music degree .
me : take lah . in music college .
jie : NO FUTURE 1 . u take adi , what can u do ?
me : i dont know ... -.-
jie : noo . take like lawyer or doctor .
jie : then take business .
me : I LAGI DONT WAN BUSINESS. BORING BORING . i wan take pyschiatrist ! :D
jie : YEAH YEAH !

yeah . that was it ;) there was more , but too long to continue :D but obviously i told her that i want go Performing Arts ... she say " NO FUTURE IN MALAYSIA ! " well , kind of true . but its 3 more years till i decide . anyways , im pretty sure that i will be going for Science Stream when form 4 :D

running for Wild Child .
pictures still with Jess ;)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

i noticed your eyes are always glued to me ;)

hello :D i came back from madeline's house like .. 2 hours ago .

anyways , i was suppose to wake up at 12 today . but i woke up at 2 ! omg . SHEILA XD !!! anyways , then i quickly had brunch . then bath . left house at 3 . sis and i headed to madeline's house because she needs someone to make up for her as she's going Prom today . then my sis make up for her , and i gave my opinions and all :D :D it was really fun ! sis and i was like some designer / make up artis . fine , i didnt make up . but , i gave alot of opinions , and i was an experiment material -.- we were done by 5 . then we left , while madeline left for prom too ! ENJOY YEAH BABE :)

cause it rains in your bedroom , everything's wrong ,
it rains when you're here and it rains where you're gone :D

rock and roll hey ,
dont you know baby
we're all alone now ,
i need something to sing about ! ;)

taylor swift & paramore rocks !

crush , crush , crush :P

tuning in : crush crush crush - paramore !

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i guess i'm dreaming again (: [edited]

hello . its been long since i updated . life at home , is kind of pretty boring (: and my blog's kind of dead -.-'

anyways , i'm so into paramore right now -.- dont ask me why , i dont know :D i love paramore ! i love hayley william's voice ! she's ... zomg man ! i tried to sing like her , but i failed -.-' ah but anyways , she rock ! i mean PARAMORE ROCK :D and i want their RIOT! CD :) and no , sheila , im not copying you :D its's just that PARAMORE IS JUST TOO AWESOME (; . and my handphone memory card is only 64 mb . yes , sue me -.-' and so i've to delete every jay chou's songs , and put in PARAMORES :D omg , claire , remember you said , " imagine if she doesnt like jay chou anymore =.=' " i think its starting already ! but nolah , JAY CHOU's STILL the BEST :D

i still want so many CD's T_T

oh , I WANT TAYLOR SWIFT'S ALSO :D fearless ! Taylor Swift is awesome lah she . her " white horse " is damn nice (: and after reading may yin's blog , i like " Forever & Always " TOO ! :D

anyways , i bought Galaxy's Mag yesterday , just because they have ROBERT PATTINSON'S INTERVIEW ;) omfg . xD and and also a twilight poster full page ! i was so happy ! and also news bout Jay Chou ! :D :D see 2 in 1 man ! im loving Galaxy already ;) they also had a Taylor Swift's picture there , and she's so pretty T_T omg . i love her eyes ! :P

is a few more weeks till school reopens , and i still haven finish buying my school books -.- i'm damn dead . next year , i'm going to be the only kid in SriKL , :D . im sort of sad too ! cause last time , if i buy books i can buy my bro buy for me . but now , i've to do everything myself -.-' but i'm happy , cause my bro wont be anymore longer there ! :P


will be going for an early christmas outing with JessLoo & Swei , maybe this week or next week :D cant wait cant wait ! its been a year since i saw Jess ! and we'll be exchanging Christmas Gifts ! fun fun ! and we plan to go for karaoke :P yeah maaan (;

this saturday , will be going OneU with Madeline ! might be going Neway :D and might be going her house too ! Its been long since i went out with her . More than One year !

then next week , might be going Pyramid with Meiting ; MinXuan ; and XiangTing (; Cant wait too ! :D cause i haven go out with them before o.O hope it wont be awckward or anything :\

i love holidays cause i get to meet up or my long lost buddies !

speaking of outings , i havent go out with May Yin during holidays ! T_T

and also , SJSY OUTING O.O what happen to it ? ): Yen , are you still grounded ? :\

running to clean up my books now !
p.s : I STILL HAVENT FIND MY CAPO -.-' its confirm , LOst !


okay :D i feel like bloggin !

piano and guitar was ... okay i guess . i had to walk to my piano centre -.-' this is what happens when you have 4 people who knows how to drive in your family and you only have 3 cars -.-' pfft . anyways , yeah . bro went out with friends , dad's off to work , sister was at college . so i needed my mum to walk there , and i sort of feel bad , cause she have to stop cooking for me T_T

piano was very fun ! teacher and i kept laughing T_T she kept laughing at my mistakes okay ! :\ i dont know why , but yeah . i just love her lah :D :D

then guitar , was 1 hour , cause replacement . then , i told him i lost my capo . I MADE EXCUSES SAYING THAT MY FRIEND LOST IT -.- i know , i lied . but . :\ im sorry . i know im careless . anyways , i spent rm70 on that capo once again . then , he lost the JayChouCD that i burned for him . and we were learning " gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian " previously , and that song needs capo . but i dont have , then he say , we dont have to follow :D cause we dont have the song ! heheh yeah ;) then , i asked him to teach me " i'm yours - jason mraz " . yeah he did ! and i cant master it due to the strumming -.- ugh .

before i went for piano & guitar , i was cleaning up books . and i found my Sibling's Form3's books . and yeah , i have brenda's and my bro's form 3 books now . so i decided to sell some extra books to Shaza ! first price was rm73 . cause it was all wrapped and all . but no , her dad say its 2nd hand , so half price . so i said , fine , rm40 . -.-' omg man . i was like ... T_T shit :\ aiya , fine lah rm40 . as long as can sell -.-'

and yeah , TMRW'S SRIKL'S PROM NIGHT :D enjoy for those who are going ! Fitri , ENJOY ENJOY ! ;)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


its 9 december ! :D
i would love to wish one of my gorgeous babe ,
may all your dreams come true ,
and have a blast aite dear !
i cinta awak !
and you better cinta me too ! :P

liya syaqira ;)

love you gorgeous !

Monday, December 8, 2008

i'm so dissapointed with you .

its a monday ;)

and yeah . i slept at 7 something in the morning . cause i was finishing up with MissNoGood . and also tried so hard dl-ing twilight . and mana tau , the twilight i downloaded , is all wrong one -.- pfft . i also watched 3 episodes of GemOfLife :D and , found a new blogskin , edit and so on .

sometimes i really wonder , if life is really this unfair . i cant stand my family , i cant stand some of my friends which always give me stuffs that stresses me and make me worried , as i m those who put friends in my first priority . i cant stand my life . seriously . how i wish , i can finally work , and leave this damn house . t_T and go find a new life . new world , new environment , new friends . one moment , my family is putting their anger on me , another minute , my best friend go say something which really make me sad . i dont know what to do seriously . i mean , i cant cry over it right ? not like , crying can make everything get better .

`i give up with everything .

quarantine :D

hello ;)

went to one u at 4 something . reached around 4.45 . it was ... CROWDED ! you can hardly find any parking , i swear -.-' spent 20 mins , finding for a parking ! anyways , then headed to GSC . bought popcorn and stuffs ;) went in the cinema . and ... zomg , the advertisements were long -.-' every advertisement was super long ! when another advertisement was up , i was like , " OMG FASTER LAH !!! " then when it finally started , i was like " PHEW FINALLY :D "

quarantine was ... scary T_T the storyline was very stupid . finally , everyone died . then it just ended like that . i was like . WTH O.O CEH ! but ... when people are dying , omg scary T_T . mum and kor shouted . LOL ! kor worse . he shouted " OH MY GOD ! " OUT LOUD OKAY ! XD .
the show ended like .. 7.00 ? then we headed to old asia for dinner :D left one u around 8 something (:

anyway , im here to also update bout thursday outing with carissa :)

reached pyramid around 12.00 . as usual , earliest -.-' i waited for like 5 mins ? and she arrived with her SUPERCOOL MERCEDES CAR ! I LOVE YOUR CAR T_T first we went to eat . as dear ms.yuen wei teng was hungry :D pizza hut , cause she feel like eating pizza . we talked bout alot of stuffs lah .Gossips + Futures + Guys . omg xD . then we went over to popular , as i needed to buy some books . she met some of her old school friends , had a little talk with them . and i was being a loner :X

at 2.15 , we went to buy some popcorns and all . and we went in for BOLT 3D :D we were , DAMN JAKUN OKAY ! here it goes . :

we wanted to go toilet . so we thought of putting our cokes + popcorn inside the cinema first . then yeah we went in . then we were like ... thinking should we go ? cause if we lose the 3D glasses , WE'LL HAVE TO PAY RM150 . so yeah . then carissa ask me to ask the guy next to me to help us take care our stuffs . so okay . when i wanted to put the popcorn on her seat , suddenly her back hit the popcorn and 1/4 of the popcorn fell off . and thats when we started to laugh for like 2minutes ? XD . then yeah . we sat back down , and still discussing if we want to go ? so okay . we decided . and asked the guy to take care . then we went out . and put the glasses for them to jaga first (:

yeah . then it started :D with 3D glasses , it was super uncomfortable -.-' cause the glasses is like damn big ! and its like hitting my nose . pfft ;\ and yeah .

then later , went for twilight (: we met carissa's cousin and friend right behind us :D twilight was great for me again ! after that , we went strolling around to look for shaza's present ;) met up with shawn before i leave .

overall , the whole outing was fun + funny XD
carissa , you know why !

p.s : no colour post !
tuning in : let me sign - rob pattinson &
& : i thought i lost you - john travolta + miley cyrus .

Jasmine ;)

may all your dreams come true !
love love love you ! :D

we all knew each other since this year .
thanks to JAY CHOU ;)
ahhaha .
and we became closer , i mean SJSY
when it was yen's bday !
thanks for accompanying me on yen's bday ,
cause i didnt know anybody except you & yen .
thanks for so many things man !
i remember we talked bout jay , omg .
for dont know how many days weih XD
and thats a good thing (:

*sorry no pics in this comp !

the J :D
Jay ; Jasmine ;)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

everything's fine .

hello :D i was piss , very piss an hour ago .

as not many of you know , 45th Golden Horse Awards was live on tv like since 6pm . and newspaper said jay is gona be there to perform . so yeah i sticked my ass on the chair since 6pm till 11.30pm . AND GUESS WHAT , HE WASNT THERE O.O and i was dead piss T_T 5 hours okay . i can use that 5 hours to do alot of things :\ mum was trying so hard to cool me down cause i was banging the chair -.-'

anyways , will be going ou tomorrow :D to watch quarantine with family . like once in a blue moon , my whole family will go out to watch movie . if the movie have like jet li or jackie chan , then thats an exception . but its QUARANTINE :D lol !

bro : we watch quarantine okay ?
sis : dont want ! james bond lah .
bro : then what movie ? faster , i go buy .
me : twilight twilight . nvm .
bro : nooo -.-'
bro : can we watch something more mature please ?
mum : * laughs *
me : FINE O.O
sis : aiya quarantine lah .

yeah . we decided on quarantine . but its 18 SG . not sure if i can go in anot , but i think with parents will do :D not like i'm 4 years old -.-'

will be buying twilight soundtrack for shaza i think ;) and for me , i think i'll burn the songs into a CD . see , shaza ! im damn good okay :P

byeeee :D


you're a camwhore queen man .
im sorry , im not your camwhore buddy :\
so dont have much pics with you T_T
i know , i always say you're bad !
AHAH sorry :P
and thanks for being my midnight buddy (:
you talk to me when i cant sleep !
remember we talked till 5 something ? xD
you're the lamb , and i'm the lion .
but too bad we broke up T_T
you know i love you right ? (:

too bad you're younger than me !
sucker !! :P

i said im gonna do a long post for you right ?

but i dont know what to say :X

we werent close last year lah T_T

but thank god , this year we're close :D :D

although i always fight with you ,
you know i love you lah woman .

enjoy your big big day !
and you'll get your soundtrack soon . i guess :X

*sorry no picture . sister deleted all my pictures in this comp
sorry lady !
but for those who wants to know whose shaza cullen ,
Click Here !

you can see her SS photos everywhere :P
haha kidding !
thank me for advertising your blog !

nah , your edward cullen :D


thanks for being a great best friend !
and thanks for every single thing ;)
sweet sixteen !
enjoy yeaaahh (:
loves ;)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sher & Farah :D

today's 6 dec :D

hope you enjoy your big day ! :)
stay pretty & gorgeous aite !
i've known this girl like .. since std 3 .
she's really nice to talk to .
and yet , she can be trustable ! :D
love love you !

farah ilyana ;)

Happy 15th BIRTHDAY , Chow Sherlin :D
Sher sher sher :P
hope you have a great one okay !
SJSY needs to go out , badly T_T
i've known you ... during yen's birthday party !
and ... suddenly , we just became SJSY xD .
i guess , fate brought 4 of us together , dont you agree ?
although im not close with you ,
but i know that you're a great friend !
love you love you :D
stay pretty aite !

the girl on the third :D

Friday, December 5, 2008

edward cullen ;)

hello :D

today i woke up at 2.15 pm , and i was suppose to wake up at 1.30pm , as one of my form 5 friend madeline will be coming over at 2.30 . yeah , i changed and stuffs . then she came . i started off teaching her ' fall for you ' on guitar (: and finally , she suceeded :D after that , we talked bout future . then later played guitar , and we talked bout stuffs in srikl ; twilight and such ;)

she just went home :D

I WANT TWILIGHT SOUNDTRACK T_t AND THE SCORE which is composed by carter burwell !!!!! i wan it so badly T_t

got to go and bath . brb !


back (:

i would like to confess that ,
he's my 3rd love ;)
1: Jay Chou
2: Peter Facinelli
3: Robert Pattinson :D :D


i love this picture cause got robert + peter !!! (:
both of my love !!!
and therefore , my DISPLAY PICTURE !

wahseh , walk until damn yeng sial T_T

im so into twilight now lah T_T eventhough i read the book , i still agree that its NICE ! VERY :D edward is so hot T_T i want to watch it over again lah . no matter how many times , i still can watch !! :) anyone , who wants to join me ? :P


Thursday, December 4, 2008

i'm sorry .

today , pyramid with carissa was good :) really . got to talk to her bout alot of things , and the greatest thing was , WE WERENT LATE FOR TWILIGHT . ! hah yeah . anyways , not in a mood to blog bout what happen and all in pyramid . just that , we watched BOLT 3D , & twilight .

to you-know-who ,

i'm sorry for today . today was just so wrong . and .. i dont know what've gotten into me . maybe hearing from so many people bout you , was a very wrong thing . i should have followed my decisions , my instincts and just follow my heart . i know at this very second , for you , i might have done something wrong . but i swear to god i dont mean it . and .. now you're asking me , what's wrong . i really dont know . i love you . i know i do . but one thing im not sure is ... do i love you as a friend ? or maybe more than that , thats im not sure . but anything , i just hope you'll forgive me and give me more time . if you cant wait any longer , i wont stop you and move on . but always remember , you'll always be my best friend , and i'll always love you .

i'm sorry .

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

capo , where are you :\



incase you dont know what capo is ,

its a guitar thing , which clip on the fret , and make it higher pitch

my teacher's gona screw me T_T

and i think i have to buy a new 1 :\

capo capo , tell me where are you !! T_T


i've a good news & a bad news (:


my teacher called during 3pm and said that GUITAR CLASS IS CANCELLED :D :D


i still cant find my capo -.-'

i think i'm gona turn my room over just to find the capo -.- and i hope i will be able to find that small , steel thing -.- I NEED YOUR LUCK :)

anyways , will be going pyramid with carissa for 2 movies (: twilight , once again , i know -.-' and BOLT . not just bolt , but .. BOLT 3D :D . at the same time , gonna drop around to hunt for farah ; shaza ; jasmine ; sherlin & aliya's present . zomg , im so gonna be broke T_T and also , going to buy school books from popular , cause i have membership card :P * jumps up and down and clap hands *

gona hunt for a new blogskin + really have to clean up my books di -.-



anyways , carissa said that , almost every celebrity i really love , their bday are very close to mine . and its so true .!

miley cyrus - 3 days before mine (23 nov)
peter facinelli - SAME AS MINE :D (26 nov ) [ minxuan , be jealous :P ]
jay chou - more than a month but less than 2 months (18 jan)

tuning in : supermassive black hole - muse (i've been listening to it for 5 days straight . and rizki said : GILA ! )

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the moon :D


i mean was ? yesterday .

bust still can see now :D

i saw it ! * hyper *

without the stars now :\

lalalal :)

i just feel like blogging .

oh , for those who say that i'm into peter facinelli and i ditched jay chou , hell yeah :D its cause jay chou is busy in beijing , filming a movie , so its time for me to bercurang ! and , PETER FACINELLI / CARLISLE CULLEN IS MY SECOND LOVE :D he's heck hot T_T , and i'm going to watch twilight for the 3rd time , just because i wan see him :D :D too bad , he's married -.- pfft
MINXUAN , faster go kill the wife and daughter . you use gun , i use sniper :)

running out ! :D

Monday, December 1, 2008

everytime i look at the stars , i see you ;)

i feel like having a new blogskin T_T
i tak suka this one ,
cause the words are really small , and it feels so dull .
i like something bright ;)
i went to ,
but the server is down -.-'
pffft . :\
so i guess i've to stick with this currently :D

anyways , today i slept at 6am . yes -.-' i was staying up late just to download rainie yang's new album . i was searching high and low on the internet for it . and finally , i managed to ! :D and i was dead happy ! as the album cost rm62.90 -.-' i asked claire to buy it for me , she was like " crazy ah , rm62.90 " . but ... it gives out free notebook though . and .. i saw it on the net , and i want it T_T . i want so many albums T_T .

1) rainie yang's - Ban Shou Xuan Yan
2) Wilber Pan - Wilber's Future .
3) Jay Chou 2008 world tour DVD . ( i lost it :X )
4) Twilight soundtrack .
5) Huang Jing Lun's new album !
6) Hey Girl - Hey Girl album .
7) Muse -BlackHoles & Revelations Album :D

i want all of them T_T . i showed claire the hey girl album , it was like rm49.50 :D and i asked her which girl is the prettiest & the ugliest , and she say gui gui is the ugliest cause of her teeth T_T .

miss no good has finally come to the end ! :\ and i dont want to watch it , cause i scare i'll cry T_T . and get all sad over it . pffft :) silly me . anyways , next i'm gonna finish MissnoGood ; PiliMIT ; Love or Bread !

and today i stayed up late to watch 100% entertainment , Hey Girl + Bang Bang Tang . so funny T_T . i laughed like some retard alone . XD . it was damn funny . carmen , you were right . :P

okay , i'm going to go and catch up with my cleaning with my study table . :D


the post on top was suppose to be posted on 1st dec . but i forgotten bout it (:

anyways , heello readers :D i just woke up not long ago .

i cant go online during midnight anymore T_T and thats really sad . i can online till 11.30 pm . :\ but anyways , yesterday i off at 11.30 . then i went to read some of the vacation book . sms-ed . and then read BREAKING DAWN :D . i only read bella's book , not jacob . AHHAHA . and sheila called it cheating (: but i just wanted to read bout renesmee :)

and now , i'm really into muse . i keep listening to " supermassive black hole " . and now , i keep watching that song on live T_T i dont know why , but that song just get me high (:

and i'm really crazy bout twilight ! i cant wait to watch it for the third time with carissa :D and the fourth time with hubby T_T zomg . i think im so crazy bout twilight . peter facinelli ! :D :D


hello december :D

HELLO DECEMBER BABY ;) its 1'st of december .

that reminds me that there's 5 more weeks till school reopens . oh dear i still havent read the "holiday english book " . anyhow , im gonna be form 3 next year T_T . you know time is really passing incredibly fast . and i cant believe my birthday has ended like 5 days ago ? and ... it seems like it was back in january that i was wishing that my birthday would faster come ;) so i guess , now it teaches us to appreciate time ? well , i totally agree that time is passing really fast and we shall appreciate it by doing things which are meaningful . sitting down on the bed , onlining .. is such a nono T_T yes i keep telling myself that . but ... sorry lah , holidays man . -.-' and just because i aint going anywhere during hols , so i thought that i could be a little lazy ;) heh . i've decided later i'm gonna wake up early and clean up my study table ; books rack ; books which i should throw or not ; sis + bro last time form 3 books . and that reminds me .. " BRENDA , WHEN CAN I HAVE MY BOOKS ? :D "

its currently 3.38 am and i'm still not asleep . wtf . currently listening to tong yi ge yi han - pan wei bo ;) finally managed to download it . does she know , dont think so ~ . ah that song is really making me emo T_T my youtube downloader is really useless . it can download but when it goes to 99% , it will stuck at there forever . pffftt .

tmrw's bro's last day of spm ;) and therefore , i cant really go online during midnight anymore , as he'll need his laptop T_T i'm so gonna miss the peace i have , going online during midnight , where sis wont fight for the laptop with you , or family members shouting during the day -.- aih :\

birthday/ event list :D
2nd dec - tay vijune ;)
6th dec - sherlin & farah .
7th dec - shaza & shawn
8th dec - jasmine
9th dec - aliya babe :)
15th dec - jocelyn . ;D
25th dec - CHRISTMAS .
31st dec - bye bye to year 2007 :|

i'm done !

Sunday, November 30, 2008

natasha lee :)

before i start ,
i would love to wish ,
a very happy fourteen birthday :D
last day of november (:
special date :P

anyways,i know this girl since form 1 ,
and we've been real close back then
and i dont know why/what ..
which brought our friendship away T_T
but who cares ,
we're still friends right now babe ? :D

love you aite ;)
and enjoy ! since is 1 more hour !!
and you're fourteen ! same like me :P
stay pretty and sexy

woke up at 5.30pm today . sucessfully slept for 13 hour and 30 minutes (:

i shall blog tmrw . since my dad's like outside . and im scared :\
bye :D


daddy's finally off to sleep , so i can finally blog in peace .

my midnight babes ( shaza + sheila ) are off to sleep :\ and now im like talking to aliya bout her upcoming bday , carissa bout *dramatic people * , hubby bout .. i dont know :D we're not really talking bout stuff anyways .

its time to talk bout my outing yesterday .

woke up at 11am . and .. quickly got ready . my sis have to bath since she was fetching me there . and i told her 11.40 , i'm leaving . so when she was still bathing , and i was done , went down to watch some TV .

then shaza called me at 11.40 , and i just realised it was already 11.40 . then i hurried my sister . and we managed to leave the house at 11.56 -.-' so yeah , my sister rushed to pyramid and all .

i reached there around like 12 something . and once again , i was the earliest -.-' i went in , and saw aaron . talked to him awhile , and claire said she was reaching soon . so i went out to wait for her ;) saw her , and sat down at starbucks while waiting for the others . sheila then came , and next was shaza .

then we headed to redbox since it was 12.30 . we told them our booking at 12.30 ..

girl : sorry we dont have booking for 12.30 .
shaza : hah ? but i called yesterday and they say okay
girl : whats ur name ?
shaza : shaza .
girl : sorry dont have .
shaza : but how can ?
girl : whats ur number ?
shaza : *says number*
girl : sorry dont have

and then bla bla . and they said that they have room now ;) thank god . if they didnt have , I WILL PRACTICALLY COMPLAIN LIKE SHIT . next time , when u're making a booking , please record it :D so .. yeah we can only sing till 3pm , and we rugi-ed 30 mins -.- pfftt .

we sang so many songs :D and i was kind of hyper . then around 3pm , we left . and .. went to walk around , and sit and all :)

then when we went to arcade , there was a bunch of malay guys doing the *mouthsound* , when we were going up . and coming down to . so we were talking bout it since we were so free :P and we insisted on , 2 of us go up and come back down to see if they still doing it , and then 3 of us go . we spent 5 mins , argue-ing on that XD . and finally shaza + aliya decided to go .. and guess what , they're no longer there . so we were like ... POTONG -.-' so yeah

then we bought popcorn + drinks . and went in the cinema for TWILIGHT baby ;) carlisle was still looking hot to me T_T and the baseball scene , zomg , so yeng T_T

after movie , shaza + aliya needed to go pray . so sheila , claire and i went to walk around , one whole big round -.-' , then met up with them at mini toons . after that , went to dreamworld . it was my unlucky day , cause the machine we took couldnt take green shit -.- and i was wearing green , so i guess , i have to be INVISIBLE WOMAN :D thanks to aliya for drawing me ! :D then later headed over to gasoline :D we sat at the dark area , thanks to shaza's phone light , we survived by not getting our eyes blind while reading the menu . then shaza and aliya needed to pray again . so claire ; sheila and i talked . then we ate . and we had to change place -.- so yeah we did .. and we ordered chicken wings additional .

me : excuse me , can i have 1 more chicken wings ?
girl : chicken wings ?
me : yeah fried .
girl : can u tell me the number ?
me : ZOMG -.-

like .. u're a waitress . and u still need me to tell u the number ? cant u just check urself . bahh . and shaza thought i said , LOSER TO HER XD instead of zomg -.- i was tinking , WHY WOULD I SAY THAT ? :) after that , went to popular . then alia left . and followed by shaza + sheila . i followed claire home . left pyramid around 9 . and left claire's house around 9.15 . :D

thanks shaza for your badges ; aliya for my name keychain !

okay im done now :D
` cant wait for outing this friday with carissa ! twilight + bold 3D . ! yeah man ;)
`cant wait for outing with hubby :D twilight baby ;D
`goodbye november , HELLO DECEMBER * christmas *

picas tmrw everyone !

see i've been practically obsessed with twilight -.-' but no worries , JAY CHOU IS STILL MY NO.1 :D

Saturday, November 29, 2008

i'm sorry .

im sorry if i've done anything wrong .
im really sorry T_T
i dont know whats wrong with you anymore :\
maybe im not a close friend to you anymore ?
but i just want you to know , that u'll always be my best friend forever .
and i'll always be there for you whenever you need someone T_T
and i hope that our friendship will be the same , always be T_T
i love you , and i dont want to lose you as one of my bestest friend T_T
i dont know if you know that im saying all this to you :\

happy fourteen birthday,sheila :)

everyone , its 12.00 am now :D
its time for SHEILA'S LEE BIRTHDAY :)

happy birthday to you ,
happy birthday to you ,
happy birthday to SHEILA LEE :D ,
happy birthday to you !

*blow your candles and make a wish *
i demand you . :P

sheila lee jy huey :)
best known for her typical lame jokes :D :D
and she's the hot&pretty babe .
*i think you are shocked that , i have a picture with you ,
when you havent put your braces :P*

this girl , is very special to me .
she protects me from guys .. indirectly
if i tell her bout guys , she'll be like ..
*what if he breaks your heart , I BREAK HIS LEG .*
see , she tries to protect me. ,
but she's 3 days younger than me !
and she always ask me to make decisions cause im older o.O

yes , sheila lee jy huey . i've known you since std six ! but .. someone was very mean to me :\ you didnt let me see your phone during gua tempurung T_T and that was very sad okaaay . and its still our *inside joke* and i always remind you that just to make you angry :P

and then , fate brought us together . we ended up being in 1beta'o7 . and .. i dont know how we became close .. EH YEAH . how did we became close ? o.O . right . anyways , then tgf♥ was formed (: the six of us . you ; me ; claire ; may yin ; aliya and shaza .

then we started to join leoclub of smskl . cause eugene asked us too :P so yeah we did (: and .. we went to klcc ! remember , with danny and jeremy that cute little thing T_T and petrosains was so fun ! remember babe ? and and .. the " so-called-hot-guy " , paul :D . ahahaha , we were like . .. so scared to take a picture with him ! HAHAHA zomg , memories :P

sheila . . ! in the bus to the orphanage :)

the oh-so-hot-guy . HAHAHA

after leo , came up with sapphire :P remember ? no , it wasnt sapphire . it was some name at first -.- i forgotten what . then later you came up with sapphire , and we agreed ! yes man , sapphire rocks (: woooot ~

then .. we went out :D in flyfm and all :)

after that , year 2008 . we're in 2beta'o8 . !

1)we did so many things :D
we auditioned / performed like for so many stuffs :) teachers day audition ; charity dinner ; teacher's day ; at pyramid ; talentine ; i'll remember you-steffi .

2)we had so many things in common .
we think alike and we always speak at the same time :D remember once , K.H , we said one word at the same time , and we looked at each other . it was so freaky but yet cool T_T . but you know i still love you lah okay ;)

we didnt want TGF♥ .. instead , we came up with a new name which is ... SKITTLES♥ . YOU'RE SKITTLES NO.4 :D :D

4)jaychou .
i talk to you bout jay chou almost like ... 5 times in a week ! remember like .. after the concert , you were the one who keep listening to my blabs . i guess you were annoyed . sorry lah T_T seriously , sorry if i annoyed you with him :\ and sorry if u're jealous :P hahah

im only older than you like .. 3 days only :D :D and im really happy of it :) cause we get to celebrate our bday together ! weeeeee ~

6)LEE :D
we're the super LEE's man (: yes as what you said , our lee is diff , but that doesnt matter :P we're still LEE's ! hehehe :D :D . yokeshansheilalee (:

its time to talk bout .. how much you mean to me :D

you're the bestest friend anyone can have ,
you're the one who cares bout my feelings and thought ,
you're the one who always by my side ,
you're the one who i can always talk to ,
you're the one who listens to my everything,
and therefore you're my ms-know-everything ,
but you never believes . pfft :\
you're the MRSkevinCHENG , and im MRSjayCHOU :)
you're my sister ; my listener ; my superduperbabe
3-in one :D

seriously , thanks for everything man :)
and have fun for tmrw !
hope .. everything will be good for you :D
and i sure do owe u a present !
welcome to the "iamfourteengroup" says may yin :D

p.s : remember i say i'll make a long post for you . happy babe ?
i love love you T_T
mwah mwah :D

teacher's day .

leo :D leo :D

talentine ! awesome :)

skittles no.4 :D :D .

deng deng ..






nah . see ur husband here lah :P

mr.Kevin Cheng Ka Wing :D
i find him hot here thats why post this pic :P


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