Saturday, November 29, 2008

happy fourteen birthday,sheila :)

everyone , its 12.00 am now :D
its time for SHEILA'S LEE BIRTHDAY :)

happy birthday to you ,
happy birthday to you ,
happy birthday to SHEILA LEE :D ,
happy birthday to you !

*blow your candles and make a wish *
i demand you . :P

sheila lee jy huey :)
best known for her typical lame jokes :D :D
and she's the hot&pretty babe .
*i think you are shocked that , i have a picture with you ,
when you havent put your braces :P*

this girl , is very special to me .
she protects me from guys .. indirectly
if i tell her bout guys , she'll be like ..
*what if he breaks your heart , I BREAK HIS LEG .*
see , she tries to protect me. ,
but she's 3 days younger than me !
and she always ask me to make decisions cause im older o.O

yes , sheila lee jy huey . i've known you since std six ! but .. someone was very mean to me :\ you didnt let me see your phone during gua tempurung T_T and that was very sad okaaay . and its still our *inside joke* and i always remind you that just to make you angry :P

and then , fate brought us together . we ended up being in 1beta'o7 . and .. i dont know how we became close .. EH YEAH . how did we became close ? o.O . right . anyways , then tgf♥ was formed (: the six of us . you ; me ; claire ; may yin ; aliya and shaza .

then we started to join leoclub of smskl . cause eugene asked us too :P so yeah we did (: and .. we went to klcc ! remember , with danny and jeremy that cute little thing T_T and petrosains was so fun ! remember babe ? and and .. the " so-called-hot-guy " , paul :D . ahahaha , we were like . .. so scared to take a picture with him ! HAHAHA zomg , memories :P

sheila . . ! in the bus to the orphanage :)

the oh-so-hot-guy . HAHAHA

after leo , came up with sapphire :P remember ? no , it wasnt sapphire . it was some name at first -.- i forgotten what . then later you came up with sapphire , and we agreed ! yes man , sapphire rocks (: woooot ~

then .. we went out :D in flyfm and all :)

after that , year 2008 . we're in 2beta'o8 . !

1)we did so many things :D
we auditioned / performed like for so many stuffs :) teachers day audition ; charity dinner ; teacher's day ; at pyramid ; talentine ; i'll remember you-steffi .

2)we had so many things in common .
we think alike and we always speak at the same time :D remember once , K.H , we said one word at the same time , and we looked at each other . it was so freaky but yet cool T_T . but you know i still love you lah okay ;)

we didnt want TGF♥ .. instead , we came up with a new name which is ... SKITTLES♥ . YOU'RE SKITTLES NO.4 :D :D

4)jaychou .
i talk to you bout jay chou almost like ... 5 times in a week ! remember like .. after the concert , you were the one who keep listening to my blabs . i guess you were annoyed . sorry lah T_T seriously , sorry if i annoyed you with him :\ and sorry if u're jealous :P hahah

im only older than you like .. 3 days only :D :D and im really happy of it :) cause we get to celebrate our bday together ! weeeeee ~

6)LEE :D
we're the super LEE's man (: yes as what you said , our lee is diff , but that doesnt matter :P we're still LEE's ! hehehe :D :D . yokeshansheilalee (:

its time to talk bout .. how much you mean to me :D

you're the bestest friend anyone can have ,
you're the one who cares bout my feelings and thought ,
you're the one who always by my side ,
you're the one who i can always talk to ,
you're the one who listens to my everything,
and therefore you're my ms-know-everything ,
but you never believes . pfft :\
you're the MRSkevinCHENG , and im MRSjayCHOU :)
you're my sister ; my listener ; my superduperbabe
3-in one :D

seriously , thanks for everything man :)
and have fun for tmrw !
hope .. everything will be good for you :D
and i sure do owe u a present !
welcome to the "iamfourteengroup" says may yin :D

p.s : remember i say i'll make a long post for you . happy babe ?
i love love you T_T
mwah mwah :D

teacher's day .

leo :D leo :D

talentine ! awesome :)

skittles no.4 :D :D .

deng deng ..






nah . see ur husband here lah :P

mr.Kevin Cheng Ka Wing :D
i find him hot here thats why post this pic :P




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