Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas is long gone , new year is up ;)


yesterday was christmas . and i woke up at 4 something in the afternoon -.- mum went to aunty's house . bro went to pyramid . sis went curve . so in the whole house left dad and i . i got up and went to watch Gem Of Life . then helped dad with fixing the bicycle --' after that , continued with GemOfLife . around 6 something , went to bath . after that , continued with GemOfLife .

around 7 something , kor came back . then dad , kor and i headed to Victoria Station for dinner :D so many people were eating there -.-' i seldom eat western food with family . wait , i seldom even go out with family to have dinner or anything . so it was very awkward ;) then we came home around 8 something .

yeah , that was how i spent my christmas night :D :D

anyways , eugene is going to singapore today . and i asked him to help me search for Jay Chou Poker Card & the 2009 calendar since sheila saw it , BUT DIDNT BUY T_T * CRIES * haha no worries sheila :P

Show Luo Zhi Xiang - Trendy Man new album ;)

Wang Lee Hom - Heartbeat ( Xin.Tiao) new album ;)

i'm so weird ! 3 weeks ago , i was so into twilight soundtrack . then the week after , i was into Cape No.7 sountrack . then the next week , i was into taylor swift's songs . and now , i'm into Jam Hsiao ; Wang Lee hom ; Show Luo Zhi Xiang ; Alien Huang ; Genie Zhuo ; Huang Jing Lun . what's wrong with me -.-' its like every week , i listen to diff songs o.O

tuning in : Gui Hun - Xiao Gui .
p.s : class list coming out on 30 dec ?



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