Monday, December 29, 2008

280th post ;)

heello :D i'm leaving to ipoh like ... at 9 in the morning i suppose T_T gosh :\

anyways , went ou around 5 something . i woke up around 3 something . then i merajuk , for an hour . and my sis pujuk me back ;)

jie and i first went hunting for heels ! from lewre to Aldo to Nose :D then went to woman's secret to buy lingeries , but nothing much . then went to LaSenza to buy lingeries . we were there for almost an hour , cause mum was busy trying on and such -.- then around 7 , went to shogun for dinner ! my first time ;) so damn jakun T_T we stayed there till 9.30 . jie and i went to Vincci to find heels . and i saw this damn Cute heels ! wanted to buy , but no my size T_T size 3 ! i cant fit laahh :\ so went to Nose . i wanted this Purple heels , but dont have my size -.- too big , cause its size 5 . then i decided to buy a PinkFlats ;) ;)

i gotta continue with packing T_t
byeee !
remember to sms me ! cause i'll be dead bored in Ipoh !



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