Wednesday, November 26, 2008

14th birthday :)

everyone knows im finally 14 today :)

and no im not happy bout it T_T well sort of , during 12 am and all , i was . cause i was so touched by so many people T_T thank you ! and i cried cause i was too touched and happy :D :D

anyways .

woke up around 2 something in the afternoon , since i've slept around 4 in the morning . woke up , watched the TiVo . then around 4pm , went to the laptop . after 45 mins , bath . practised piano . did theory homework . at 6 , headed for piano and guitar :D piano was really funny :) cause teacher kept laughing at me T_T guitr was really .. speechless . i forgotten to bring my guitar book , and teacher was " angry " . hah , he wasnt :P he said he was , but he wasnt . HAHA . anyway , he taught me " gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian - jay chou " :D :D

after that , bro was the driver of the day :) fetched ze' family to damansara village steamboat ;D had plenty of seafood . but im not a fan of seafood . so yeah :D .

i bising-ed my mum cause the amount she gave me , was really .. speechless -.- i know you might think , " as long you have money right , still want to bising " . but .. yeah =.=' it was a very little amount compared to what my siblings had . and i still dont accept the fact that " oh you're younger " what nonsense is this T_T

I WANT BIRTHDAY CAKE TOO . T_T ZOMG ;\ i want to make a wish . i want to blow candles . :\ i want to eat something sweet . ish ish ish :\ if only somebody .. will drive to me a house , and give me a bday cake and sing to me T_T i'll love you for my entire life man ):

im not complaining anymore .. cause xueh qi just said hers was worse . so yeah T_T


guess what ? an hour before my bday ends . only my friend decided to give me a prank T_T thank you so much fitri ; jihau ; lynn and my brother T_T 4 of them berpakat to prank me okaaayy .

the story : i'll update tmrw .

running to bed now :D



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