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Rest In Peace , Ivy Li .

i'm not sure if you people watch One Million Star season 3 . but those who do , im sure you guys know whose Li Chu Ning right ? her voice is like . ze' bomb . well , she suicided on nov 12 , which was 3 days ago .


Ivy Li Chu Ning couldn't get through hardships; left last word and suicided

One Million Star Season 3's contestant, Ivy Li Chu Ning, because of some hardtimes with feelings, suicided by burning charcoal in her car on the 12th at nighttime. She was only 24 years old.

On the 16th of last month, Li Chu Ning had just passed her 24th birthday. On the 12th of this month, after she phoned her relatives and hinted that she was going to commit suicide, they lost connection. At 8:45, a friend discovered a small car near Tai Chung, Hansi. After breaking the window of the car, she seemed to have lost her life already. She was rushed to the emergency room until 10:35, they announced that she was certified. Her last post on her blog was on October 30th, which wrote "Why doesn't the person I love quickly give me a marriage certificate to sign, haha", showing that she couldn't let go of the hardships with her feelings. Also, according to her family and her agency, her death had something to do with her feelings.

Already had the thoughts of suicide on the 11th; Lost connection on the 12th

According to investigation, when Chu Ning's corpse was found in her small car, she was dressed normally and on the passenger's seat, there was a small pan of charcoal. In the car was also her handbag, cellphone and diary, etc.

From a source, on the 11th, Li Chu Ning phoned her sister and expressed her complicated feelings and had a thought of suicide. Her sister tried to calm her down on the phone, and also told their parents. They connected each other using their phones, trying to save her, but on the night of the 12th, they received a hone call from Chu Ning once again and she stated that she had already decided. She told her sister not to come; it would be too late already, then they lost connection.

Car stopped at the side and burned charcoal; Couldn't be saved at hospital

The Bu Li family rushed and found many TaiChung friends to search everywhere and around 8pm on the 12th, Chu Ning's car was found on a HanSi roadside. The friend found Ivy had already fainted in the driver's seat and broke the car window open to take her out, phoned the police and the firemen took her to a hospital near China Medical University. At around 9:30pm, they reached the hopsital and there was no sign of life. The emergency clinic head pointed out, that during the aiding, they did blood tests and found in her blood that she had breathed in too much carbon monoxide. At 10:35 pm, because her heart beat and her blood pressure couldn't recover, she was announced certified. Li Chu Ning's father and sister arrived afterwards and cried painfully at her body. Her father sadly stated that this was her own choice.

Li Chu Ning wishes that her father could understand her situation in suicide note ; Father would search till the end .

Facing the sudden death of his beloved daughter, a few days ago, Ivy Li Chu Ning's father expressed that he wouldn't reveal any information. After one day of calming down and decided to break the silence, he revealed the details of Chu Ning's suicide note: "I will confirm of the whole thing, I will search of who didn't treasure my daughter. But for now, I am still unsure, but I will give her (Ivy) and everybody an answer, because these were her last words!" Meaning is, her father will help her discover the truth clearly.

Nothing to do with Yong Zhuang? Li's father cannot be sure

Reporters asked if he the one he was searching for was a professional baseball player, Li Meng (Chu Ning's father), who had firmly said this had nothing to do with the ex-pitcher for the Bull's, Yong Zhuang, did not say anything this time. But he clearly stated: "This should be considered as our family's business, but Chu Ning wrote that she wished that we could help her understand the whole situation."

From Li Meng's attitude, reporters could feel his anger and his hardships. Lastly, the reporter asked: "Was Li Chu Ning hurt physically and mentally?" He was silence for a moment, then answered, "Thank you for your concern, Chu Ning will be really happy!".

Living alone in Taichung, Friends and Relatives regret no one saving her

At Li Chu Ning's funeral yesterday, many family members and friends were present. Everyone felt at such a young age, suiciding for love wasn't worth it; the "male lead" should be in front of the mourning and explain everything to all the family. Li Chu Ning's uncle said that his niece lived alone in TaiChung. If she wasn't thinking straight at the time, if someone was there to pull her together, the ending might not have been like this.

Li's mother in pain, Hid in room crying

Chu Ning's father stated, her mother is very hurt and weak. She was constantly in her room crying. Li Chu Ning's aunt watched her grow up, many people loved listening to her sing and she depended on her hard work to gain her fame. Her niece's thoughts were very simple and perfect, but "When performing, wishing for perfection, could gain people's admiration. But wishing for perfection in love, can make people hurt everywhere.

its so sad T_T she's only 24 ! and she chose to suicide due to love T_T i cried when i read the newspaper . i cried sumore when i read other finalists of One Million Star blog bout her ): lets hope that she'll rest in peace , everyone . ):




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