Monday, December 15, 2008

tears in heaven ;)

heelo readers !

today i slept at 6am -.- wanna know why , screw ah chew T_T AAHAH kidding ! :P i slept at 6 because i was talking to rachel till 5.45 , and to brandon , till 6am -.- brandon and i talked bout twilight - harry potter - heath legar - drugs - relationship ? & topic which you'll will never talk to guys about . we talked bout something we dont always talk because ah chew had his * insertsuitableword* mood on XD and i was being a very good best friend , to talk to him bout that too ;) we were questioning each other stuff and being very honest . i was also watching GossipGirl .

then i woke up at 4 . quickly bath . and ate some stuffs. then played guitar ;) at 6 , went for guitar replacement class . teacher taught me how to play realize & rockstar - nickelback . i wanted Tears In Heaven , but we didnt have enough time T_T oh well , i learned it through internet di :D

i'm gona run for my book now !
have to wake up early ;)
will blog tmrw bout something exciting if im going to my friend's house !



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