Thursday, December 4, 2008

i'm sorry .

today , pyramid with carissa was good :) really . got to talk to her bout alot of things , and the greatest thing was , WE WERENT LATE FOR TWILIGHT . ! hah yeah . anyways , not in a mood to blog bout what happen and all in pyramid . just that , we watched BOLT 3D , & twilight .

to you-know-who ,

i'm sorry for today . today was just so wrong . and .. i dont know what've gotten into me . maybe hearing from so many people bout you , was a very wrong thing . i should have followed my decisions , my instincts and just follow my heart . i know at this very second , for you , i might have done something wrong . but i swear to god i dont mean it . and .. now you're asking me , what's wrong . i really dont know . i love you . i know i do . but one thing im not sure is ... do i love you as a friend ? or maybe more than that , thats im not sure . but anything , i just hope you'll forgive me and give me more time . if you cant wait any longer , i wont stop you and move on . but always remember , you'll always be my best friend , and i'll always love you .

i'm sorry .



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