Sunday, November 30, 2008

natasha lee :)

before i start ,
i would love to wish ,
a very happy fourteen birthday :D
last day of november (:
special date :P

anyways,i know this girl since form 1 ,
and we've been real close back then
and i dont know why/what ..
which brought our friendship away T_T
but who cares ,
we're still friends right now babe ? :D

love you aite ;)
and enjoy ! since is 1 more hour !!
and you're fourteen ! same like me :P
stay pretty and sexy

woke up at 5.30pm today . sucessfully slept for 13 hour and 30 minutes (:

i shall blog tmrw . since my dad's like outside . and im scared :\
bye :D


daddy's finally off to sleep , so i can finally blog in peace .

my midnight babes ( shaza + sheila ) are off to sleep :\ and now im like talking to aliya bout her upcoming bday , carissa bout *dramatic people * , hubby bout .. i dont know :D we're not really talking bout stuff anyways .

its time to talk bout my outing yesterday .

woke up at 11am . and .. quickly got ready . my sis have to bath since she was fetching me there . and i told her 11.40 , i'm leaving . so when she was still bathing , and i was done , went down to watch some TV .

then shaza called me at 11.40 , and i just realised it was already 11.40 . then i hurried my sister . and we managed to leave the house at 11.56 -.-' so yeah , my sister rushed to pyramid and all .

i reached there around like 12 something . and once again , i was the earliest -.-' i went in , and saw aaron . talked to him awhile , and claire said she was reaching soon . so i went out to wait for her ;) saw her , and sat down at starbucks while waiting for the others . sheila then came , and next was shaza .

then we headed to redbox since it was 12.30 . we told them our booking at 12.30 ..

girl : sorry we dont have booking for 12.30 .
shaza : hah ? but i called yesterday and they say okay
girl : whats ur name ?
shaza : shaza .
girl : sorry dont have .
shaza : but how can ?
girl : whats ur number ?
shaza : *says number*
girl : sorry dont have

and then bla bla . and they said that they have room now ;) thank god . if they didnt have , I WILL PRACTICALLY COMPLAIN LIKE SHIT . next time , when u're making a booking , please record it :D so .. yeah we can only sing till 3pm , and we rugi-ed 30 mins -.- pfftt .

we sang so many songs :D and i was kind of hyper . then around 3pm , we left . and .. went to walk around , and sit and all :)

then when we went to arcade , there was a bunch of malay guys doing the *mouthsound* , when we were going up . and coming down to . so we were talking bout it since we were so free :P and we insisted on , 2 of us go up and come back down to see if they still doing it , and then 3 of us go . we spent 5 mins , argue-ing on that XD . and finally shaza + aliya decided to go .. and guess what , they're no longer there . so we were like ... POTONG -.-' so yeah

then we bought popcorn + drinks . and went in the cinema for TWILIGHT baby ;) carlisle was still looking hot to me T_T and the baseball scene , zomg , so yeng T_T

after movie , shaza + aliya needed to go pray . so sheila , claire and i went to walk around , one whole big round -.-' , then met up with them at mini toons . after that , went to dreamworld . it was my unlucky day , cause the machine we took couldnt take green shit -.- and i was wearing green , so i guess , i have to be INVISIBLE WOMAN :D thanks to aliya for drawing me ! :D then later headed over to gasoline :D we sat at the dark area , thanks to shaza's phone light , we survived by not getting our eyes blind while reading the menu . then shaza and aliya needed to pray again . so claire ; sheila and i talked . then we ate . and we had to change place -.- so yeah we did .. and we ordered chicken wings additional .

me : excuse me , can i have 1 more chicken wings ?
girl : chicken wings ?
me : yeah fried .
girl : can u tell me the number ?
me : ZOMG -.-

like .. u're a waitress . and u still need me to tell u the number ? cant u just check urself . bahh . and shaza thought i said , LOSER TO HER XD instead of zomg -.- i was tinking , WHY WOULD I SAY THAT ? :) after that , went to popular . then alia left . and followed by shaza + sheila . i followed claire home . left pyramid around 9 . and left claire's house around 9.15 . :D

thanks shaza for your badges ; aliya for my name keychain !

okay im done now :D
` cant wait for outing this friday with carissa ! twilight + bold 3D . ! yeah man ;)
`cant wait for outing with hubby :D twilight baby ;D
`goodbye november , HELLO DECEMBER * christmas *

picas tmrw everyone !

see i've been practically obsessed with twilight -.-' but no worries , JAY CHOU IS STILL MY NO.1 :D



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