Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ah !

its 10.47 pm , and everyone's offline T_T not everyone lah . i've noone to chat with ): and im suppose to sleep early as what sheila's doing right now . aih .

guess what , ?? TMRW'S TALENTINE :D . and no , im not happy bout it , im so nervous bout it and .. hoping that .. i wont screw up anything * prays god * ah . cant wait till its over , and ... 2 more days till school's over T_T im so gonna miss all my babes like seriously miss them . and victoria is going to taiwan on thursday ! she's so lucky ! well she isnt lah , she is suppose to as she's half-taiwanese ;) i kept on asking her to buy stuffs bout JAY CHOU :D . omg babe , if you seriously help me buy something bout jay chou , IM SO LOVING YOU T_T . dont worry . i'll pay you back ;) i told her that i wish to go china .. and she replied .. " to see jay chou . " NOLAH T_t FINE , that can be one of the reason . but another reason , is because my cousin sister is married to shanghai :D and i miss her T_T so yeah , and china is a place which is full of dear history ;) so i have always loved china !

running to bed .



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