Monday, December 1, 2008

hello december :D

HELLO DECEMBER BABY ;) its 1'st of december .

that reminds me that there's 5 more weeks till school reopens . oh dear i still havent read the "holiday english book " . anyhow , im gonna be form 3 next year T_T . you know time is really passing incredibly fast . and i cant believe my birthday has ended like 5 days ago ? and ... it seems like it was back in january that i was wishing that my birthday would faster come ;) so i guess , now it teaches us to appreciate time ? well , i totally agree that time is passing really fast and we shall appreciate it by doing things which are meaningful . sitting down on the bed , onlining .. is such a nono T_T yes i keep telling myself that . but ... sorry lah , holidays man . -.-' and just because i aint going anywhere during hols , so i thought that i could be a little lazy ;) heh . i've decided later i'm gonna wake up early and clean up my study table ; books rack ; books which i should throw or not ; sis + bro last time form 3 books . and that reminds me .. " BRENDA , WHEN CAN I HAVE MY BOOKS ? :D "

its currently 3.38 am and i'm still not asleep . wtf . currently listening to tong yi ge yi han - pan wei bo ;) finally managed to download it . does she know , dont think so ~ . ah that song is really making me emo T_T my youtube downloader is really useless . it can download but when it goes to 99% , it will stuck at there forever . pffftt .

tmrw's bro's last day of spm ;) and therefore , i cant really go online during midnight anymore , as he'll need his laptop T_T i'm so gonna miss the peace i have , going online during midnight , where sis wont fight for the laptop with you , or family members shouting during the day -.- aih :\

birthday/ event list :D
2nd dec - tay vijune ;)
6th dec - sherlin & farah .
7th dec - shaza & shawn
8th dec - jasmine
9th dec - aliya babe :)
15th dec - jocelyn . ;D
25th dec - CHRISTMAS .
31st dec - bye bye to year 2007 :|

i'm done !



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